Small businesses that can be started with minimum to no investment

While looking back at the history of our country, it can be found that business market has always proved ripe for low budget investors due to which many ambitious entrepreneurs have to struggle a lot before they end up finding a feasible business idea. Even the hunt for proper funding has always been miserable many times and thus many people abandon their dream. While struggling to cope up with present market demands, they forget how to be creative and innovative as they remain scared of introducing any new concept in the market. Even Facebook entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg had to face many struggles before he got investors for developing his website. But, since he followed his passion and firm determination, he was able to succeed in fulfilling his dream. However, our concern here is to collect and sort various ideas that can be developed into a business especially for those people who aspire to become successful entrepreneur but have low investment scope. Therefore, we at have collected few tried and tested business ideas that can be utilised by our readers who are planning to start a small business with low investment.

#1. Being an online seller

Being an assistant seller to a bigger platform like eBay and Amazon is similar to being an affiliate in marketing. The major difference that can be seen here is that instead of selling the product after doing marketing, you can easily sell them directly to the customers. While you sell the products from popular websites or from similar platforms, you can sell products of different kind without taking any risk of storing them. The income earned is in the form of commission which the website companies pay you after fulfilling particular orders or sales. However, as it is said that ‘all that glitters are not gold’, this kind of business have few disadvantages also like getting attracted to scammers and fake buyers. So, we would advice you some tips here like keeping all your payments in e-wallets until your order is confirmed by the customers. Secondly, know your distributors well before making any deal and report immediately if you envisage any suspicious activity.
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#2. Becoming a Vlogger or Blogger

If you are expert in any filed like travel, fashion, cooking, DIY or beauty tips, this profession is for you. If you know how to attract readers through meaningful and engaging content, why not share your talent with the world. All you need is a computer and a good camera that can make you lot of money as well as give you exposure to new world of internet. You can even make money by making promotions and advertisements of reputed brands in your personal blog along with making reviews for product as demanded by many websites.

#3. Online bakery

There are many online websites that deals with selling of food ordered online. All these website owners had to come through lot of struggles until the people became aware of the power and ease behind making online purchases. You can feel lucky here as online market is at the booming stage at present where any fresh idea like online bakery can make you popular instantly. The only thing you have to maintain is selecting best distributors or caterers who can provide you with good quality food as in food business reputation and food quality is all that matters.

#4. Marriage consultant and event organising

The term associated with marriage is managing different people at the same time to accomplish an unforgettable event. Basically, event mangers are barely seen in their offices and so huge investment for space is not required. You can start with event management business in comparatively small room which can be more like a cabin type. The only instrument you will require here is building contacts with clients as well as labours and other associated people whom you need to hire while actively undertaking an event in return of a commission. Few types of work involved in such business includes arranging and fixing event venues, scheduling performances and being on the filed 24/7!

#5. Fitness instructor

Nowadays people seek remaining fit and good looking for which they perceive looking for fitness instructors who can basically monitor their diet and other fitness related programs. As every person does not get inclined to visit gyms on regular basis or have enough time to visit fitness classes. They hire fitness instructors who can visit them at their place at regular intervals to help them in assisting how to remain in good shape and fit. Now, since we are talking about getting into a business, the idea here is to make an online portfolio that can attract people to spend decent amount for getting fitness experts visit their house and therefore you do not require to purchase expensive fitness equipment or personal space.

#6. Packing and arranging service

This is another great business idea if you specialise in taking care of minutest details. If someone moves out or moves in to a place, they hire a packing service who can help them in packing their stuff along with arranging them at the destination place. But this business might require little investment like packaging box, a transport vehicle and lots of labour. However, this business can help you earn a lot if you are able to get good deal of orders as the entire process generally gets completed within one or two days.

#7. Arranging meals for corporate offices or tiffin service

As mentioned above, thinking about a business idea related to food business can earn you lot of money as it usually provides owners with fair returns. Today’s professionals prefer eating home food but do not have enough time to get their food prepared or may avoid carrying bulky tiffin from homes to offices. This is the place where you can enter and provide your clients with freshly cooked food that can either be cooked at your own place or purchased from a reliable source. Again, the investment for personal space is spared and all you need to look for is a middle man who can deliver prepared tiffin to the desired places.

#8. Travel agent and a tour guide

Travel agency is also in its peak time now as people nowadays rely too much upon travel agents who can arrange hassle free travelling and sightseeing. Moreover, if you are a freak when it comes to travelling, this business will become lovable for you. The only investment needed here is a computer and lot of time investment to make searches across interest for best deals and accommodations. This business is also based on managing clients and social media prominence or else people will never trust your agency. So, if you are planning to open a travel agency, you can not only provide your clients with making hotel or flight bookings, but also provide them extra by offering tour guides at the tourism sites.

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