School or Graduation Over? What’s Next!

So when a student passes out from the school the only dream comes with him is to get a dream job. Doing a white collar job is every student’s dream. So, before proceeding further I would like to tell you some types of students.

  1. Day-Dreamers: Aspiring for Big House, high profile car, girlfriends and blah blah!! They achieve what they think as they are confident enough about their goal and destiny.
  1. Free minded: They are literally free; don’t take care about their future
  2. Fearers: Fearer is the category in which students hate what they are doing and they are very afraid of talking with teachers and professors, they criticise their own destiny in coming to school or college.
  3. Knockers: Knowers are the students who perform everything with a bang means you can say they perfect in everything, they are born talented. They are a very successful person in their aspired sector.

Imagine a situation when you graduated from college and you did not score a lot of marks?
(Your score is 56% overall) what will you think, what are the thought process running through your mind? Some will think “Oh god why did you do this to me you? Hating my life now I have nothing to do I quit” Most People think like that only but is this the solution? Life is so big to handle this is just the start of your career. Carve your career according to your dreams. Live a life having some short-term goals as well as long-term goals. As I earlier mentioned set your dream destination, work on it, live for it. After you get graduated start exploring the web; what are the ways to earn according to your capabilities and you’re potential. Start doing what you love, no matter what your parents are forcing you to do or society pressurises. Your parents wants you to be a successful person so that you can able to feed your family.
As you move forward, always remember if you want to reap fruits in future, you have to sow seeds today. Always give time for your dream process in order to complete them.I will make you understand with one example: If you are hungry and you want to eat PIZZA then how will you manage get that pizza? The solution is Order online or goes to the restaurant where you get pizza and kill your hunger?I am correct isn’t? But if you only think someone order for me and I will eat then forget everything you will die of PIZZA HUNGER. Work for yourself INVEST some time in fulfilling your dreams. Try different things and ways to success.
Be self-motivated don’t depend on others
As I keep on saying don’t expect and depend on others. Be your own motivator, always be self-motivated and inspired because this will boost your internal stability in any situation.
People in this world hates if you succeed they are jealous of you so make your own road and own destiny.
Save money for your future goals
Don’t spend too much on your needless activities or things which increase you’re costing and you end up with fewer savings. If you save 1500 rupees or $20 a month then at the end of a year that amount is so big. Please try to save at least some money which will help you in coming future. Be strict when it comes to saving money to build your dreams.
Search different ways for Passive Income
Try to build some sources other than your job to earn money, go for passive sources. Some examples I would like share with you which you can build as a beginner or a student, e.g Blog, Youtube Channel, Websites with Adsense, E-books, Affiliate marketing. So friends if we talk about the conclusion of this post then, I will say you should be clear about your goals, decide your goals. Don’t run in darkness without any plans. Take your time thinking over and over mark your positive points and skills match up with your interest if matched, then start planning accordingly and be focused try to achieve it in less time and as soon as possible. Don’t let it be like as it is. Make changes in your goal frames and decisions. For graduates, do your first job learn corporate ethics and behaviour and move forward.
I think this article helped you a lot in motivating you to grow in your career. I appreciate your efforts in reading this article.Do Share your views on this article and motivate me for writing more like this blog post for more details.

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