Rogue Casino: How Not To Be Scammed?

rogue casnos

Rogue Casinos are places where unfair practices are plotted against punters. These provide misleading advertisements and do not respond to customer complaints or queries, bring about changes in the RTP rates without prior information, and do not maintain transparency in any form to the players. Amidst this huge gambling industry, certain rogue casinos pop up every now and then in order to fool punters and make money out of them. For a beginner, it is difficult to identify a rogue casino. Proper reviewing is important before deciding upon one. 

What Are The Signs Of A Rogue Casino?

1. Lack Of Payment Options

Online casinos have expanded their payment options in order to attract more punters. Choosing a suitable payment method is up to the gambler. Usually, with credit cards and e-wallets, payments are instant whereas bank payments might take a few hours or days. However, if a punter does not receive money even after completion of the time span that was mentioned by the casino, then that casino can be considered as a rogue. In such situations, there is nothing that can be done as their customer support is likely to be unresponsive and unreliable. 

2. Lack of Fairness

All casinos have an RTP value which does not indicate the winning chances of a player. If a punter plays for too long and still cannot win, the RTP values of the casino are considered low. Whereas, the RTP is high when the player might enjoy smaller but quicker wins without playing for very long.

The RNG system has been introduced to ensure randomness and fairness in a game of chance. However, if a player is unable to make any profit even after playing for a very long tenure, there are chances that the RNG system has been tampered with. It is better to choose reputable non UK operators at CasinoGap for your security. Credible casinos undergo scrutiny from independent audit firms such as eCORBA labs, GamCare, or Gaming Laboratories International to upkeep their reputation as a fair casino.

3. False Advertisements

The sign of rogue casinos is their misleading advertisements that usually lure players into something that is unbelievably exorbitant. Huge first deposit bonuses, uncountable free spins, promises of unlikely multipliers, and winning combinations are signs of fake casinos. Most of these offers come with abnormal wagering conditions and cryptic terms, that aren’t favourable for the player.

4. Spams

If a punter keeps on receiving spam emails and texts from a casino every day, then these could be indications of spam casinos. Popular prestigious casinos never spam and use intrusive marketing tactics to attract customers. Unethical advertisements are only common among Rogue Casinos.

5. Questionable Licences With No Security

All online casinos operate under licenses issued by the jurisdictions of various countries and have different conditions. The popular licenses include the UK license, offshore licenses of Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao. Many casinos operate illegally without licenses. Thus checking that too is important. Ensuring whether the payment systems are encrypted with SSL technology is important and the casino abides by the principles of Responsible Gambling.

Shall There Be An End To Rogue Casinos?

As long as the gambling industry exists, there cannot be an end to Rogue Casinos. There will always be casinos trying to take advantage of the players with misleading information. One must choose a casino after a lot of research and must make small deposits initially in order to verify its authenticity. The online casino industry is bringing up new ways to promote player protection. They offer secure environments where players can gamble without impending perils of data and financial thefts. However, if one is new to a casino, taking time in analysing the industry is important in order to escape Rogue Casinos. As advised by the UKGC Chief Executive Officer, you should go through user reviews, rating systems, testimonials, feedbacks, and affiliate sites that rank top casinos. Read through the terms and look for any cryptic clauses. Look for popular payment and deposit tools along with wagering conditions before investing real cash.


The gambling industry has developed a lot over the years and is very strict about player protection. Rogue Casinos might not be easily identifiable at times but with in-depth research and information, they can be avoided in order to escape scams and fraudulent activities. Verifying the license, checking for reviews, software audits, asking gamblers is important before deciding upon a casino. The online casino forum has many trustworthy and reputed sites to choose from and one must take his time while doing that. Scammers can be found everywhere, especially when it is online but escaping them always has certain ways and methods. 

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