Putlocker in 2022: What are the Best Alternatives to this Streaming Site?

Putlocker alternatives

Putlocker has been one of the world’s top movie streaming sites since 2011. Its vast library of movies and TV series attracted a lot of visitors who wanted a fix of their favourite shows and movies for free. One of the big reasons why Putlocker quickly rose in popularity was the fact that Megaupload, a massively popular streaming site (150 million registered users) was shut down in January 2012. Quietly but quickly, a lot of fans just turned to Putlocker to get their fix of movies and TV shows. Fans quickly turned to Putlocker, making it one of the most visited streaming websites in the world. However this didn’t last very long as the UK government banned the website’s operations in the country. However, people weren’t going to give up so easily and numerous proxy websites with the Putlocker moniker had been activated overnight. Some of those websites were sadly scams but some were actual mirror sites as well. In case those mirror sites don’t work for you either, here are some of the best Putlocker alternatives for you to use. Let’s get started.

Best Putlocker Alternatives in 2021


Kicking off our list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Vumoo. It provides excellent user experiences and interface. It had a good database of TV series and movies. Vumoo is popular for its quality content, lots of HD videos and rarely broken streams.

This site features the latest released TV shows in the TV section and the home page ifeatures  the most popular movies. Users can stream videos without sign up, but there are extra benefits of signing up.

Vumoo looks like a premium streaming site because all stuff is designed in the section, and you see all things are well developed. Even though Vumoo’s collection is smaller than many other streaming sites, it still has over 2 million monthly visitors.

Watch TV Series

Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Watch TV Series. As you can tell from the title, this website is for those looking for TV shows. You will find plenty of TV series here, including all-time favorites like Game of Thrones and The Bachelor. Once you select your favorite TV show, you can choose from the several links that are provided – at least one of them will work perfectly.

Just like most free streaming sites, you can expect your shows to be interrupted by several ads. What we liked most about Watch TV Series is how they categorized TV shows according to TV networks, new episodes, upcoming episodes, and new TV shows.

This means that you can see when the next episode of your favorite TV show will be released. You will also stay up to date on all upcoming TV shows.

If you want to find a specific TV series, the ‘Advanced Search’ feature lets you filter your search by genre and release year.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is AZMovies. It is another great Putlocker alternative for movie lovers. It doesn’t require registration, and to stream a movie, you simply need to click on its link to load it. The interface seems a bit cluttered, but that doesn’t make it hard to navigate through the platform. And you won’t struggle to find a movie to watch, thanks to the intuitive ‘Search’ function.

The movies are in HD, plus you can easily turn the subtitles on and off. You can select movies from as early as 1948 from more than a dozen genres. To quickly find what’s trending, use the ‘Featured’ function to browse new movie releases.

While AZMovies is best for movies, you can also find TV shows using the NOXX link available on their page.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is 123 Movies. It is definitely one of the biggest movie streaming sites in the world. The ease of access makes it very easy to find the movie you are looking for.  An interesting part over here is that this website contains articles that tell you about the things that are related to a movie. It also has useful and attractive thumbnails for the users. In case you want to watch some movie in the theatres, you can also check out box office listings.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is FMovies. It has loads of movies and TV shows, which are categorized according to country, genre, release year, and most-watched. Alternatively, you can use the A-Z List to quickly browse through the expansive library.

The interface is well outlined, and it even offers recommendations to make your selection easy. You can choose from their ‘Recommended’ or ‘Trending’ list, or you can check out the ‘Latest movies’ and the ‘Latest TV series’ list for new content.

One downside about FMovies is the irritating popup ads and redirects that keep interrupting your viewing.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Popcornflix. This streaming tool can be downloaded from the Play Store/App Store. Popcornflix comes with thousands of shows and movies to watch at your fingertips. The stream quality at Popcornflix is very high. You can watch documentaries, movies, original web series, and more, all for free.

When it comes to features, it definitely doesn’t compete with paid services like Netflix and Prime Video, but it makes up for that by being completely free. At no cost, users can stream high-quality videos, making it an appealing option for many.

The website is very easy to navigate as well. The movies and shows are organized according to genres, including action, drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, romance, and mystery. In case you want to select your movies based on the language they are in, you can do that too. Popcornflix also serves as a platform for new and upcoming directors to showcase their talent. Popcornflix is a great way for people planning to work in the film industry to build a following for themselves.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is SolarMovie.  It is a very popular name among Movies and TV show slovers. It is quite an old website which has been used for sometime.

Here you are going to find almost all the content from breaking bad to Game of thrones. This makes this website worth looking at.

Los Movies 

Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Los Movies. If you love watching English movies, you will have a great time exploring this site. It offers a massive collection of movies available in high-quality content. On top of that, it is a completely legal site hence, it is a very safe platform without promoting any malicious content. Besides, it won’t redirect you to other pages which come among its premium features. LosMovies provides high quality content and most of the movies on the website come with subtitles in multiple languages as well. The site is organized very well so it will be easier for you to search for whatever you want. However, the site frequently changes its domain name so it’s a little tough to track.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Primewire. If you are planning to watch TV shows or movies on PrimeWire, you need to create a free account with the website.

You just have to click on the make an account tab and then you have to fill all the details that are required, and after that you are all done.

Streaming quality of the movies and the shows is also very good like all the other websites we have discussed here.

The good thing here is that this website also comes with an option of watching trailers before watching the entire movie, like Netflix, Prime Video etc.


YesMovies is a well-known Putlocker alternative for movie fans. The site is great for free online streaming of documentaries, TV shows, and movies. It also has a mobile app for those who want to watch on the go.

The site is completely free, and you don’t need to register for an account to enjoy the content. You can find the latest TV shows and movies, sorted by genre, country, or top IMDb. The homepage is customized with a search box, but you can switch to a browsing view by clicking the “Use the old Yesmovies? Click here” link.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is GoMovies. It brings you the latest collection of movies, all in HD. The trending and newly released movies are displayed on top of the page or you can switch to the most viewed or top IMDb list by selecting one of the options under “Latest movies”.

At GoMovies, it’s not all about movies. They also have a nice collection of series, including the latest. The video quality is also HD, making each episode even more fun to watch. If you like to watch episodes as soon as they are released, you can browse the latest episode at the bottom of the page.

You can stream everything in HD or download files to watch later. GoMovies has a vast collection of streaming content, and you will seldom lack something to keep you busy.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Crackle. This website is updated far more often than other free streaming sites. If you hate pop ups, this site is for you. It provides a seamless, pop up free streaming experience for you. It has a great collection of shows and movies for you to enjoy.


Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is CouchTuner. This free streaming has a massive collection of movies and TV shows for you to stream from the comfort of your couch, without costing you a penny. Along with movies and TV shows, CouchTuner also has cartoons, documentaries, biographies, science fiction, animé are all available on this website.

This website has a good interface but it keeps redirecting users to different pages from time to time. Aside from that, this Putlocker alternative is pretty much perfect.


Next on the best Putlocker alternatives, is Dailymotion. This website has just about every single movie and TV series that you could want to watch. From Asian Dramas to American sitcoms, Dailymotion has got it all.

Dailymotion has a great interface and you can use all that goodness for free. Dailymotion only has one problem, some of the content isn’t available on full screen.

Show Box

Next on our list of Putlocker alternatives, is Show Box. It is an application that you can download on your mobile phone to watch good content. It’s not available on Play Store/App Store and you need to download it from the website.

Show Box is similar to the application popcorn time, the only difference you will find is you cannot install it directly on your pc and you can download it only on your mobile phone. You need to have different software called Blue Stack for desktop. This software creates a virtual cell similar to the interface of your phone and allows you to watch the content on your computer screen.

You can also install other mobile applications and games on your computer with this tool.

Tubi TV

Next on the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Tubi TV. Its website is nicely designed and provides you a great user interface; its design is lovely and looks like a premium movies streaming site.

Here you can’t access its content without registration, so registration yourself with email id. It has a vast library of movies and TV series.

TubiTV can also be accessed on your smartphones with the help of its apps which are available for download on the App store and Play store.

The United States provides the most traffic for TubiTV; it gets around 70% traffic from that. According to SimilarWeb, this site gets about 8 million visitors in a month.

Movies Joy 

When reviewing various Putlocker alternative sites, you will find that Movies Joy is one of the few with a simple and neat interface. This streaming platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive library are some of the reasons why a lot of netizens prefer it. What’s more, Movies Joy regularly updates its collection, ensuring that visitors will always find something new when they access the site.

Do note that this site does not carry international TV shows or films. However, the American show vault is vast and extensive, so you will have lots of things to watch. The site has a lot of ads which keep popping up, so use it with an ad/pop up blocker for a more seamless experience.

Flix Tor

Rounding off the list of the best Putlocker alternatives, is Flix Tor. It is a vast library of TV shows, and movies. The best part of this website is that you wouldn’t see any ad on this and its interface is up to the mark.

FlixTor looks like a premium movie streaming site but it is entirely free, Users can access all of its content without signing up. There are some benefits to sign up like you can create a playlist of your favorite TV shows and movies and share them with friends and family.

The site provides you a VIP menu where you get extra features, but free features are generally enough. Its home page is neat and precise, you see a slider of the latest released movie, and below it, you see a section where you can choose movies and TV series arranged by popularity.

FlixTor is very popular among Internet users across the globe; It has around 10 million visitors in a month from different countries. These are the most popular countries for this website, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

So those were the best Putlocker alternatives for you to stream your favourite movies and TV shows on. Enjoy!

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