Power of #hashtag: Hashtag transformation from common sign to a powerful social media tool

All the social media users out there must be aware about hashtag (#), but have you ever thought what the reason behind its generation was and how it can be used as a powerful tool in social networking? This article will give light upon the power of hashtag and how they are being used by millions of people of social media sites. With internet and a social media account, hashtags can help in making online discussions with those people who share common interest in relevant topics. With hashtags, things get sorted in categorized manner from which users can easily choose the topic and participate in interactions.
History behind hashtag
The first hashtag was used before 2000, YES! In 1988, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) used hashtags for grouping messages, videos and contents to categorize them for getting all the related contents easily. Moving forward to 2007, a dweller of San Diego in California, Nate Ridder, used hashtags for appending his posts as #sandiegofire. The main intention behind his postings was to make people around the globe aware of wildfires in California at that time.
After that Stowe Boyd, a blogger started adding hashtags to his blog posts in 2007 and his blogs were the only one that showed in Google when the term ‘hashtag’ was typed at time. From July 2009 on wards, Twitter adopted hashtags formally and anything tagged with # became hyperlinked.

Uses of hashtag

  • Hashtags can help in starting conversation or organisation of discussions where different voices are allowed in social media sites to participate in it.
  •  People attaching hashtag with their posts are joined in the discussion automatically along with watching others interacting on the similar topics.
  • You can easily crowd source your content by inviting followers and fans by submitting contents tagged with # in your homepage and thus they become part of your brand.
  • If you want to promote your business with other people, giving a hashtag to your brand name with city’s name or local attraction will make your brand popular in a faster way.
  • By giving local area hashtag you can even come up with latest trends in that place. With such information in business, you can easily engage with government or get into local business through gained exposure.
  • You can add hashtags even at the events you attend whether it is any award function or a small coffee gathering. By doing so you get the authority and a knowledgeable source of the action where other people can join for the conversation related to your tag.
  • Hashtag is one of the trendiest things where people are using it for making their contribution in those topics that are read and discussed by other people.

So, before adding any new post do not forget to add #hashtag in it so that your post remains visible in front of those people who seek information related to your post!

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