Online Gambling in the US – The Future

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Online gambling has been a top pastime for thousands in the US over the years and with many states now legalizing the operation of online casinos, players in certain US states have legal option to wager and win at casinos that are license in their home state. Unfortunately, not many states have yet passed laws to allow these casinos to operate, but it is expected that many more will in the coming months, especially with the rise in online gambling due to the latest pandemic. Here, we take a look at how US online gambling has become popular and provide you with information on what you can expect in the future.

US States With Online Gambling Laws

Back in 2013, the United States government started to allow individual states to create laws to regulate online gambling. This opened the doors for many  casinos to enter the US market and begin to legally offer the ability to play real money games. Prior to 2013, players from the US who wanted to engage in online gambling at a casino site had to sign up at an offshore casino. This is still the case for many residents as only four states currently offer operating casino sites to those within the borders of the state.

  • New Jersey – This was the first state to offer online casinos and today, there are multiple sites that offer top-rated games from trusted developers.
  • Pennsylvania – is state legalized online casinos in 2017, but it wasn’t until 2019 that the first products launched. There are now more than 10 online casinos running in the state of PA.
  • West Virginia – WV passed laws to allow online casinos in March of 2019 but the first sites did not launch until July 2020.
  • Delaware – New state laws allow racetracks in the state to operate casino gaming

Other states in the country allow certain forms of online gambling, many of which are operating legal sportsbooks and betting sites, but not every state has online casinos. Many states that are considering passing bills to allow gambling online are only interested in launching sportsbooks, so there will be a rise in these in the coming year. Sports betting online is currently legal in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, Rhode Island, Montana, Colorado, and Illinois.

The Surge in Online Gambling

Gambling has been an activity that has always been enjoyed in the US. Many gamblers would plan vacations to travel to Atlantic City or Vegas to play at the world’s best casinos. With the offering of online casinos, these same players had even more opportunities and could enjoy playing their favorite games right from home. The online gambling industry was an instant success all over the world and today, still attracts millions of players located in the US.

When online gambling started to be legalized in certain states, residents had the option to play and support local casinos. However, since there are just a few states offering gambling options, many players, especially those that like casino games, seek out the services of offshore sites. Those who enjoy betting in sports have more options in the US s more states have legalized sports betting sites.

With the issues that have plagued the world in 2020, the online casino industry is one that has benefitted from the pandemic. With land casinos being closed down, gamblers turned their attention to online sites to meet their needs. Even as casinos in Vegas started to re-open, players have chosen to continue to place their wagers at online sites to enjoy the convenience of playing from home and the 24-hour access.

The Future of Gambling Online

Due to the events surrounding the pandemic, online gambling has soared in popularity and players from all over the US are engaging in real money play at trusted and regulated casino sites online. Many have even stated that once the pandemic is under control, they will continue to gamble online due to the many benefits offered. These include:

  • Larger selection of games
  • No travel tie involved
  • Instant access
  • Easy payment options
  • Better player perks and rewards
  • Mobile compatibility

Individual states have recognized the increase in popularity when it comes to online gambling and many have expressed an interest in altering laws to allow for gambling activities online. The increase in the number of players who have been accessing offshore sites in 2020 has caused many states to re-examine their current laws and consider passing bills to allow online betting.

The land-based gambling industry has taken a huge hit. Revenue has declined, jobs have been lost, and many casinos in the US have been closed for months. By increasing the number of available US-based online betting sites and casinos, players can continue to gamble while helping to boost the economy that has been affected by the pandemic. The offering of such sites would also create jobs in many states, so players can expect to see some major changes in 2021 as more sites will emerge and more states will introduce new gambling laws.

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