Online Casinos: Making the Most of your £10 Deposit

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You have identified a nice casino. It has a great bonus and only requires a minimum deposit of £10. You like its games and everything else. But you want to get the most out of your small bankroll. How do you go about it? Should you spend the money on one game or use it to play different games?

The answer is it depends. If your goal is to test a new casino before you deposit more money, you don’t need to be strict about the games you choose. But if you intend to make maximum profits from your money, follow our tips below.

Claim a Welcome Bonus

At many casinos, creating a new account is enough to earn you a small bonus. Making a deposit attracts an even bigger gift. Before you spend your money, therefore, take time to find a casino with great rewards for new customers.

Choose a casino with a no deposit bonus. You could earn 20 free spins or £20 to play a popular slot for real money. In doing so, you’ll get extra betting credits to enjoy more casino games than you initial £10 deposit would allow.

As we’ve mentioned, your deposit can earn you a decent bonus at many casinos. Usually, most operators match your money 100%, meaning they would double your £10 deposit. features a handful of the best £10 deposit casino bonus sites. Most companies have a minimum requirement of £20 for bonuses, so take note the best casinos for your £10 deposit.

Choose Your Favorite Games

A £10 deposit is best used to play your favorite casino games. Maybe you have an intense desire to play poker for the first time. Or you have a dream you could win a jackpot and change your life. These are the games you want to play when you have the absolute minimum amount as your bankroll.

If you’re not sure what games to play, choose top-rated slots and table games. In other words, find out what games people love to play often and try them. In many cases, top-rated slots feature high-quality designs and they payout at impressive rates.

Choosing high-paying games can work in your favor more often than not. These games are designed to create winners regularly. And as such, you have better chances of winning compared to selecting slots at random. The same applies to table games with a low house advantage.

Follow a Strategy

Strategies aren’t designed for high rollers alone. In the casino space, everyone needs to follow a strategy to win. To expound more, you need a blueprint to guide you on the games to play, betting amounts and the amount of time to take.

In our tip about choosing games, we said you should focus on high-paying games. But we didn’t mention how many games you should play with a budget of £10. Because it’s a small amount, you can use this money on one or two games.

Playing more than one high-paying game increases your winning chances significantly. Think about it. Many slots and table games are based on pure chance. There are times when you can play a game and get lucky. Sometimes, though, you could spend all your money and lose it all.

Playing more than one game, therefore, helps spread your risk. If you spend £5 on one slot and fail to win and you can use the remaining half at another game. Of course, there are no guarantees. But this is the best way to maximize your £10 deposit.

Maximize your Betting Amounts

When you think about it, the best way to increase profits in any investment is to take higher risks. This also applies to casinos. Maximizing your bets helps magnify your potential profits. Interestingly, minimizing your bet sizes increases your chances of walking away with a loss.

Let’s explain with an example. You have £10 and so you spend it on 100 spins on a popular slot. Each spin is worth 10P. Now let’s say you get winnings from 10 out of 100 spins. Each winning spin earns you 5x your bet, adding up to £5.

By comparison, let’s say you bet ten spins worth £1 each. But you’re only luck to get three winning spins, each with a x5 multiplier. This would amount to £15, which would help return your stake and get you a £5 profit. 

Claim a Cashback

If you spend your £10 deposit and lose some or all of it, check whether you qualify for a cashback offer. Some casinos reimburse between 10% and 50% of your losses as cash. This is money you can withdraw instantly or use it to play more games.

Unfortunately, many cashback programs have a minimum limit of £1. You can’t claim less than £1. If a casino gives out a 10% cashback, then you would have to lose your entire £10 deposit to get a £10 cashback. If you’re like many people, this isn’t something you want to look forward to.

However, losses are unavoidable at casinos. If you choose the best games and still lose, don’t feel shy to claim whatever cashback is offered to you. You could use the £1 to win £10 or £20, because you don’t really need a big amount of cash to win something from casinos.

Deposit more Money

After you spend your first £10, the next goal is to add more money to your account. It doesn’t matter whether you lost it all. If you enjoyed your casino experience, consider reloading your account. To be clear, you only want to spend money you can afford to lose.

The objective of funding your account is to increase your bankroll. With more money to spend, you can make bigger risks and increase your chances of winning. For example, you can play high-variance slots—machines that payout less often but larger amounts.

You can also bet enough money to unlock bonus rounds—the stage where you receive the best rewards from slots. In the table section, betting more increases your bonuses and chance of getting into the VIP club.

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