Online Casino Gaming Guide for New Players

Online Casino Gaming Guide for New Players

High-speed internet, access to affordable devices, and the ongoing creation of exciting casino rooms and games online are a few of many components that have expedited the online casino realm’s growth.

Casinos, years ago, were predominantly a land-based activity and an unwelcome form of entertainment in multiple territories across the world.

But now, casinos are available for all to enjoy online and, due to changing attitudes, are gradually being accepted and legalized by various countries.

 Perspectives of casinos have changed due to:

  • Tax benefits: Regulating online casinos allows each government to set tax rates and propose licensing fees. With a pool of extra funding, a government can, for example, use the money to improve public safety, healthcare, and education for citizens.
  • Prevent Illegal Gambling: Monitoring and auditing casinos gives the government power to control gambling activities and prevent underground gambling rings.
  • Employment Opportunities: As the gambling industry grows, so does the need for dealers to operate the tables in land-based institutions. And for developers to design new compelling games to entice and enthral players online. As such, legalizing and regulating gambling means nations benefit from increased employment opportunities.

The most notable shift in perspectives on gambling in recent years was the elimination of PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act).

Since its removal, each US state has the jurisdiction to decide whether to legalize sports betting and other gambling activities in a physical and online capacity. Colorado, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are a few of many states that have already legalized gambling activity in state lines.

Football Game
The removal of PASPA is a breakthrough for the sports betting industry in the USA.

Other areas across the globe expressing a positive outlook on gambling include Ontario in Canada. Currently, the Canadian Gaming Association is assisting the Ontario government with a licensing model that will encourage safe and legal iGaming practices in the province.

The above highlights just a few examples of how online casino games are finding their way into government debates, legislation, and subsequently the homes of millions of people across the world.

In turn, casinos have amassed billions of dollars, and players such as yourself are keen to learn the ropes to get in on the casino action.

To quell any casino gaming uncertainties and get newcomers up to speed with all the need to knows about online casinos. Here are the essential tips newbies need to ensure they select the best sites and games.

Licenced to Operate

Before depositing cash to the first casino site found on Google, wait! The first thing players need to do is check the site is legitimate and licensed by an official body.

Players can usually find a casino site’s licenses at the bottom of their web page. Click on the hyperlink or logo to check the legitimacy of the casino provider.

For example, the online casino Canada site created by one of the most prominent casino players globally, 888, has a link at the bottom of the page to the UK Gambling Commission’s official site. On the UKGC page, players can view 888s active licenses.

Using regulated casino sites ensures users avoid the risk of:

  • Criminals stealing bank details and personal information
  • Taking part in casino games where the outcome is tampered with
  • Using an unlicensed casino reduces a player’s rights

Trusted Payment Providers

Alongside checking the license, take a glance at the payment options on the casino site too. Players should be able to use trusted payment providers such as PayPal, Skrill, and Stripe when depositing cash to play.

Reputable payment providers, such as PayPal, use encrypted transaction software to prevent cybercriminals from extracting a player’s bank details.

Blue and White Logo Guessing Game
Trusted casino providers will use a variety of secure payment options including PayPal.

Bonuses and Sign Up Offers

The competition for online casinos to attract and retain customers is rife. To set themselves apart from other casino contenders online, big casino players offer a range of incentives. From free spins to free bonuses, even free cash to play.

As such, it’s in a newcomers’ interest to shop for the best casino deals on offer. Particularly as taking advantage of offers gives new players the chance to learn how to play the games and discover which sites, they like the most.

Games to Play First

The most popular and most accessible casino game newcomers are advised to try and play first is slots because:

  • The minimum bet is often very low
  • Often high RTPs (potential return to player)
  • Slots are quick and easy to grasp

Not to mention oodles of themes and variations of slots make the game a treat to play.

Perhaps the next most straightforward game to learn and play is blackjack. Players play against the dealer, and whoever receives cards with the value closest to, or the exact amount of 21, wins.

Learn the Rules

It’s important you know the rules of a game before playing. While slots take little to no time to learn, poker takes more time to grasp, particularly if players intend to win.

There are plenty of online resources breaking down the components of every casino game out there. And so, players will never be stuck for helpful advice.

Money Management

One of the most useful tips newcomers should carry with them throughout their games of slots, poker, roulette, and so on is the importance of money management.

It’s a defining skill that determines what players will succeed in gambling and those that won’t.

To perfect this skill, creating a budget for casino fun only is essential. This means no dipping into other income like the savings allocated for a vacation in the US or funds to buy a first home.

Winning and losing is a part of the casino experience, as much as it is a part of everyday life. As such, beyond using the tips above to choose a regulated and safe site. Accepting a game could go either way is essential.

Gambling responsibly ensures players have the means to play at the casino another day.

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