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The rising popularity of online shopping brought about the fact that online shoppers need a more convenient payment method to perform online transactions. As a result, there are many new alternative payment methods. PayPal for a long time played the role as the only online payment method that helps you process online payments with your debit card or credit card. All online payment methods are connected to your bank account so that you can use your bank services and have better control over your online transactions.

Indeed, the number of online payment platforms is constantly growing and all of them are constantly trying to accommodate the needs of customers. People use online payments for different online services and products and therefore need different payment services. A relatively new payment method that offers loads of online services and puts at your disposal numerous advantages, especially to online gamers, is MuchBetter.

MuchBetter Casinos

Much Better is an e-wallet that allows you to perform online transactions. It’s an app-based online payment platform that confirms your transactions directly from your bank account or your smartphone device. It has never been easier to withdraw, send, or transfer money, thanks to Muchbetter. 

That’s what makes it a very convenient online payment method for all online gambling services and you can find many casinos for Indians with Muchbetter. More and more online casino sites accept MuchBetter as a payment method. The reason why it is popular among players is that MuchBetter processes payments quickly and on top of that, you receive e-wallet services for a very low fee. 

This payment doesn’t require extra devices to confirm payment or to create complicated passwords. MuchBetter keeps your money in the e-wallet from where you can deposit money to an online casino, using your phone number and the account number. That’s how your payment services will be transferred to the online casino site.

Sign Up

The procedure for opening a MuchBetter account is very easy. When you create an account, you need to set up a four-digit password. You will use this password every time you sign in into your account. The account is protected with a Touch ID technology and the cloud- connected with your phone. MuchBetter account users can also apply for a MuchBetter debit card to enjoy their shopping experience even more.

It’s very convenient to use the Much Better app that you can download from the app store on your smartphone device, no matter which operating system it uses. Signing up for an account needs you to confirm your phone number to easily perform online transactions. Once you confirm your phone number, you’ll receive a verification code there where you can verify your MuchBetter account. It uses some of the latest technology to process online payments easily and efficiently.


MuchBetter puts at your disposal a variety of bank transfer services, including withdrawing money and making deposits. You can use both your debit and credit cards, perform bank transfers, as well as AstroPay. The number of services you can use depends on your country of location.

Reasons to Register

There are many reasons why you should choose MuchBetter as your online payment platform. First of all, the registration process for a MuchBetter account is very fast. Secondly, once you download the app, you will have your money available to spend online within a few minutes. The only device you need to control your online payments with MuchBetter is your smartphone device. Lastly, the fees to perform all these different kinds of online transactions are very low and you won’t have any costs to load your account.

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