15 most expensive dog breeds all across the globe


The world’s most faithful animal is even the best companion. A relationship between a human and a dog is simply out of this world.  A dog is always there with us in our thick and thorn. Whenever we want to open our heart out, our little companion is always there to listen to us. The dog is also there to celebrate with us in our high times. And, it also guards us well. Hence, a dog is the most precious possession of innumerable people and many dog lovers are even ready to spend millions to bring home this little companion. In fact, the most expensive dog costs over 10 million. 

What is a dog’s worth in your life? A dog is more valuable than just being a pet. It’s a precious possession. A dog’s behavior, demeanor, unconditional love, and loyalty teach a lot. When you come back home from a long day’s work, your little dog doesn’t judge you. No matter what the situation is, your dog is always happy and leaps with joy when it sees you. Moreover, it teaches you about the experience of living. By paying attention to its nonverbal gestures, you can feel its unconditional love. 

No matter where the precious pup comes from, they hail with special love just for you. Owning these canine companions fills our life with joy and affection. However, many pups come with high pricing in the market. Some of them may cost a lot more than a million. The cost isn’t a factor to refrain from buying these lovable pets. Do you want to find out how much pricey are some of the dogs? Then, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 most expensive dogs from all over the world. 

Most expensive dog: Samoyed

Samoyed is the most expensive dog in the world.  It comes at a whopping price of $14,000 and is a mark of elegance. Samoyed has a beautifully thick, double-layered coat with white fur, which makes it look incredibly gorgeous. It’s a large herding dog that hails from Siberia and lives for 13 years on an average. The dog performs duties like pack hiking, tracking, and warming by sleeping on top of the owner all night. Loyalty, adaptability, endurance, and hardworking are some of their virtues. A fully grown Samoyed weighs around 45-65 pounds, whereas a female weighs about 35-50 pounds. These cute and fluffy dogs are intelligent and friendly and can be your best friend.

Other most expensive dog breeds


Löwchen is a special and one of the smallest breeds of dog. It is the second most expensive dog. It represents one of the rarest dog breeds across the globe and is costed around $12,000. This non-sporting dog often considered as a “toy dog” is intelligent and gets used to training very quickly. When trained well, they display socialized behavior. Despite its tendency to be fearful or timid, these dogs are friendly with other pets. Its temperament and personality separate it from the dogs of other breeds.

Chow Chow

There are several reasons to justify why this dog is the third most expensive dog. The breed is one of the rarest in the world. These dogs have a lion-like teddy-bear appearance and a unique black tongue. Famous for its loyalty, they are priced at about $11,000. Physical exercise and long walks keep these dogs in shape. A lot of pretty food, treats, grooming makes them a superb companion. Spending $11,000 on such a lovely companion is a matter of pride. Due to their appearance, dog lovers often refer to them as “little lions.” Though they tend to aloof with strangers, they are devoted and protective by nature.

Tibetan Mastiff

This absolute giant dog belongs to the mastiff family. They originally hail from Tibet, which gives them their name. The purpose of these dogs was to protect sheep from predators. But, now they can be seen acting as a companion of many people. If you’ve got $10,000 and want to own one of the best companions for yourself, this pup is meant for you! The dog breed is quite popular due to their high intelligence. Though there is a requirement to give plenty of effort on training them, they are just impressive post-training.


Azawaka is a dog’s breed that originally hails from West Africa. It holds a price tag of $9,500. Identifiable by the slender body and almond eyes, Azawaka is undoubtedly one of the most expensive dogs breeds. Weighing roughly around 15-25 kg and standing about 25–29″ tall, they are lean and swift hunters. Majestic presence, loyalty, and protectiveness showed by them make them a vital member of the family.


This medium-sized domestic dog is originally from Germany. With an average lifespan of 10 years, their heights reach 24–27″. The aggressive monster comes with a price tag of $9,000 and is a valuable companion. Do you know why? Rottweiler is known for its rarity, loyalty, obedience, and good nature. They are quite protective for their owners. These sturdy, calm, and courageous dogs prove to be the right pet. While they are natural guard dogs, they can also be excellent social companions. They hold personalities that range from serious to silly and fun-loving being.

Canadian Eskimo dog

One of the oldest working dogs from the Arctic, Canadian Eskimo costs $8,750. The rarity of this species makes them quite expensive when compared to other dog species in the world. Their temperament holds great importance. They are quiet, gentle, and loyal to family. They are high on demand because they are on the verge of extinction. Have you made up your mind to get this expensive yet faithful companion? If yes, then expect it to be one of the most valuable possession in the world.

Dogo Argentino

Traditionally developed as a hunter dog, this muscular monster is one of the rarest and most expensive dogs. The large white muscular body, short coat, and deep-set thick chest make the dog hold the precious tag of $8,000. They are appropriate as the right family pet. Regular exercise makes the large, muscular dog incredible in terms of strength. They exhibit proper socialization with humans, other dogs and pets.

Pharaoh Hound

Known as “National dog of Malta,” Pharaoh hound looks incredible due to both its appearance and disposition. It is known as “rabbit dog” as it is used for hunting rabbits. They make an excellent loyal companion. If you can afford a dog from this species, be ready to feel special! The fun-loving breed loves smiling. They are too friendly to become a guard dog. This uncommon breed is appreciated for its unique appearance and personality. The lightning-fast dog preys all small running animals. It comes with a price of $7,500

Afghan Hound

With easily distinguishable features of ring curl tail, as well as thick silky smooth hair, the Afghan hound is well known among dog lovers. They are originally found in the mountains of Afghanistan. Their height may range between 64 to 69 centimeters. This high maintenance dog is priced at about $7,000. Their coat varies in color with a black facial mask. Their uniqueness and individuality make them quite popular among dog lovers. Though they are stubborn, they get trained well by their trainers. They respond best to even gentle guidance and are friendly to other pets. They are courageous, dignified, sweet, affectionate, and sensitive beings.


Akita is a beautiful yet rare breed of dog. The dog’s origins lie in the Northern Japan Mountains. You can choose from the two types, The Japanese Akita and the American Akita. Variation in colors and rarity makes them more valuable. The Akita is bold and willful, extraordinarily loyal, and holds an average price tag of $6,500. They are best suited for households with one dog. The dog is affectionate and playful. Akita Inu makes an excellent guard dog.

French Bulldog

A crossbreed species between the English Bulldogs (from England) and Parisian ratters, this animal is rare and costs $6,000. These cute but pricey animals are very difficult to breed. They are famous in terms of exhibiting skills like hunting or protection. They love being with their owners and other animals. French Bulldogs aren’t barkers and make exceptional apartment dogs. French Bulldogs make wonderful children’s dogs, watchdogs, and a best friend for the family.


Another pricey sighthound with a price of $5,500, the Saluki is one of the rarest dog species. The dog is used for hunting. It is well known for its long legs, lanky frame, and an unconventional appearance. Also, these standardized animals serve well as a family dog with gentleness. 

Portuguese Water Dog

Originating in the Algarve, this $5,000 fluffy creature is known for its wavy and curly coat. The animal holds an average lifespan of 10-14 years. It is ideal for owners who are looking for intelligent, medium-sized active dogs. These dogs are quick to hold training and obedience skills and work as great service animals.

English Bulldog

This medium-sized brute is one of the rarest dog species in the world. The wrinkled face, coupled with a distinctive pushed-in button nose, gives it a distinct appearance. This most recognizable feature makes it cost $4,300. The remarkably calm, loyal, lazy dogs make an excellent companion. As a dependable and predictable dog, it stays around children and best known as “children’s dog.” Generally, they aren’t too aggressive and stay friendly with family members.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and once you choose one of the most expensive yet loving dogs, you’ll be sure to have a best friend for life! Nothing beats the prospect of owning your favorite dog. Happiness with your favorite dog is a dream comes true. Be sure to choose one of the best partners for yourself. I hope you’ve enjoyed the list of the 15 most expensive dogs in the world.

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