Meditation and Yoga- Part 2

Coupling yoga and meditation can take relaxation to another level.
When we think of the word “stretch”, it can mean the body stretching and twisting to relieve tired muscles. It can also be used to describe the act of prolonging topics forever in such a way that one never moves on or concludes them. In our mind, we can “stretch” topics from the past without taking a break. And in life, we do not want to mix these two meanings of “stretch” up.
With meditation, instead of focusing on the past, we focus on the present. So it makes sense to do it during and after yoga. It is difficult to maintain focus in the present when we practice yoga. Yes, we are taking the right step by healing our bodies with every stretch. But are we aware? Are we in the now?
All it takes is one simple grounding breath to bring us back from a wandering mind. This way you stay alert. When your body is twisting on your yoga mat, you’re in the present, one with your body, instead of moving and not even knowing it.
If the mind seems to stretch from one topic to another, allow it to happen and then bring it back to what you are doing.
Even if we know what the next asana or next position is going to be and our body might be doing it, our mind could still be outside the place you’re at. So take meditation with you during yoga and especially after, because it helps you find those moments throughout the day, where your mind and body are two different entities, and join it.
Today, try to be mindful of certain changes that happen to your body after meditation. Perhaps your breath has changed, or perhaps you wonder if you can be patient with your body, as it slowly reaches that point where you’re able to stretch deeper or hold a position longer than you did yesterday.

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Shwetank Gupta July 31, 2018 at 11:22 pm

Really both has immense effects over our body.

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