Managing BOSS: What must be done if you feel that your Boss is shutting you out?

Ideally, we spend most of our waking hours at workplace and if our relationship with Boss is not a good one, it makes work hours more arduous and troublesome. Many people would take these situations by just gritting their teeth, but the fact is it becomes very difficult to work under such circumstances.
The relationship between your Boss and you act as a significant factor while considering career goals, new opportunities and ways that can lead you to become successful in life. But this world might become troublesome for the ones whose managers, once supportive makes a sudden shift.
It can be very tiring to deal with a Boss who tries to shut you out where they exclude you from important conversations and meetings, stops deflecting your questions or answering, ignore your needs and disparage your inputs or other supports. Bosses usually behaves in such a manner when they stop believing in you anymore or sees disloyalty in you and when they feel threatened due to your expertise or becomes concerned that you undermine your boss’s standing against rest of the company.
Despite of any specific reason or feeling, four basic approaches that can be used while attempting unacceptable experience in workplace have been listed below which might help you in maintaining job satisfaction, with or without concerning your boss while you keep uplifting your career goals.

Rethink what you assume

It is very significant that you verify what your boss is actually up to and how is he treating other people at workplace. This means, if he/she is treating you indifferently like others then surely there is some issues going on, otherwise, it can be taken that your boss possesses such nature and must be managed differently. Even when a new VP or a Manager joins the board of directors in any company, the star employees may become a person for concern whom bosses might not trust upon or hear their opinions due to complexity issues. Many times, bosses are found screaming unnecessarily out of frustration and finding themselves incompetent that worries them for not being valued in true sense.
it is always worth rechecking what other colleagues are seeing and what you observe, or whether their technique or style generates good results or not. It is always advisable to verify every circumstance before you start assuming that you are the only one who is experiencing discomfort and start believing that the change in bosses’ attitude is personal. Nevertheless, to make you feel better, you can start with an experiment before addressing it openly. Do not become aggressive or rude in return. Simply, let your boss know that their comment or action was Ok or not Ok and that their rudeness is not required. The idea behind such action is to bring their behaviour in open and not fire back with aggressive attitude that may lead you in a job loss. In this way, you might feel defending yourself and that too without hitting back or making any complain along with making way that the person realises that their rudeness does not work on you, they will stop for sure.

Try to repair your relationship

If you start feeling that your relationship with boss has lost its trustworthiness or loyalty that has been once before, start looking for alternative ways that can bring you back like good old grace. It is significant that you show how much you respect and value your boss and want his/her leadership to set things rightfully. Accept things especially when you have overstepped in some or the other way or for those situations where you were unable to handle things according to your boss’s preferences. Try and convince them that now you are willing to follow their directions along with benefitting from what they teach you out of experience. The best way to do so is asking straightforwardly that you have realised that you must have done something offensive and now you are feeling uncomfortable for which you can ask for any instruction to make things right.

Face Manipulative boss with confidence

Some managers or VP’s possess manipulative behaviour, particularly those who have limited power in regards to authority or expertise. In such situations, no matter how much you do to make your boss happy, they will never value your worthiness. Even, under some situations you will agree to those statements also for which you do not want to. The main issue seen under such kind of leadership is that your boss never looks at your interests and are only concerned with their own manipulations. This makes them make you run in multiple directions at a time and you lose your focus on your personal career goals.
If you face similar situation, it is important that you realise how far things have gone and how to stop yourself from getting dismayed towards your career goals. The best way is to recognise whenever such situations take place and address that specific situation to your boss privately. At the beginning it must become uncomfortable for you to speak in front of your boss, but gradually you will develop skills in manging things properly. Take your time and patience will surly keep you on track while making a good impression in front of your boss. After all, setting personal boundaries at the beginning becomes key to success.

Handling micro managers

A micro-managing temperament boss can prove very beneficial or a nightmare, depending on what kind of employee you are. If you desire lots of attention and direction, you might like a micro-managing boss. On the other hand, if you like working independently, a micro-manager boss will never prove a good match for you. Ideally, a supervisor will check your work at a duration of 10-20 minutes to make sure that work is in progressive mode. However, if your boss cubicle is right in front of yours in office, you surely have to face many troubles while being watched every time.
To survive such condition, you need to apply couple of techniques. The first one being finding another place for sitting privately to focus more on your work rather than your boss. You can opt for an empty conference room whenever you try to make a power-point presentation or want to focus on any paper work without getting disturbed. If leaving your cubicle remains out of option, try with putting on headphones that will act as an indicator that you cannot be disturbed.

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