Kundalini Meditation Has 8 Great Benefits

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Yoga and chakra meditations are a pretty structured practice, but rather than focusing on physical alignment, kundalini meditation is an exercise that generate energy, organize that energy and can transform you into a specific energetic state, one of greater awareness.

Here are the many benefits of Kundalini meditation which comes from the word Kundalini (primal energy):

Nervous System

Kundalini meditation strengthens your nervous system. When you practice yoga in downward dog pose or plank pose for three whole minutes and your entire body is shaking, this is a good thing.

Not only is your core getting stronger, your nervous system is as well. The stronger your nerves are, the more you will be able to act in a cool, calm and collected matter in the face of distress. Stress while driving in traffic, a job interview, a fight with your beloved, all situations can be faced with calmness. 

Higher Brain Power

Not only does Kundalini meditation keep your nerves in check, it also clears the fogginess of the mind. 

If you can imagine an overstuffed wardrobe opening as you stand before it, then that’s the same as stuffing thoughts into your mind. Before you know it, everything will burst out and fall on top of you.  So with meditation, you can slow the thought process down and breath for a couple of minutes to feel more alert and focused. 


Kundalini meditation is thought to be energy at the base of the spine (also known as the root chakra). It needs to be released through the seven chakras of the body and then out through the crown chakra above the head.

Kundalini meditation also awakens the Third Chakra at the navel point, responsible for willpower. As it is associated with the navel, it is believed that the area not only digests food but also memories that you need to accept. As you digest events that happen and take action immediately to eradicate things, people or situations that are causing us more harm than good, you build more willpower. 


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In Kundalini meditation and yoga the Shoulder Stand pose opens the throat or the Fifth Chakra.  By opening up the throat, you open up communication. Some will be motivated to deliberately show kindness to loved ones and neighbours, even strangers. With non-judgemental communication comes kindness and instead of expecting kindness to come back to you, you will experience better compassion and gratitude towards yourself. 

How powerful.


Kundalini meditation and yoga will awaken your inner creativity by releasing our worries about the little things and opening us up to infinite possibilities that life has to offer. It also allows balance of the left and right hemispheres, as you breathe in from one nostril through another. 


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Kundalini meditation and yoga opens the heart through the Fourth Chakra. As you practice poses like the Tree Pose you find stability in the root chakra like strong steady trees planted firmly to the earth. 

As you pose, just remember that when your immediate needs aren’t met, it’s okay. It might happen later if it\s meant to be. Accept that life has twisted and round turns

Awakened Intuition

As we go through our fast paced life, we pride ourselves on quick decision making. When you go to buy a yoga mat, you analyze the pros and cons of the mat including grip, thickness and the price and then look for another 10 to compare it with. 

But when it comes to meeting the man or woman of your dreams, it’s better to listen to your gut instinct because the reality is that the answer is already there. Without knowing it, their actions and words will let your gut know if this person is right or toxic. As you meditate and form a closer bond with yourself, you stop ignoring warning signs or any signs in general. Meditation offers body scanning, yoga offers the ability to feel weak muscles, all of which can be classified as signs. 

When you listen to your body, you automatically listen to what your heart wants. As you become still in silence or stretched into a pose, you experience an awakening. 

Conscious Of Your Decisions

Ego has a really strong grip on the choices we make on a day to day basis. Kundalini meditation will help you understand how much you feed your ego as you start to realize more about yourself. While the benefit of introspection is great, it’s equally important to grow from it. 

So how does Kundalini meditation help us grow? It is said that this type of meditation is very very powerful. Some meditations will help you feel happy and relaxed whereas others will provoke your inner behaviours. This is particularly helpful to discipline our bruised or broken egos. The day you can forgive the person who hurt you the most or the day you can write a sorry letter to the person you believe you hurt the most, is the day your more conscious. Not only conscious about what you do but also conscious about the other individual.

In conclusion, you’ve obviously read all this because you care about your health and the health of the people who surround your life. Meditation in general, will help you develop so much. In terms of health, you will give up bad habits that cause detriment to your body like smoking or drinking. Eating fresh food and less junk is also on your mind and you want to also be kind to the people you love no matter what mood: even if you have a fantastic day or a really crappy one.

In terms of forgiveness, you will let the people who hurt you, go.

And lastly in terms of ego, you won’t push your body through pain and injury to finish a never ending list of work or just to tick off your daily streak of yoga. Awareness of where you need more discipline, why you wake up every day and your sense of life will also enlighten you.

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