How To Write Amazing Blog Posts: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Write Amazing Blog Posts Step-by-Step Guide

If you feel like you have a knack for writing and want to take up blogging, then you have come to the right place. There are a couple of tricks of the trade that you will need to master if you want your blog to attract attention and garner a following. 

It is, after all, a numbers game and if you want to make a bit of money for your efforts, then you want as many people as you can get to visit your site and browse around. This guide will take you step-by-step through the whole process to write amazing blogs. 

Pre-publishing prep work 

The very first thing you should be aware of is that there are thousands of blogs out there. So regardless of the topic that you write about, you should always optimize your text for SEO. That means that you should do your keyword research. 

If you don’t like research that much, then you can even use a research paper writing service in Australia to do it for you. The writers there are experienced and they know the tricks of the trade. So, what the expert writers provide you with is a highly-researched paper and in a quick time.

You want your post to rank on Google, so you want your keywords to be effective and accurate. One of the best ways to get your post to rank is to take your topic and turn it into a keyword. Then you want to find low competition keywords so your post will have a better post of being found. 

Planning the post

Once you have your topic sorted out and your keywords in check, then you need to start working on your headline. It is always a good idea to work your primary and secondary keyword into the headline as this is the line that will pop up on the search. Other than that, it also serves as a reminder about what you are writing about and keeps you on track. 

A blog is not an essay, so you should take some time to develop your subheads. It makes your blog easier to read and provides structure and flow for your post. Then again, your subheads will also be determined by the type of blog that you write. 

Informational blogs’ first-level heads will consist of steps, whereas the second level subheads will act as summaries. From here, you can start adding the meat of your post.  

Post structure

Your introduction is probably the most important part of your blog, as this is the part that is meant to hook your reader and reel him or her in to read the full article. Making provocative statements will get your reader thinking and while you are at it, you can stress why it would be a good idea to read the rest of the blog. 

When you are satisfied with your introduction, then you can move ahead to your sub-headings. Whether you are giving instructions, writing a review or just entertaining, you should always keep your target audience in mind. 

They landed on your blog not just because they did a google search, but because they had an expectation of what they would find. That is why your writing style should always fit into the type of blog that you are writing. 

Your tone and register

You know the saying, assumption is the mother of all f-ups and when you assume something, you make an ass out of you and me. Just because you know a couple of terms, does not mean that your readers will know it. 

If in doubt, link it out. You have the whole internet at your disposal, so when you get to difficult terms that you think might be missed by your readers, link it to some existing info that explains the text in more detail.  

Furthermore, you should write all your posts in the same tone as the rest of your blog. There is no use in writing a serious or depressing post when the rest of your blog is focused on entertaining and lighthearted comedy. 

If you use humor in your one tutorial post, then you should write the others in the same tone. That is how you will garner a following because the people who read your blog will expect much of the same when they visit your site again.   

The extras and frills

Apart from the text itself, we live in a digital and visual age, so when your post is not visually pleasing, then it will not be read. If you don’t have the means to create your own images, then you can find some stock images that are freely available on the web. 

A visually appealing blog post will always fare better than plain text. We have become spoiled with the number of visual aids that are available, not to mention the tools we have to design things from scratch.


When your post is all dolled up, all that is left to do is post. Be sure to share your post on all your social media channels as well. The more exposure you get, the better your chance of getting visitors. At first, you might think that the juice is hardly worth the squeeze, but as you get into it, you will find that being a blogger is extremely satisfying. 

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