How to Stay Warm While Doing Winter Camping

Winter Camping

The thought of winter camping already sends chills from your head to toes, but many are embracing the adventure. As an outdoor enthusiast, the winter season doesn’t stop you from doing what you do best—camping! 

Good thing, there are tons of techniques and tips to keep you warm even during freezing seasons or the need to sleep above the snow. With the right camping gears and extra calculations, snowshoe adventure and snow skiing are one step closer to your next day adventure.

Winter Camping Tips For You To Stay Warm

To camp on snow is only for the brave heart and well-prepared campers. Shivering while winter camping means you need to improve your preparations and calculations about the weather. For most beginners, you don’t need to shiver once or twice when you can prepare and master a few techniques from expert campers. 

Whether you have a four-season tent or brought enough warm layers, winter camping should be fun and memorable. Some use a hot sleeping bag, heated blanket, heated jacket, boots, and the like to keep them from freezing while outdoors. While all of these work perfectly for winter camping, you might want to add a few more proven and practical tips to survive the weather. 

  • Dress in multiple layers but don’t wear all your clothes

It’s vital to dress appropriately when you plan to camp during the winter. Multiple layers of warm clothes and thermal are great ways to battle the freezing weather. Ensure you have base and mid-layers, shells, and puffy to help you control and regulate body temperature. 

Avoid sweating when winter camping. It’s an essential factor that needs to be considered. However, don’t wear all your clothes at once. It’s better to wake up and feel cold, then add an extra layer to stay warm than wake up warm and feel colder later on. 

Bring extra warm clothes you can use to change or add layers if you feel colder during the day. 

  • Pack double sleeping pads

Combining a double sleeping pad when camping can help improve insulation and allow you to stay warmer. With double mattress for camping, it ensures you are adequately insulated from the snow and cold ground

  • Add layers to your sleeping bag

It can be challenging to find compact and light camping gear that adds warmth when you plan to camp during the winter. Layering your sleeping bag using a lightweight quilt can help change the game. Thanks to technology and continuous innovation, multiple lightweight quilts are ideal for winter camping you can use to stay warm.

  • Wear a head covering

When camping during the winter, you lose significant heat through the head. Covering your head is an effective way to stay warm and increase body heat. Though hoodies and beanies can keep you warm, using baklava at night will keep your head coverings in place. 

  • Check tent ventilation

The tent ventilation while winter camping is vital. When you breathe, you are releasing hot vapor inside your tent. These vapors can produce condensation, and it freezes. Providing enough opening for ventilation can prevent condensation buildup and enable you to stay warm throughout the night while you’re sleeping.

  • Drink and eat a lot

Ensure you eat and drink enough when camping during the colder seasons. It’s best to snack or eat high protein and high-fat foods that slowly burn than meals that are high in carbs. Hydrate your body correctly for you to function and stay warm. 

  • Use heated boots, gloves, and hand warmers.

Take advantage of the technology and stay warm using hand warmers, heated boots, heated gloves, heated jackets, and more. If there’s still enough space, bringing a heater is also an excellent way to stay warm during colder seasons.

  • Pack the right tent size for you

While we love to have enough space when camping to feel comfortable, smaller size is better with winter camping. Your tent plays a vital role in efficient insulation. 

  • Pack hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are also a proven and effective technique to stay warm during winter camping. Instead of placing the hot bottle near your feet, you can also put it close to your groin to heat your blood or body. Practice extra precaution when dealing with hot water during camping.

  • Insulate the tent with rugs or carpet

Insulating your tent with rugs and carpet to prevent cold coming from the group can help you stay warmer. 

Expert Tips When Camping in the Winter

If you want to succeed with camping in the winter and not freeze, these expert tips will do the trick. Enjoy the colder season through snowshoe backpacking or cross-country snow ski adventure.

  • Check your camping essentials, and bring the right camping gear.
  • Always check hazards and weather conditions before you plan or go camping. 
  • Prepare for the worse yet memorable experience.
  • Flatten your spot for sleeping and secure the campsite.
  • Pack your well-insulated sleeping bag.
  • Reduce ambient space on your tent and insulate it.
  • Choose the right clothes when winter camping.
  • Hot water bottles can do the trick.


The cold season should not stop you from having a memorable camping experience. While everyone wants to try winter camping, you’ll surely stay warmer and never shiver even when you pitch your tent above the snowy ground with these tips and techniques.

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