How to Know If a Private Investigator Is Watching?

Private Investigator

You might know about the job of a private investigator and how they can keep a person under surveillance. Their work is to provide necessary information to their client about the person on whom they are keeping their eyes on. One of the best ways to find an experienced private investigator is by visiting the website Truth Investigations, which is the leading investigation firm in Australia. Of course, if you are hiring an investigator you probably have some compelling reasons for this, but let’s assume you are the one who’s being watched.

Have you ever felt that someone is staring at you continuously, but when you turn around, you find no one? It is strange to know that someone mysteriously wants to indulge in your routine. They might be an investigator who is following you in public places to obtain your information. They perform their investigation secretly because if they get detected, the person may change their previous routine.

Why Are Private Investigators Hired?

If you are involved in some court cases, your opposite party may hire a private investigator to monitor your activities and gather evidence. For example, the insurance company can hire a private investigator to collect evidence against the person alleging serious damage or injury. Investigators are also involved in cases related to family matters like child custody or divorce. 

In most cases, private investigators are hired for infidelity investigation. These investigators have several tools to do thorough research. They keep on stalking social media accounts to find some relatable information. They can conduct interviews with neighbors, friends, and family. 

Is Private Investigation Legal?

If we talk about whether hiring a licensed private investigator is legal or not, it is legal but with certain restrictions. The following are some misconducts that are illegal to be practiced by the investigator.

  • Wiretapping of phone
  • Trespassing to private property
  • Mail tampering
  • Hacking personal accounts
  • Running license plate number
  • Personal credit information
  • Phone recording and pretexting
  • Placing a GPS tracker on a vehicle
  • Obtaining protected information

How To Find Out If The Investigator Is Watching?

Private investigators are involved in gathering information secretly. At first sight, you cannot find someone watching you distantly. There are small, unusual things around you that make you suspect that the investigator is stalking you. To find if the investigator is watching, you should consider the following aspects.

1. Same unknown vehicle around you

If any investigator is truly following, you may observe the same unknown vehicle parked at some distance from you. Investigators are allowed to investigate in public places, so you need to be careful there. Several investigators use their company’s van having a logo that can be easily detectable.

2. Phone might be bugged

Investigators may sometimes bug your phone to obtain information related to messages and calls. You can check your phone, and if you find that your phone glows up or vibrates unnecessarily then, investigators might have bugged your phone.

3. Finding someone doing abrupt movement

Finding someone doing an abrupt movement after watching you becomes an issue of concern. For example, if you find that someone is quickly putting down his hands like he is trying to hide something from you becomes a reason to suspect.

4. Asking your relatives and friends

To obtain your information, the investigator may call or message your friends and relatives. Sometimes they randomly call with a different number asking about you or hang up. You can ask your companions for the same.

5. Check your left side

It will be great to know that most private investigators are trained to follow from the left side in public places because normally, people turn to the right side if they feel distrusted. Therefore, you should turn your face on the left-hand shoulder side in the first attempt.

6. Watching unknown vehicle in the neighbor

If you are seeing an unknown vehicle in your neighborhood for several days, then it is enough to make you suspicious about what is happening around you. You can observe that when the vehicle arrives at that place. Watch if someone is observing you while sitting in the vehicle. Figure out from how many days the vehicle is visible to you.

7. Snooping around your house

Nowadays, most houses have installed CCTV cameras outside to keep the belongings safe by intensifying the safety. If you find someone is prying around your house for several days, then you should look for CCTV footage for detailed knowledge. Cameras will be helpful in this case.

8. Look for a strange appearance

Some private investigators use masking when they are at work. They may wear sunglasses, hoodies, baseball caps, or other similar stuff to remain unidentified. Their dressing sense is sometimes highly noticeable, however, professionals will probably look as casual as possible. 


Finding someone who is keeping eyes on you is unusual. But if you are sure that any investigator is stalking you in public places, then you have to be careful and pretend that you haven’t noticed yet. Sometimes you can suspect them by watching them doing immediate action when you detect them spontaneously. You have to stay calm in these types of situations. Police may also advise you that surveillance is legal.

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