How to Grow Weed at Home: a Step-by-step Guide

Weed at Home

Cultivating your own marijuana crop is the best way to secure the quality of your own supply. Also, it’s a great hobby to pick up if you have some extra time on your hands. When doing research on how to grow weed, it can sometimes be hard to find information which is suitable for people who are not commercial growers. By following our tutorial, you’ll learn how to grow the highest quality weed in the safety of your own home.

Gather the supplies

To grow weed you need to provide your plant with adequate conditions. As any plant, it will need water and proper nutrients to reach its full potential. What is specific about weed is that it requires more specific lighting conditions, so you should look into purchasing some LED lights if your windows don’t face the sun. You also need to make sure you have the right medium to plant the seeds in. Soil is not the only choice. If you decide on more unconventional ways of growing, such as by the AutoPot systems, you should get some coco coir or rock wool.

Pick the location

There are two options when it comes to the location – indoors and outdoors. Indoor growing is more appropriate for the beginners since you have more control of factors such as water, temperature and lighting. Growing indoors is also superior when it comes to pest control. You may grow the plants wherever you have some extra space, but make sure that the location provides optimal conditions for the plant.

On the other hand, if you have the resources for outdoor growing, it’s not such a bad choice. Outdoor growing is cheaper because you don’t have to waste money on lighting and other equipment. However, if you live at a place known for extreme temperatures, it’s better to avoid planting your crop outside.

Acquire and germinate the seeds

Before you start growing, you need to make sure you have the strain your heart desires. Most people in the US order their seeds online. However, be careful to order from a reputable seed bank located overseas – getting your seeds from within the country can get you into some serious trouble.

Once you’ve gotten the seeds, you should start germinating them. Place the seeds so they don’t overlap onto a moist paper towel, then cover them with a plate to lock in the moisture. In one to four days the seeds should have sprouted and are ready to plant.

Grow your plant

Once you’ve planted the germinated seed, your plant will start to grow rapidly. When you notice some leaves appearing, you’ll know that it’s entered the vegetative stage. This is the growth stage in which your plant grows leaves and gets stronger every day.

At this point, you should pay attention not to overfeed your plant, so make sure you dilute any additional nutrients you use. When your plant gets much bigger you may up the strength of the supplements.

Flowers everywhere

The most exciting step of weed cultivation is watching your plant start to produce the sticky flowers. To prepare for this stage you’ll need to identify your plants’  gender since only females produce the puffable buds. The girls are the plants with white hairs growing out of the branch joints. The ones who lack this characteristic are the boys and you should cut and throw them out as soon as possible. Leaving the male plants in your crop for long may result in low quality pollinated buds. Once you’re done killing the useless plants, you’re ready to watch the flowers grow.

Harvest and dry

When flowers stop growing, they will start to darken. Your time for action is when half of the white hairs on the buds have turned darker and have curled. Carefully cut the buds and trim them. Then you should start drying and curing the yield. Be cautious to put the harvest into a dry space so as not to catch mold.

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