How to Find a Group to Join in Call of Duty Warzone


Call of Duty: Warzone has been unexpectedly released for everyone. And due to the lack of guides, players did not immediately understand the game mechanics.

  • How to start playing solo?
  • How to act when playing in a pair?
  • How the rarity of weapons affects the gameplay?
  • What is the GULAG?
  • What are the new mechanics in the new battle royale?

These are some questions that the popular majority of Warzone LFG players had. Let’s dive deeper into the game basics so that you could answer all the above questions yourself.

Fact #1 — Your Health Is Restored Automatically

Warzone has almost completely eliminated the healing item system, which is a typical feature of Battle Royale games. Just like in traditional Modern Warfare multiplayer, your health is automatically restored to the maximum if you don’t engage in combat for a few seconds.

Fact #2 — Parachute Mechanics Are Important

Getting off the plane at the start of the game is not a problem in Warzone either. However, it is also necessary to get used to parachute control here. You can “pull” the lines to adjust the speed and distance to the object. But do you know about the possibility of cutting and opening the parachute at any time? Cutting the lines will give you a small speed boost, and subsequent deployments will allow you a safe landing. Use this function as many times as you like. It helps to reach the desired point quickly, ahead of your opponents.

Fact #3 — You Need to Mark the System

Anyone who has played Apex Legends knows how invaluable the tagging feature can be. The Warzone takes advantage of almost all the benefits of this system. With one click of a button, you can specify a location on the map for your comrades, highlight a specific item, and mark where you noticed the target. It is very useful in Warzone, especially due to its cross-platform, since it is not always possible to quickly type text or use voice chat.

Fact #4 — Consider Weapon Rarity

Warzone lacks traditional weapon mining mechanics. When exploring a location, you can find variants of one weapon of different rarity: common, unusual, rare, and so on. Rarity is marked with small diamonds next to the name. Technically, for example, all M4s of different rareness should deal the same amount of damage. However, depending on the mounts installed, this may not always be true. So experiment to find your perfect gun and enjoy the game at maximum. We recommend that you attentively read game reviews and watch tutorials. Thus, you will know how to act.

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