How to Bet on Sports Online Legally? Ways to Spot A Fraudulent Online Bookie

How to Bet on Sports Online Legally

Sports betting online is one of the most efficient ways of earning money without going through the hustle and bustle of sporting venues. It also helps you escape the long queues in front of a venue’s cashier to get a betting ticket. With one tap on your mobile phone, you can download an app that allows you to register and wager instantly.

While this is true, the world of online sports betting is also full of manipulative actors, starting with fake bookies, enticing odds, delayed payouts, and unattended complaints. If you are not keen enough to find a legitimate betting site, you might lose your deposit amount and be scammed with this type of business engagement.

Therefore, as we are going through the stay-at-home quarantine brought by the Coronavirus outbreak, online betting can be a source of alternative money-making during these trying times. That said, below are some ways you can learn how to bet legally on sports online by avoiding a fake bookie.

Review The Online Bookie’s License

One of the most important things you need to look out when signing up for an online bookie is the license. Do know that sports betting is gambling in nature, and some states are still fighting to make it legal. However, for those who are already authorized to operate online, like fanduel, a sportsbook license is the primary requirement to consider a betting site legal.

Moreover, the license must be accessible right away as soon as you open the website. An online sportsbook that does not make its license visible to its users is considered as fake and untrustworthy. If you are new to a betting site and want to make sure that you got a legitimate one, you need to look for a visible license and clear readability.

Ensure That Betting Lines Are Realistic

Most of the time, online bookies make the odds to be on their side. However, you must make sure that the betting lines are not overwhelming and seem hard to believe at one glance. There are many legitimate sports books online that you can compare odds. Make sure they almost look the same before betting.

Aside from that, the betting lines must be updated and should relate to the upcoming sporting events currently happening. The odds value set by the bookie must be based on the reviews and the player’s previous achievements, not by merely putting a number depending on what the sports book feels.

Review Payment Options And Availability Of Customer Service

Another thing to look for when considering a legit sports betting site is the availability of transfers you can do. When a bookie does not allow a transfer credit to another bookie, it means they are fraudulent and shouldn’t be used. Additionally, if you are automatically shut off in the middle of a transfer, you might lose some of your money.

Moreover, the payment options must also come in various options when you bet and win. If they refuse to deposit through your bank account or send via the nearest payment location, you must avoid them. Lastly, a legit sports book has a 24/7 Customer Service hotline that you can access whenever you have questions.

Secure Verification Process

A fraudulent sports betting site makes the verification process difficult for every user signing up. They will keep on asking the verification question countless times, including sensitive information, while their website keeps returning on the same page, still asking the same question. Apart from that, they also ask you to send scanned documents to back up the initial information you submitted, which you must not do, to begin with.

Once you come across with this type of online bookie, you need to close your browser and find another one. A legitimate sports book does not ask for additional requirements, and the verification process doesn’t take too long.

Real-Time Payouts And Practical Bonuses

Aside from the availability of payment options, a legit sports betting site must pay you real-time. It means that once you place a bet and win, they can provide the payout you want. When the bookie delays payment due to unforeseen circumstances, you must get rid and close your account immediately after accessing your winnings.

Every sports betting site offers bonuses and promotions to first-time users that will convince you to sign up. Make sure that these bonuses are relevant and realistic. Do not get enticed with fantastic offers. Bookies like this might deduct an amount from your account balance without your knowledge.


To avoid losing a lot of money and stress, you need to exhaust your efforts on investigating an online sports book before you completely sign up. If you want to participate in online sports betting, but have a hard time looking on which site to register, consider the steps listed above to ease your struggles.

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