How Miranda Kerr Teaches Her Son The Art of Mindfulness

“I’ve learned this along the way, but I want my kids to know it from the start.” says the supermodel, Miranda Kerr about the benefits of living a healthy life.
The 35 year old model has a very disciplined routine with her lifestyle, diet, physique and meditation. Even though most celebrities do so for keeping up with their careers, Miranda says she does it for her son, Flynn.
“When he sees me meditating, he’ll come sit by me, just feeling the energy,” Kerr wrote in Well+Good.
“He won’t stay for the whole 10 or 20 minutes, but he’ll join me for a bit.”
Because children are more influenced and likely to do something, from watching and participating, rather than words being thrown at them, Miranda encourages Flynn to join her during her meditation sessions. Perhaps he’s curious about her posture or watching mommy sleep while sitting. As he grows up he will understand what’s really going on, but that doesn’t mean that children can’t fathom the depths of meditation.

Interestingly, during Flynn’s bed time, Miranda spontaneously comes up with a bed time story, to help her son drift off to sleep.
“It might be about a butterfly and a ladybug that go on these adventures, like swim through crystal clear waters that remove any worries and makes them feel joyful and relaxed,” she said.
“It’s almost like a story and a meditation at the same time and he really loves it; he falls asleep in no time.”
Children have a very observant mind and their brains are like a sponge, ready to soak up knowledge through real experiences. That’s why they don’t need to practise sitting upright with legs crossed to understand meditation. Instead they can sense the presence of happiness and utmost relaxation through imagination, or what we adults like to call Visualization. And because they are far more connected with their bodies, they can feel the heart-rate slowing down and their bodily systems winding down. By practicing meditation at a young age, we learn to listen to our bodies, as we grow.
Miranda says “I just feel that, at the end of the day, health is wealth. When you take care of yourself – body and mind – you’ll be able to give so much more.
And I’m certain that her son will agree to that!
Nurture the child in you with relaxing story telling mediums before hitting the bed or by practising a guided meditation session at home. Trust me, you will sleep like a baby.

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