Great Way to Aid Virtual Learners: Livho’s Newest Blue Light Glasses

Livho’s Newest Blue Light Glasses

The online world we live in today demands our time more than ever. That includes social media, online classes, work from home, online selling and shopping. One can say that technology has become a part of our daily lives, and gadgets like mobile phones and computers can’t seem to be apart from our hands.

The technology that we rely on heavily demands our sight, wherein excessive exposure to all these gadgets can eventually harm your eyes without even noticing. Fortunately, Livho’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses got you covered. However, before discussing the said protective eyewear’s unique features, let us define blue light glasses first.

What are blue light glasses?

First of all, blue light is defined as a range of the visible light spectrum. In other words, it is a natural occurrence since we are exposed to it from the sun itself. Moreover, blue light is also emitted by our gadgets such as TVs, computers, smartphones, etc. Thus, overexposure to it can lead to health issues, and it includes the following:

Minor Headaches.Have you ever experienced a sudden headache? Not that one out of a fever but a headache out of the blue. If yes, then the second question is if you are fond of regularly using your smartphone and computers. If the answer is also yes, then you might be suffering from the effects of excessive blue light exposure

Eye Strains.In most cases, eye strains will lead to painful headaches. Although there are different causes of eye strain, especially if you have an eye condition prior, the more famous reason is overexposure to blue light from your phones and computers.

Sleeping Difficulty.Your body responses to the light you are exposed to. Blue light, for instance, is a natural light that you can get from the sun —thus, it wakes you up. However, if you are exposed to blue light at night, it will disrupt your circadian rhythm making it harder for you to sleep.

This is where blue light glasses come in. Thus, its primary purpose is to block excessive high-energy visible blue lights, also known as HEV blue lights. In this way, it will lessen harmful blue lights that reach your eyes. In effect, the tendency to experience headaches and eye strains will be diminished.

Livho’s Blue Light Blocking Glassesdoes just that. With additional unique features, it will be a great deal. Here are the said protective glasses’ exceptional features.

Product Features

Acetate and TR90 Nylon Frame.These are lightweight materials and are also flexible enough to endure twisting, extrusion, and physical impact.

Anti-reflective Lens.Reduces visual strain and discomfort from long durations of web surfing and exposure to fluorescent lights. With UV400 protection and anti-glare technology, browsing the net will be more comfortable.

Endures Physical Impact.Accidental falls are inevitable when you own an eyeglass. Hence, it is significant to consider durability when buying one. Livho’s glasses offer durability like no other.

Endures Twisting. Often enough, some glasses experience twisting unknowingly due to some circumstances. Therefore, take into consideration if your glasses’ frame is flexible enough to endure these stresses. Livho’s glasses can guarantee such flexibility

Endures Extrusion.Sometimes your glasses can be accidentally pressed into a tight place. Thus, wear and tear usually takes place. However, Livho’s glasses can endure the usual accidental pressing in pockets and other similar tight places.

How does it help online learners?

The virtual learning system is a term coined to refer to students learning through virtual access. It is done via applications that can cater to multiple individuals in one server. Such applications include skype, discord, and other known similar platforms. However, this calls out to risks brought about by the exposure students have to computer screens.

To address this concern, experts who found out that computer screens emit blue light, a light that has short term and long term adverse effects to individuals when overexposed, innovated anti-blue light lenses.

Like other optical glasses providers, Livho incorporated blue light technology on their glasses to help cater to millions of people worldwide, especially virtual learners, who might need blue light blocking glasses. Offering high-quality material products, this protective eyewear is among the most sought out blue light glasses today that can be bought at their site


Eye health is as essential as a healthy heart. Of all your senses, your eyes are among the most used. If you cannot get it to rest enough, at the very least, protect it. Consider buying blue light blocking glasses as a protective measure.

Always remember that when buying eyeglasses like blue light blocking glasses,  make sure to check if the quality is top-notched. Check what materials are used and if it guarantees durability compared to the cheaper ones. A high-quality product with a significantly higher price is way better than a low-quality cheaper product.

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