Gordon Moody Association: Overview

Gordon Moody Association

Gordon Moody Association is a charity developed in 1971 that has about 50 years of experience in providing residential support and line of treatment to the problem gamblers who are adversely affected by gambling and are on the edge. This association has two residential treatment centres: the first one in Midlands and the second one at the London/Kent borders. They provide separate men and women programs across the two locations and provide online support via their Gambling Therapy Service and application. 

Due to their immense knowledge and experience in this field of work, they have developed treatments that are solely based on Gambling and address the extreme situations that obsessive gamblers face. Being a charitable foundation, it thrives on donations and grants and receives them through individuals and companies who support and appreciate their work. Most of the expenses of the body are covered by GambleAware. 

Additional Help For Gamstop Users

Gamstop is a self-exclusion scheme founded in November 2016 and is run by the  National Online Self Exclusion Scheme Limited or NOSES. Since its launch, the UK has seen changes in the behavioural patterns among problem gamblers and this scheme promotes responsible gambling and helps the gamblers banning themselves from all the UK-based Gamstop registered gambling websites for a limited period of time. As GamStop users are often looking for ways how to bypass GamStop block, there is a need for additional help. Gamstop users can definitely try out this association when they feel that even after Gamstop support, they are unable to control gambling urges. This program goes hand in hand with the motive of the Gordon Moody Association and both of them can help obsessive gamblers recover a great deal. 

Both of these works individually for the same purpose. Gamstop users can take help from the Association after self-exclusion from casinos for a minimum period of time. After signing up with the Scheme, they can also register with the association in order to get the maximum benefit out of both the organizations for personal well-being and benefit. Gambling is always a choice and one has to consider it as a leisure activity.

About Association, How Can It Help? 

The Gordon Moody Foundation aims at providing a responsible and problem-free gambling atmosphere among the punters. It provides five lines of treatment options for the different types of problem gamblers:

Residential Treatment Centres

The two specially designed treatment centres offer an intensive and effective treatment program for people battling with gambling addictions.

Retreat and Counseling Programme

This offers both male and female-specific special retreat programs that include a short period of stay at the residential treatment centre with a counsellor’s support at all times.

Relapse Prevention Programme

This offers specialized housing for the people who only underwent their treatment program for a while and need additional help for the completion of the rest of it in order to recover completely. 

Gambling Therapy Treatment

This association provides international online support, advising, and signposting and encourages gamblers through group sessions. Gambling Therapy Application is also provided in multiple languages. 

Outreach Support

It provides additional and exclusive support to the gamblers post their treatment in order to help them maintain their path of recovery and never look back. 

The association encourages the family members and friends of the problem gamblers to maintain a group on the Gambling therapy website in order to help themselves and others who are in a similar position. This expands the entire circle of communication and several affected people are connected to the Association for benefiting themselves. 


The temptation to play online slots while being registered under Gamstop or some other scheme is irresistible. Thus, one has to work upon willpower and aim to gamble responsibly in the future. Gaining control over one’s betting habits is highly essential in order to mend relationships, possessions, and jobs. The Gordon Moody Association is based on this very entire concept and motivates people to be a part of them in order to help themselves. Gamstop on the other hand is also very prominent among the UK casinos and aims at promoting responsible gambling in all forms.  Both these associations work on their own sets of principles and have been successful in various ways. 

The housing treatments at the Gordon Moody association are free of charge due to the fundings they receive. They have partnered with many stakeholders, their families, service users, and other treatment services like Gamcare, GambleAware. 

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