Going Plastic Free Has Become Latest Trend Among People All Over the Globe: 5 Doable Ways for Beginners

Even though the desk in which I am writing is surrounded by plastic including a plastic bottle on my desk, a plastic mouse, plastic wall clock and so on, the idea behind living a plastic free life seems overwhelming for me. Plastic can be seen around everywhere these days for which many people have started accepting making a change in lifestyle through elimination of plastic from daily chorus work. However, it is not going to affect many individuals or industries by refraining its use completely. The idea here is to make minimal use of plastic to contribute in building eco-friendly atmosphere.
Last year, many big strides were made by reputed companies. Starbucks announced to eliminate plastic straws completely from its store by 2020. Another significant companies like Walt Disney and McDonalds have even joined the revolution by phasing out plastic stirs and straws from their work areas. Many big multiplexes and communities have banned using plastic bags and plastic utensils at their restaurants and bars.
All the above-mentioned examples lead to one conclusion that going plastic free have turned out to be a latest trend among people and its time to for us to think how we can contribute in making our surroundings plastic free. Following few ways are not written to make you overwhelmed but will show few ways that can make this idea possible. You do not need to start following each point at once or even throw entire plastic range from your house. But at least we can get started.

#1. Reuse if not reduce

There are certain times when avoiding plastic can become impossible like for chemical and liquid substances packaging’s. Many ready to eat food also comes in plastic containers, so here you can try making a bulk purchase. Single use plastic can also be reused after making a thorough wash. Giving up bottled water can also provide great help. Many branded bottled waters are filled with filtered water. So, use home filtered water which you can easily carry in stainless steel water bottles, filling right before you leave home. Another method to reuse plastic is carrying shopping bags whenever you leave home. Most of us easily get attracted to things which we purchase on the way to workplace or while wandering. Why not carry our own bags each time we leave home? This will reduce usage of new plastic bags along with making convenient for us to carry stuff in our favourite carry bags.

#2. Managing toiletries

Toiletries add as a big source of plastic waste. Although personal hygiene habits may become difficult to be changed, but a little thought over can reduce significant amount of waste along with bringing hygienic advantages also. Many bathroom products contain harsh chemicals that can even cause dangerous diseases like cancer, therefore, they need to be removed completely. There are few soap selling companies found online which sells unpacked soaps, made from herbal products and costs much lower than big brands. Even, liquid soaps come in plastic packaging for which you can try soap refilling shops and if it is not available in your city, try purchasing it in bulk to reduce usage of plastic containers.

#3. Using Biodegradable brush

Plastic toothbrush is one thing which we all use early in the morning from several years. But, have you ever thought how much time a brush takes to decompose? A normal toothbrush made out of plastic takes around 300 years to get decomposed that makes very significant for us to replace them with biodegradable ones. In fact, these wooden brushes prove to be much cheaper than usual ones.

#4. Use non-plastic packaging food

Next time you wish to have an ice-cream, opt for those which comes in cones or from ice-cream shops that use cartoon made containers. Consuming fresh juice instead of packaged one can also help in reducing plastic waste along with developing nutritional eating habits. Especially during summers, many people become obsessed with drinking soda water which comes in packaged bottles. So, try and avoid during them for the sake of your health as well as environment. Avoiding packaged food can also provide great help in reducing plastic as packaged food are usually packed in plastic containers to avoid getting spilled. Moreover, packaging companies puts in many chemicals so that food remains fresh for several days which can turn to be harmful for us if not delivered before specific time. Next, time think again while purchasing packaged food.

#5. Plastic-Free giving and receiving

Usually, gift wrapping papers available in market are made out of colourful plastic sheets. There are other options where you can opt for hand made paper for gift wrapping purpose. These also comes in many vibrant colours and contains eco-friendly elements in it. In fact, you can ask your friends and family even to choose plastic free wrapping for any upcoming event. Many DIY videos are available in websites that can make your wrapping more amazing yet fulfilling your purpose of eliminating plastic completely. Materials like paper tape, jute and reusable cloth bags, paper flowers, etc. can be given a thought over.

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