All you need to know about Gas Ducted Heating

Are you planning to install a gas ducted heating system in your building? Surrounded by several questions and doubts in your mind regarding the same? If so, then go through this post to get answers to all your queries. 

We are greeted by soaring temperatures in summers and freezing weather in winters. Extreme temperatures during both the seasons cause discomfort and prevent us from performing our day-to-day tasks efficiently. However, heating systems are at our rescue. They help in maintaining steady temperature in the building and keep us at ease in all seasons.  

Out of available heating systems, gas ducted heating systems are gaining massive popularity. These highly efficient systems can instantly heat up the room/buildings irrespective of the temperature fluctuations outside. Moreover, these systems are perfect for both residential areas and commercial places. Let’s understand more about gas ducted heating in detail.  

Gas ducted heating system: Introduction, installation process and benefits

What is gas ducted heating?

The heating systems that use gas as the fluid for the production of heat are called gas ducted heating systems. They can be installed in the roof or commissioned under the floors. These systems generate heat and distribute it throughout the building. 

Purpose of gas ducted heating

Gas ducted heating system helps in heating a specific room/building. Besides, you can also conveniently set different temperatures for various rooms according to your choice. The positive aspect of this system is that it uses natural gas in place of electricity. Hence, it privileges you with reduced energy costs as well as reduced carbon footprint.

Essential components of heating system

Its chief components include a heater, vents, insulated ducts, and thermostat. Each of these components has different functions. The heater facilitates passage of cold air. The heat exchanger becomes warmer with the gas combustion. Moreover, it increases the temperature, drives away cold air, and warms the environment. Thermostat ensures that this circulation is maintained at a desired temperature.  

Process of installation

Most of these systems have a centralized unit of heating. There’s a series of outlets throughout the house for proper circulation. The ducts are installed either in the floor or ceiling according to the condition of space. The central unit can be installed on slabs, under the floor or walls.

Gas ducted heating v/s reverse cycle heating

When choosing a suitable heating system, people have a choice between a ducted gas heating system and reverse cycle systems. However, a ducted gas heating system is better than reverse cycle systems in many ways.


Gas heating operates independently. The outside environs do not affect them. Thus, these systems remain stable. On the other hand, when it comes to the reverse cycle systems, they usually tend to run less efficiently. Sometimes these services also become impaired by frost.

In case you reside in a particularly cold area, it’s a better choice to install gas ducted heating systems when compared to the conventional electric models.

Costs of operation

Annual maintenance costs are less in the case of ducted gas heating.  The costs for routine servicing for the electric versions involve a lot of expenditure for the safety and health reasons. When compared to the costs involved in running a reverse cycle, bills for gas models are low. Moreover, there’s an added benefit that gas heaters have a longer lifespan.


Gas systems warm more rapidly than systems working on reverse cycles. According to many customers, reverse cycle systems create a burning sensation on the skin. On the other hand, gas ducted systems are more comfortable and don’t dry out the skin. 


Reverse cycle systems have a dual functionality, which gives them the ability to work in the form of cooling systems also. On the other hand, ducted gas heating systems have greater cold-weather efficacy. This property lets it be used in all seasons, even in harsh cold weather. 

Advantage of gas ducted heating

Gas ducted heating systems are cost-effective, efficient and eco-friendly as they use natural gas. They are easy-to-install and ensure minimal aesthetic disruption. In addition to these, there are several other advantages of the system. 

The gas ducted heating system simultaneously heats every corner, thus delivering a relatively comfortable atmosphere. When you’re going from one room to another, you’ll never feel a sudden change in temperatures. Zoning facility is also available in addition to other features that intend to make one particular zone warm/cool. 

What’s more? The expense of running is low. It is advisable to install this system when building a home as that won’t end up as a hefty transaction. With this system, you’ll never have to bear the hassles of paying unexpectedly high electricity bills.

How to choose a suitable gas ducted heating system?

So you’ve made your decision to get a gas ducted heating system installed? Next, it’s imperative to select the most suitable system catering to your needs. The right model will fetch you comfort on even the frozen days.

Here are some points to consider: 

  • Select the right heating system and the right size according to living areas. 
  • It’s important to check that the product bears at least four stars ratings. 
  • Take into consideration your preferences like brand, budget and type of system 
  • You should also look for a system with ducted refrigeration. 
  • Choose a model that will give you the flexibility of zoning. 
  • You can buy all-in-one heating as well as a cooling solution.
  • Go through the list of heating wall units, ducts, and outdoor units to get complete control over the climate.
  • You should also check if the system comes with a timer.
  • Choose well-known and reliable service providers.  You’ll also get the budgetary requirements met up when you take the service from reliable providers. 
  • You can fish out the right system from the range of quality brands.

 In case of doubts, you can also consult experts. There are professionals who can offer you with an on-site inspection to ensure that you get the maximum benefits. They will provide you the best heating options from the leading brands, hence ensuring improvement to the value of your property. 

Top supplier of gas ducted heating in Australia

Looking for best and most reliable supplier for gas ducted heating? Then, you search should end at Beyond Heating and Cooling. This Melbourne based company is a market leader in heating and cooling systems. Basically, they aim to make you feel comfortable inside your building all the time, irrespective of outside temperatures.  

They are sheer professionals who are excelling over the years in designing and manufacturing of heating and cooling systems. The gas ducted heating systems offered by them can withstand extremes of temperatures. The company claims 10 year life of all its products and offer high-quality maintenance services. 

Top benefits to choose gas ducted systems by Beyond Heating & Cooling

  • It provides adequate warmth 
  • Energy efficiency is a top priority for these systems 
  • You’ll get complete control over the temperature
  • It is a cost-effective system
  • When compared to traditional heating sources, these systems emit less emissions
  • Offers zoning 
  • Temperature can be controlled in a click
  • System comes with 24hr programmable timer

Other services offered by them

  • Installation of ducted reverse cycle
  • Installation of split systems
  • Installation of central air conditioning
  • Installation of reverse cycle ducted systems
  • Installation of reverse cycle multi-split systems
  • Installation of room air conditioners

Proper maintenance along with customer service

Poorly serviced heaters end you up in spending a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. Moreover, leakage of carbon monoxide leaks spoils the health of your family.  Hence, a supportive team must inspect and identify potential weakness so that they don’t end up in expensive concerns.

 The professionals adequately maintain the systems right after the installation to see that they run smoothly through years of operations. They’ll let you rest assured that the system doesn’t become less efficient. 

 The competent workforce from this company is ready to handle all jobs, both in residential and commercial areas. Professional touch to the products with routine check-ups delivers optimal performance. 

 Final Words

If you are looking for installation of top-notch quality ducted gas heating systems, call the m right away. Besides the installation of the heater, you’ll also get repair and maintenance services for a prolonged span.

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