Gambling with a Smartphone is a fast-growing business

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The internet and mobile devices continue to make our lives more convenient. People can do just about anything with a smartphone, and that includes gambling.

Online sports betting is among the fastest-growing forms of entertainment in North America.

Billions of dollars are wagered each year via online sports betting sites in the USA. Approximately 38 million Americans bet on NFL games each season. And those numbers are growing exponentially.

In 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the ban on sports betting in the country that existed outside of the state of Nevada and opened up the possibility of legalized sports betting in all 50 states.

Currently, 17 U.S. states have opened legal sports betting parlors. Colorado is slated to become No. 18 on May 1, 2020. Six more states have voted to legalize sports betting and are awaiting launch dates. In total, 42 of 50 states in the union and weighing some form of legalized sports wagering.

For many of those states that have already gone ahead with legal sports betting, online sports betting is providing a major slice of the wagering dollar. You can see the impact of online sports betting in the figures supplied by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement.

During the month of February 2020, $58.3 million was wagered on sports at brick and mortar retail outlets across the state. However, the state handled $471.1 million in online sports wagering during the same month.

New Jersey has 10 retail sportsbooks in operation. But there are 17 legal sports betting apps taking bets within the state.

It’s tough to imagine where this huge industry would be without smartphones. Let’s look at how betting technology has evolved to get us where we are today.

Born From Horse Racing

The advent of online sports betting can be traced back to the sport of kings. In the 1990s, horse racing players were seeking more action than the 10-12 live races on tap at the track. Racetracks began to introduce simulcast wagering, allowing betting on televised races from tracks around the world.

Off-track betting enabled people to wager on races who couldn’t get to the track. Eventually, telephone betting allowed people to watch the races on TV from the comfort of their own homes and wager via telephone accounts.

The Internet Explosion

In the mid-1990s, the worldwide web began offering people access to information and entertainment in ways never before considered. Betting would become one of those newfound conveniences.

Online sportsbooks began to pop up, offering the chance for bettors to open accounts over the web and wager on sporting events with the click of a mouse. Popular internet betting sites like Intertops, BetOnline, and Bet365 were quickly grossing millions of dollars in revenue.

Recognizing this changing landscape, several of the world’s leading retail betting giants, companies like William Hill and MGM, transitioned their gaming operations to include online options.

The Information Age

Picture Source: Pixels

Never before have we been provided with access to such a vast amount of information like available today. And it can be all be downloaded in a matter of seconds and is at the tips of our fingers.

Sports betting and the internet were a natural relationship. There was a symbiotic marriage between the two entities. Sports bettors crave fresh information and the latest odds and stats. The world wide web is an endless supply of information.

Betting Advice That’s Easily Accessible

As online sportsbooks proliferated, sports betting guides, picks, betting strategies, and related content blossomed. There is an extensive number of betting websites available on the internet and they compete for your attention, offering different amount of bonuses, promotions, a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and better payouts for your invested money.

They also fight to offer the latest odds on upcoming sporting events. These sites are so diverse that they have different types of bets for each game or event. If you are a gambler, you must have heard of the moneyline, spread, over/under, futures, prop bets and other forms of bets.

The internet has goven consumers more information to make empowered choices. They shop around more and can explore their options in more detail.

A Plethora Of Options

The online sports betting world has something for everyone. The traditional North America bettor who goes for the NFL, NBA, NHL, NBA or NCAA sports will be easily served and satisfied at most sportsbooks.

But if you’re a fan of an unusual or less popular sport – it could be Australian Rules Football, rugby, cricket, or perhaps you like to wager on the Tour de France – you’ll be able to find a sportsbook that offers extensive betting options on all of these events.

The so-called sportsbooks don’t only offer sports betting. Bettors can wager on entertainment (like who will win the Oscar for best movie?), religion (who will be the next Pope?), politics (who will be the next US president?), tv shows (who will win the next Miss Universe?) and even on the weather (will it be sunny next Monday?)

The Convenience Of Mobile Sports Betting

No longer are bettors required to plan a trip to the sportsbooks in Las Vegas or Atlantic City in order to make that wager on the next game. With the swish of a mouse or the flick of a screen, that opportunity is a mere click away.

Sportsbooks have proven quick to adapt to these changing times. Live or in-play betting enables players to instantly wager on the next event during a game. Which hockey team will score the next goal? Will the next play of that NFL game be a run or a pass? You can wager on these outcomes.

Sportsbooks are providing bettors with the option to live stream events on their mobile devices, so they can both wager and watch the game wherever they might be. One of the fastest-growing wagering avenues today are eSports and virtual sports, bringing the gaming and gambling world together.

Final Thoughts

The world isn’t going to slow down. In fact, it only seems to accelerate.

Mobile sports betting is no longer the future of wagering on games, because that future is here right now.

We live in a fast-paced world, and mobile and online wagering were always going to be a natural progression.

Bettors and sportsbooks alike have embraced the opportunities of mobile betting. And no one seems to want to go back.

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