Gaining the Edge Whilst Gaming Competitively

Gaining the Edge Whilst Gaming Competitively

 Nearly 3 billion people around the globe game online each year making it one of the most popular pastimes on the planet. Online gaming has completely revolutionised the way that we enjoy our favourite games and brought a new, competitive edge to our gaming sessions.

If you feel like you’re stuck on an online losing run or just need some tips to take your gaming to the next level, this is the article for you.

Below are some useful hints and tips for the some of the world’s most popular online competitive games. Get your notepad out and prepare to absorb the information that will transform you from online to chump to online champ.

How to win Warzone

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been the video game of the year so far, largely thanks to its incorporation of Fortnite style mode Warzone. In Battle Royale you will drop into Verdansk and fight it out to be last man/team standing.

Making your way into the top ten is an achievement when you consider the obstacles in your way. To give you and your team the edge and boost your chances of winning, try out these tips.

Recon: Plenty of Warzone players get caught up in the trap of endlessly fighting over squads and chasing kills. That can be fun, but it won’t increase your chances of winning as ultimately victory comes down to not dying.

If you want to boost your chances of winning, drop somewhere quiet and quickly complete at least three recon contracts. This will allow you to peek into the circle and work out roughly where the game will finish. Once you’ve figured this out, head over there, find an empty building and camp it out.

Clear film grain: There are several display settings on COD designed to make the game look sleeker and more cinematic. Whilst these settings might make the game look better, they do impact your chances of picking up an enemy in the distance.

Make sure you clear your film grain under display settings the next time you deploy to Verdansk. Your game will look slightly less polished, but it will boost your visibility, giving you the slight edge over the enemy in medium to long range gun fights.

Boost your sensitivity: If you stumble across an enemy in Verdansk, the difference between dying and living will come down to nanoseconds. You want to be able to quickly scope onto your enemy and fire at them before they fire at you.

Increasing your stick sensitivity will allow you to do this. The default stick sensitivity on COD is 5. Gradually get this number as high as you can, and you’ll notice a massive improvement in your gunfight success.

Pay attention to your Call of Duty Warzone loadouts to make sure you’re prepared for every possible situation

Online poker

When it comes to competitive gaming, online poker is probably as heated and tense as it gets. Of course, it helps if you’re one step ahead of the competition, but online gambling is a popular pastime in Pennsylvania meaning you’re going to come against some experienced players around the table. Before your visit to a PA online casino, you’re going to need to be prepared – if you’re looking to gain an edge and scoop the prize pot at a virtual poker table, follow these tips.

Learn your hands: Poker players often make the mistake of thinking the game is all about psychology and bravado. Whilst those two attributes may make a difference, they are nowhere near as important as knowledge. Learn your poker hands inside out to give you the edge at the table.

Review your play: There are numerous online poker calculators out there that can help you become a better player. Find one that suits you and then review your plays after every game. Work out what you did wrong and learn from it to become better in the future.

Meditate: Yeah, you read that right. Meditate daily for at least 10 minutes to improve your concentration and memory. Poker can be an emotionally charged game, so players who can remain calm and collected will always flourish.

League of Legends

Most online video games can be picked up quickly and easily, unfortunately League of Legends is not one of those games. There is so much information available that new players can often feel overwhelmed. Try out these simple tips to improve your gaming experience.

Learn the language: Most video games have their own mini language, but League of Legends is perhaps the most complex to get your head around. You don’t need to become an expert overnight, but it is useful to learn the maps and watch YouTube videos to familiarise yourself with the language so you can better communicate with your teammates online.

Ever thought about learning a new language? Well why not ditch Spanish and French and give League of Legends a go instead

Go map mad: The mini map in League of Legends is one of the greatest tools at your disposal. Knowing what’s going on in your immediate vicinity is crucial. Don’t get taken by surprise by an enemy by making sure you check in with your surroundings every few seconds.

Avoid jungling: To become successful at jungling you will need the right set of skills, a good level of experience, champions and in-game items. If you rush in and start jungling as a new player, you will fall short. Instead wait until reaching at least level 20 before you give this specialized role a try.

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