Future of examination: online proctoring

Technology has been changing the ways of doing several things around us. It has changed the working style in all the fields whether it is a manufacturing sector or service sector. So it is quite obvious that the up-gradation in technology is affecting the education sector as well. Yes, technology has changed the style of management of things in the education system. Earlier, students used to submit handwritten assignments but now this trend has been replaced by the online assignment submission. Even the attendance used to be marked in registers but now the attendance is also marked online through software. In the same way, earlier exams were taken in classes but now it’s been replaced by online exams that are being monitored by the online proctoring system. There are many online proctoring services provided by the software related to online exams.

Remote proctoring ensures the controlled and disciplined environment in which students are continuously supervised which reduces the chances of cheating. These solve two purposes: first is to reduce malpractices in the examination and second it reduces the need for invigilators in the exam. Human invigilators are being replaced by webcams that continuously keep an eye on the behavior of the student. Any unusual behavior or switching of the screen can lead to the end of the exam at that time only. All the video is being recorded for further reference, this way the actions can be taken by the higher authorities on the student. These recorded video plays an important role if any student is not satisfied with the evaluation in the exam he can request for the feedback. The experts with the help of remote proctoring will give comprehensive feedback with proper justification and this recording as the evidence.

Various companies offer online exam software. This software is accompanied by many features like once the exam is activated the candidate can only see one screen on which the questions are displayed that are to be answered. Opening any other screen is strictly prohibited that why these are used by many of the universities and schools to maintain the high-security environment. There are many benefits to online exams. Some of them are listed below:

  • Reduction in logistics: online exams have come over the challenge of setting up examination centers in different locations. This has minimized the cost as well as the time of both test takers and educational institutes. Earlier the online exams were taken for entrance exams only but now looking at the future in this many universities are adopting this in their academic exams as well. As it has speeded up the whole process of taking up an exam and even more easy and smooth.
  • Accessibility to remote areas: this process of taking the exam has been a successful attempt of reaching to the hidden talents across the globe. Many universities have opened their door of long-distance education for children from different places. As their ability to conduct the exams only need an internet connection and examination can be conducted anywhere and with anyone.
  • Scalable: these online exams can manage a large audience and the content related to them. Many educational institutes that suffer from the paucity of time while conducting the exam, with the help of this will find it convenient to conduct exams without any wastage of their resources. As there is the only requirement of a computer with webcam and internet connection and the exam can be conducted.
  • Supports all types of content and creation: many of you might think that this online exam only supports multiple-choice questions. But this myth is wrong this supports all types of questions like gill in the blanks, short answers, long answers, case studies, etc. both teacher and student are given to ID. Teachers by logging their ID can set the exam without can paper wastage and even after the exam they can check them. And on the other hand, students, when they will log into their ID, will get activated to the exam and can write their exam.
  • Combats cheating: yes, cheating is the topmost concern of all the educational institutes while conducting the exam. So this offers many proctoring services that reduce the chances of any sort of malpractices while exam. All this is possible because of their artificial intelligence involved in this software.

So, it is quite understandable that these online exams are the future of the examination. And they are poor effective than pen written exams. There are many drawbacks to the pen paper-based examination. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Inaccessibility: for paper-based exams, you need to have a proper arrangement of classes and other materials to conduct the exam. Even there are chances that some students get absent, so it becomes a problem for the arranging staff to settle all this stuff together.
  • Lower quality data: many factors affect the quality of data that is retrieved in the paper-penbased evaluations. The quality of data is affected due to writing, as the exam taker feels pain in his hand. this results in less open and honest on their assessment. Even there are other factors like peer pressure that results in lower quality of data in the exam.
  • Lengthy process: this paper-pen based examination is a very lengthy process. As the authorities first have to decide the date of the exam in continuation with this where the exam will be held. How many invigilators are required to be there in the exam. There is much loss of time as well as the resources in planning all this process.
  • High cost: this process of examination involves a high cost. As the question papers and answer sheets are to be printed. Further, the distribution of this, filing and archiving involves many costs.
  • Non-eco-friendly: a lot of paper is wasted in this process. Paper is being made from trees and if the educational institutes want to support the green initiatives should not consider this process of examination now.

So, it can be concluded that in future the traditional practices of the exam can be replaced by online examination.

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