Freeway Driving: How To Stay Safe On The Road

Freeway Driving

47,984 people were killed in traffic accidents on India’s National Highways, including on expressways, during 2020, new government data reveals. Reckless driving habits (like speeding and drunk driving), along with poor vehicle design and road conditions, are thought to be the main causes. While freeway driving can be challenging and potentially dangerous, drivers should adopt responsible driving habits to keep them safer while on the road.

Don’t drive in extreme weather conditions

Adverse weather can negatively impact road conditions, as well as your capabilities as a driver, so it’s best to avoid freeway driving in either rainy, snowy, foggy, or icy road conditions. Similarly, stay off the roads when there’s a high likelihood of drunk drivers — weekend nights or holidays, for example. If you do need to take the freeway during these conditions, drive slowly in keeping with the traffic flow while leaving plenty of room between your car and the one in front. 

Enter the freeway safely

When entering the freeway, make sure you do so safely by staying within the speed limit and turning on your signals. Before merging onto the freeway, check your mirrors and look over your shoulder to ensure there’s a safe distance and opening (the far-right lane is used for entering and exiting the freeway). And, once you’re on the freeway, stay in a safe lane. Ideally, you should keep to the middle lane and never drive slower or faster than the flow of traffic. While responsible driving within the speed limit should keep you safe on the road, collisions can still occur through no fault of your own. Vehicle rollovers, for example, are particularly dangerous accidents involving cars tipping onto their sides or roof; they have higher fatality rates than other types of road accidents. If you’re involved in a collision, a rollover accident lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to win compensation to cover the cost of property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Maintain plenty of distance from other drivers

Maintain a safe distance between your car and the one in front, as well as the cars on either side, and never tailgate. This provides you with the time needed to react to a road hazard and brake before colliding with the car ahead of you. You also need to give other cars enough room to maneuver around you if needed. 

Freeway driving can be challenging, especially if you’re a new driver. By avoiding extreme weather conditions, entering the freeway safely, and keeping space from other vehicles, you can stay safe on the road.

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