Five Cool things that can be done after finishing board exams

Dear friends, after long and dragging months of exams with sleepless nights and hectic schedule, it’s now time to have fun and exploration and most importantly time to analyse yourself and your potential. Not even two months are left for your new journey of college days before which there are many cool things you must try. I did two of them and believe me they had been my best memories until now.
Joining a hobby class: Joining hobby class becomes easier during this phase as this is the longest time period you will get between two terms. If you have interest in any of the topics like singing, painting, dancing, etc. this is the time you must join classes. Additional benefit you get is that many Colleges have reserved seats for curricular activities and you might get a chance to showcase your talent over there.

Visit new places in and around: This was my favourite as I discovered many new places around my city after completing my board exams. You may ask your friends even to join you in your endeavour. Enjoying unseen places around will definitely give rise to your passion for exploring the world from a fresh outlook.

Party: Arrange for special parties keeping in mind about special theme like Halloween, fairy tale or even casual wear party. Invite your friends and family but do not forget to keep games which will bring in more life to it. Partying at this phase can be enjoyed to the fullest before entering adulthood.

Joining NGO and Child care centres: This activity can be performed by those who are sensitive and want to do something for other people. There are many NGO’s and other home centres that require volunteers and this is the best time you can spend quality time with people out there. You can start a training programme in these centres relating health and other issues and believe me you are going to adore it.

Going to a Holiday:  Many of you must have already planned for it already. This is one thing which is done by most of the students after finishing their board exams. Prepare a list of friends and family whom you have not met for a long time or even chose a destination and invite your close ones over there. This will not only give a soothing effect on your tired mind but also help in exploring new places.
So, these are few things which I think might help you make plans for your holidays. Please mention below if you have planned something different and like to share with us.

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