Everything you need to know about Invisible Illness

There are many invisible illness threats that are faced by people who struggle every day for performing day to day activities. Now, imagine if you have any sort of disease that is invisible to naked eyes and even to all medical tests, how horrible will that feeling would be? Bad, isn’t it?
In your everyday life, have you ever seen any person who is physically disabled but looks perfectly in shape while you see them stepping out of the car or while interacting with them? What astonishing here is that they might not even show a single sign of pain while their every joint may scream out of severe discomfort. According to researcher’s, the amount of people having invisible illness or invisible disability is increasing day by day and since they are not visible to onlookers, awareness about such disease becomes necessary so that people do not judge others by looking at their physical appearance only.

What is meant by Invisible illness?

Invisible illness can have various symptoms like pain, dizziness, fatigue, brain fog, learning problems and mental disorders. Most of them are not visible to others and a single person can have more than one such symptoms also. These symptoms range from mild challenges to extremes limitations varying from person to person. Having such symptom prohibits sufferers from enjoying everyday life like the one they did before having such disease.
Examples of invisible illness are: Rheumatoid arthritis, digestive order, Cancer, mental illness, blood sugar issues, fibromyalgia, food intolerance’s, chronic myofascial pain, Lupus, Lyme conditions, Migraines, Neurological disorders etc. Unfortunately the list is very long and therefore it becomes important to understand those people who suffers and need support from others rather than questioning about their pain. Because they do not look sick does not mean that they cannot be ill. In fact, many people become so insensitive that they start whispering among each other’s ears discussing about that the sufferers that they look perfectly fine and are just being over-dramatic.
People who are blessed with good health and does not have any symptoms that show invisible illness, are the ones who find hard to relate difficulties behind facing such illness. We all face minor health issues like flu, colds, pain and ache, viral fever and to fix such issues, we intake anti-inflammatory or some sort of medication. Even talking few days rest or a brisk walk also contributes in providing soothing effect.
During facing issue, we may feel lousy or even prevent working on those days. And once the issue is subsided or gone away, we return back to our normal life. But, what if such health issue never goes away? What if those period of blues turns into more severe and full-blown depression and we are unable to envisage the light of eventual healing? The only thing that comes in mind is how to cope up with invisible illness and chronic pain that will never be understood by others.

Now that you have an idea about what an invisible illness is, the next time you see any person suffering from it, try and be more supportive and understanding. Since they are already fighting with their chronic health disease, we can at least try to soothe them with kind words. Moreover, you can even take an initiative to spread the awareness about invisible illness effects and facts related to it so that more people participates in bringing light upon lives of people suffering from it.

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