Eternally Stylish Gift Ideas for 2020

gift ideas

Shopping for gifts can be a challenge, particularly if you are uncertain what they would like. In these cases, it is wise to choose the best quality that your budget will allow, from classic jewellery and clothes, to a gift experience that can create memories for the rest of your lives, and put a rosy hue onto what has been a challenging 2020 for many.

Classic jewellery

There are some styles of jewellery that will never go out of fashion, with precious metals and gemstones being appreciated not just for their beautify, but their rarity too. Some jewellery also has emotional connections, symbolising love in many ways such as roses dipped in gold. If you are looking for stylish gift ideas for someone who does not wear jewellery, consider a piece of home décor that they can hang on their wall or place on a bookshelf or mantelpiece. This can be a daily reminder that you appreciate their friendship and love.

Memorable experience gift

Planning a memorable holiday with sunny days, laughter, good food and stunning views will create some of the best memories.  Whilst this may not be possible due to travel restrictions, it is still possible to plan a memorable trip to include wine tasting, jet-skiing, skydiving or a simple escape not far from home to enjoy nature.

Decide if you want your trip to include family, or whether you want a break with just yourself and your beloved. Travel first-class to your nearest town or city for five-star hospitality and high-end dining. If you can, find a restaurant that offers sustainable, locally caught foods for what could be the most environmentally friendly holiday you have taken to date.

A local city-break can create great memories whilst you wait for the chance to take short breaks to the top destinations of Italy, New York or the Caribbean. This is a chance to relax, switch off and spend time with those you love and look forward to doing activities you would not normally do at home.

Sponsor a local team or event

One gift idea that can last forever is to sponsor an event in support of their local community. You could also sponsor part of an event.  For example, if there is a local football team, you can sponsor the kit if you want to promote a friend or family member’s business on their behalf.  You could sponsor a rescue dog or an elephant at London Zoo.

Sponsorship gifts are perfect for those who want to give back to society, who appreciate what they have already and want to pay it forward. This is a gift that can last a lifetime, whether sponsoring a child’s education or providing a one-off payment to help people start their own business or become self-sufficient. This gift can change lives at many different budget levels.

Plant a tree

Another take on a gift that will last ages is to plant a tree. You can support a farmer to plant trees or plant one local to the person who you are gifting the tree. For someone who has just moved into a new home, the gift of a fruit tree promises annual crops for pies and other culinary treats.

Trees also have meanings, and you might wish to choose your tree based on this.  For example, a wild apple tree offers health and happiness, whilst a myrtle tree offers love and joy and fig tree, wisdom and success. You could also consider a grapevine if the conditions are right where they live, which symbolises faith and kindness.

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