Discovering Pet Training Supplies

Many of us love having pets but let’s face it- they are animals with a mind of their own. So no matter how much we try, they do not always obey or behave the way we would want them to.
We love their crazy acts, the silly ways in which they eat, sleep or play and our phones are definitely full of pet pictures and videos. But everybody likes a well behaved pet and we invest a lot in getting them trained.

Behavioural training helps keep in check our pet’s temperament, regulates his/her health and also ensures easy bonding with people; all of which in turn leads to harmonious coexistence of animals and humans.
Canine training has become quite common today and most dog owners seek out professional canine trainers when their pets are still pups. Positive reinforcement is one of the main processes involved in teaching canines to learn particular activities or to curb certain unwanted behaviour. Purposeful changing of a dog’s behaviour to make it compatible with its surroundings is what canine training is all about.
The sounds, sights and situations that we consider normal for humans are not necessarily comfortable for pets. Plus, nobody likes a pet that is aggressive, withdrawn or causes embarrassment in public.

Basic socialization and obedience training greatly improves pet adaptability to our homes and to the general environment that they will be living in.
Various objects and positive reinforcements are used to train pets. These are as important as a skilled training professional to get the job done.

  1. Dog treats

This is the most common item used in dog training. We can also use these at home on our own. This is the best positive reinforcement dogs can get for their behaviour. And an enthusiastic animal will learn a lot of tricks just with the use of treats.

  1. Clicker

Some trainers use a small metal clicker for training. Dogs associate the sound of the clicker with positive behaviour.

  1. Choke collar

Some dogs (especially large breeds) may need a choke collar to learn how to walk and heel with their owners. This collar keeps unwanted pulling and tugging in check.

  1. Dog harness

Dogs that pull too much on their leash are trouble for owners. We know they are strong and can pull us down the stairs or across a busy road causing harm to us, themselves as well as others. A dog harness distributes the energy dogs put into pulling as well as the efforts that the handler puts in to control the animal.

  1. Leashes

There are different types of leashes available in the market to suit the various dog breeds and needs of your particular pet. Thin leashes, thick ropes, retractable leashes are some of the varieties that can be purchased.

  1. Muzzle

Certain behaviours like excessive barking, licking waste or biting can be contained by using a muzzle on the dog’s mouth. Dogs can slowly be weaned off the muzzle as their behaviour becomes more and more peaceful. But it is advisable to put a muzzle on certain large breed dogs especially when in public.


  1. Target stick

Some trainers use a stick to show dogs what they are expected to do. This stick is not used for hitting or punishing a dog, but to catch their attention or help him/her focus on a spot.

  1. Waist pouch

This is a multipurpose accessory that trainers can wear while working with dogs. It can be used to hold treats or other items required while training.

These are some of the common items dog trainers make use of. This is for basic obedience training and behaviour modification. For advanced behaviours like agility or sniffer training, there are more elaborate set ups and experts that train canines with the particular objective in mind.

Our pets are lifelong companions and we mean the whole world to them. Understanding their natural behaviour and needs is crucial for a pleasant bond between pets and humans.
Training is a great way to enjoy a healthy, safe and comfortable life with our furry friends.

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