Different Types of Horse Rug and When to Use Them

horse rug

Whatever your horse’s lifestyle, ensure they remain warm and comfortable. There are so many different types, styles and features available on the market, so looking in the right places will ensure you can make the best decision for your horse and be equipped for the conditions all year round. Before you consider the type of horse rug to search for, consider personal factors such as your horses’ lifestyle, age, living conditions, activity level and level of shelter from the weather. To help you decide on the best type of horse rug to add to the collection, we’ve pulled together a short summary on each type to guide you in the right direction.

Turnout rugs

When the weather starts to become mild, turnout rugs are a must have for most horse owners. Being a versatile addition which can be used throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, the lightweight fabric offers protection from the sunlight and dirt whilst allowing the skin to breathe comfortably underneath. If your horse spends their time enjoying the field during the day, their turnout rug is also suitable for any unexpected rain showers, keeping them protected so you don’t have to worry about dashing outdoors every time you notice a spot of rain.

Fly rugs and sheets

As the weather gets warm, the influx of flies, mosquitos and other biting insects are a huge annoyance for horse owners and their horse alike. As well as being an irritation and causing painful bites, these insects run the risk of transmitting harmful diseases, so creating a barrier in between the horses skin and the insects is recommended. Fly rugs are designed using specialist fabrics or patterns which prevent biting and deter flies from coming near the horse in the first place.

Cooler rugs

Cooler rugs are effective during the warm weather as well as following intense exercise, helping the body regulate its temperature to get it back to its normal state without cooling down too fast. The breathable fabric contains a soft lining and wicking properties to provide comfort to the horse and ensure they get back to a comfortable state sooner.

Fleece rugs

As the chilly months approach, taking extra precautions to keep your horse warm is important for their comfort. As the name suggests, fleece rugs add a layer of warmth which retains the bodies heat but also lets the skin breathe comfortably. Your fleece rug can be used in multiple scenarios during the Winter which include on its own, under another rug, as a stable rug or during travel as an extra layer of warmth.

Exercise rugs

If your horse lives an active lifestyle, the addition of an exercise rug is designed for use both during and after activity to help the body recover. During exercise, the rug can be worn to keep your horse comfortable and protected against any strong winds or rain, maintaining a comfortable body temperature. Following the activity, the exercise rug will help ensure that the muscles do not cool down too quickly and reduce the risk of any injury.

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