Common bets in roulette

Most people are drawn to roulette because of the fact that it’s one of the most classic and timeless of all casino games. It’s played all over the world and has millions of dedicated fans. Out of every gambling choice to choose from, Roulette is without a doubt one of the most glamorous.  The elegance of the roulette table and mystery of which way to bet, can make for quite an addictive game. On first glance, it can be easy to misunderstand casino as overly complicated and with strict rules and bets. However, whilst players should follow some basic tops, there are lots of different styles and betting options that players can choose to play – find out more. So without further ado, let’s go into the most common bets in roulette and how to play them:

Sticking to Outside Bets

A good idea is starting off with the most simple and beginner friendly bet, this being the outside bet rule. It’s simple and definitely safest for those novices out there that want a little practice first. ‘Outside’ refers to the grid of numbers that can be found on the blackjack table. Punters can choose to hedge their bet in a number of ways, and in this instance on any of the options in the outside of the grid.  Punters can choose from combinations like red or black, low or high and even or odd. So rather than betting on specific numbers, a player can choose on a group, massively increasing their odds of winning to approximately 50%. Improving your chances this much in any game is rather rare, so it’s understandable why this is such a popular option. The payout will be smaller than what you may find with other bets but it’s still a win. Over time, these will build up and create quite a healthy pot of money. So if you prefer something a little safer with more frequent wins, this is the bet for you. 

Playing only Inside Bets

It doesn’t take a casino god to figure out that this bet is the opposite of the easier outside style. Try your luck with betting individual numbers and potentially win a jackpot of a lifetime. Now the chances of winning this way are clearly statistically much smaller, averaging around 2.5%. However, we can promise you the rush of winning this way is like no other. Bet on your lucky number, your birthday or even at random and cross your fingers that it’s your lucky roulette day. This type of bet is common but only amongst the real high rollers of gamblers. So it’s important to remember to bet within your limits and there’s nothing wrong if you can’t justify this level of risk! 

Overall these are the two most common roulette bets. There are of course many other ways, including the James Bond Style and Martingale to name just a couple. However these are common only with those a little more familiar with the experienced gamblers. As always we encourage you to gamble responsibly and always stick your limit!

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