Climbing the Ladder Level by Level with Cisco Certification Program – CCNA, CCNP and More

Cisco Certification Program

Cisco is among the biggest companies in the world that needs no introduction. When you talk about networking solutions and products, one of the first names that comes to mind is none other than Cisco. However, another area where this organization is quite popular is the IT credentials, it has a stellar certification program and anyone who is trying to start a career in something related to networking should consider going for any certificate of this vendor. topics study There is a lot that you need to know about its program, so in this post, we will help you learn everything about it.

Entry Level

To start your journey, the very first level that you can face with is Entry. As the name suggests, this is the lowest tier, and the only credential it offers is focused on the basic information regarding certain networking topics. content self-study certkillers Earning an entry-level certificate is not difficult and almost anyone can do it as it gets the ball rolling. The badge that you can obtain here is CCT.

Associate Level

The next level is Associate. Here you can learn the essentials that are required to launch your career forward and master them. effective lessons With any associate-level certification under your belt, you can explore further career opportunities and choose the domain you are interested in. There are a few different credentials included in this tier, which are the following:

  • CyberOps Associate;
  • DevNet Associate;
  • CCNA.

However, CCNA is the most popular one among them. It gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills that you can later improve to the Professional and Expert levels.

Professional Level

Once you earn your associate-level certificate, you can move to the next level, which is Professional. impactful networks Here, the vendor offers a wider range of branches and technology tracks. At this level, you can choose a specific path and focus all of your energy on one area. The Professional tier includes the following:

  • CCNP Security;
  • CCNP Collaboration;
  • CCNP Enterprise;
  • DevNet Professional;
  • CCNP Service Provider;
  • CyberOps Professional;
  • CCNP Data Center.

The most popular choice of the candidates is CCNP Enterprise, which offers you a core exam with a good foundation of technology knowledge and 6 concentration tests. Thus, you will be able to take a branch you want and get the skills you need.

Expert Level

The expert-level certifications are respected all over the world, so any student who has earned one of these badges is also highly rated. device experts When you reach the Expert level, you should already have several years of experience to get your skills enhanced. The credentials included in this tier are the following:

  • CCIE Data Center;
  • CCIE Security;
  • CCDE;
  • CCIE Collaboration;
  • CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure;
  • CCIE Service Provider;
  • CCIE Enterprise Wireless.

The most sought-after certificates among the list are those that continue the exploration of the Enterprise branch.

Architect Level

Architect is the highest level that Cisco offers and it is mainly targeted towards the experienced network designers. There is only one certificate included in this tier and it is CCAr (Cisco Certified Architect).


These were some of the main things that you need to know about the Cisco certificates. If you are trying to start a career in networking, then a Cisco badge will help you with that and give you the opportunity to master all the skills you need at different levels. However, just make sure that you don’t stop at just one certification level. classroom candidate Try to reach at least the Professional one because here you will get the most value. And, of course, don’t forget to prepare with great deliberation. Such prep tools as practice tests, exam dumps, and training courses will be good assets during your preparation phase.

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