CBD Dab Tool Essentials for Wax or Any Type

CBD Dab Tool Essentials

In the CBD community, ‘dabbing’ concentrates is quickly gaining popularity over other methods of consuming the compound. With this technique, high-grade substances rich in terpenes and cannabinoids designated as ‘dabs,’ are vaporized using a ‘dab rig.’

Dab rigs are reminiscent of a typical glass bong except instead of a bowl there is a ‘nail’ used for the dab to strike to heat up. From that point, vapor draws in the chamber of the rig and to the lungs. Claims suggest these hits are considerably more potent yet cleaner than those taken from a traditional pipe or bong.

Some Essential Required For Dabbing

Various dabs are available, but all are developed using the same concept from the cannabis plant with trichomes separated, and resin developed into a concentration, in some cases using a solvent like butane. Examples of dabs are wax, shatter, crumble, and budder. 

You can find these with reputable companies like Cheef Botanicals. It’s vital to ensure that you buy from a reliable supplier in order to receive quality products comprising pure ingredients, particularly with this level of potency.

With Dabbing, it notes as providing strong effects yet ‘smooth’ with a fast, long-lasting result. Taking hits from a dab rig is comparable to using a pipe or a bong, but the vapor notes to be cooled when passing through the water prior to inhalation.

The essential tools for dab hits:

  • The Dab Rig: A vital component in getting the best result from the substances is a higher quality rig. These are reminiscent of traditional bongs only using a nail rather than bowls to contain the herbs. It’s better to invest in the actual tool for the compound because it needs to withstand substantially higher temperatures than the conventional bong.

If you also use standard CBD buds, you should keep the rig for the concentrations specifically for the dabs and not use them interchangeably. For the fundamentals on these pieces go to https://merryjane.com/culture/weed-101-wtf-is-a-dab-rig-and-how-do-you-use-one

  • Nail (Heat-Resistant): Without the nail, the rig can’t function. It’s key in receiving a hit as it heats the compound. The nail needs to fit the joint for the rig, which can vary in size. The material comprising the nail needs to be of the best quality because of the extreme heat it will be exposed to. 

Titanium is considered the top choice, yet it is also the costliest. These will stand the test of time. A step-down would-be quartz, but this is also among the top relatively quality pieces.

  • A Tiny Dabbing Tool: The texture of a dab is incredibly sticky. The ‘tool’ allows you to scoop the substances for loading on the massively hot nail. These also come in the highest-grade titanium.
  • The Blowtorch: This is where you need to take care in performing the function because you’ll need to light the torch in an effort to get the nail to the right temperature, which should turn out to be excessively hot. The idea is to get the dab to vaporize instantly upon contact, so there is a smooth, thick hit immediately. Once you ‘ignite’ you will aim at the nail until the nail becomes ‘red-hot.’

Typically, when you buy the compounds, they will come to you in some sort of packaging, but there are also ‘stash containers’ you can buy for the various extracts that are non-stick. Some comprise a ‘parchment’ material so that you have an entirely organic product.

Final Thought

Dabbing is a relatively new method for consuming cannabis and its various derivatives. It’s supreme in that the extracts have a higher potency than the standard compounds by a substantial amount. Once you master the tools and the techniques, the outcome notes to not only be strong but effective and longer-lasting. Go here to for guidance on buying a rig.

The trend is quickly growing to be among the most popular consumption methods. People are impressed with the results they receive therapeutically, particularly those suffering from increased symptomatology for which the standard products might not have enough strength.

If you have no experience using a blowtorch or these tools, please use a tutorial, ask someone knowledgeable for guidance, or seek instruction. Don’t attempt to use the equipment blindly. You don’t want to bring harm to yourself or anyone around you.

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