Best Motorcycle Gloves for Women

women wearing motorcycle gloves

Women’s motorcycle gloves do more than just keep your fingers warm in the cooler temperatures. A good pair of gloves protect your hands from drying out and becoming calloused while riding. High quality leather gloves absorb the vibration while you’re riding and prevent tingling and numbing. Your gloves give you a better grip, especially when it’s raining or when your hands get very sweaty. Gloves also protect your hands against sunburn. Good gloves not only protect, but they add style to your look. Use this motorcycle glove guide for women when you’re shopping for your next pair to find the right gloves for your needs.

Types of Motorcycle Gloves

The first consideration for gloves is the type of riding you do. Gloves come in five main types:

  • Street: street gloves have shorter cuffs and impact protection. You may even find gloves with touchscreen fingertips.
  • Race: race gloves have a gauntlet design, to protect your arms during aggressive driving. These types of gloves have added protective features for high performance on the track.
  • Touring: touring gloves are often made of textiles or a leather/textile hybrid. Generally, they have a gauntlet design, which protects your hands and wrists from the elements.
  • ADV: ADV gloves are short-cuff gloves with dexterity and impact-protection for the special demands of dual-sport riders.
  • Dirt: dirt gloves prioritize functionality over protection. Don’t buy dirt gloves for street use, because they do not offer impact protection or abrasion resistance. These gloves are the cheapest type of glove and are not durable, but for dirt riding, they fit the need.

Motorcycle Glove Material

Motorcycle gloves come in three options:

  • Leather: the most traditional glove and highly durable. Leather gloves fit well when properly sized. They may be expensive, but you’ll get years of use. Lined leather gloves offer more seasonality but might be bulky. Women’s leather gloves are stylish and popular.
  • Textile: modern textiles handle well in any conditions but may not fit as well as leather. Textile gloves can work more effectively in rain or extreme cold.
  • Textile/leather combo: a hybrid glove offers the best of both types of gloves. Don’t overlook this glove, regardless of what type of glove you’re shopping for.

How To Size Your Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle gloves need to fit well to be of good use. American style gloves will have a little more room in the palms and fingers, but the fingers may be shorter. European style gloves have less room in the palm and the fingers will be longer and thinner. A good glove fits you without any loose material. To size your glove, check whether the manufacturer uses width or circumference for size.

  • To measure the width of your hand, place your palm on top of a measuring device. Measure the widest part of your hand, without including your thumb. Measure both hands.
  • To measure hand circumference, wrap a soft measuring tape or string around your palm over the knuckles. Again, don’t include the thumb, but hold the tape taut. If you use a string, lay it on top of the measuring device.

Find a great pair of women’s motorcycle gloves to fit the way you ride to protect your hands.

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