Best Casinos to Play Slots When Vegas Opens

Best Casinos to Play Slots When Vegas Opens

With the coronavirus putting a very definite stop to any fun for the last few months (and likely the foreseeable future), just about everyone is looking forward to a day when they can do the things they love again. Unfortunately for gamblers, Las Vegas is very much off the cards right now, but it won’t be forever!

If you’re thinking of heading to Sin City to try your luck on the slots after all this, we’ve loads of suggestions for the best gambling joints to check out. Of course, it’ll depend exactly what you want from your slot experience? Do you want the biggest chance to win a massive stack, a shot at riches in the lap of luxury, or to take part in huge slot tournaments?

So many options so little time

Whatever floats your boat, our suggestions will surely help you have a fabulous, and hopefully highly profitable, post-lockdown Las Vegas trip! 

The Best Shot at Winning

For many people, the best slot experience is always going to be the one that results in the highest returns. In the world of slot machines, the likelihood of a player winning is not determined by the player themselves but by the machine. Some machines are just going to be mathematically more lucrative than others.

Just how much the machine is expected to pay out is referred to as its return-to-player (RTP) rating. These are represented as percentages and denote the amount of money that is expected to come out of the machine on average for every $1 wagered. For example, a slot with an RTP rating of 90% will pay an average of 90c for every spin. Meanwhile, a more generous title with an RTP of 95% would pay an average of 95c for every dollar bet.

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Unlike online casino slots, the RTP rating of real-world machines is selected by its operator. In virtual casinos, the same game will always have the same average RTP rating. In Nevada’s brick-and-mortar venues, all slots must be above the legal requirement of 75%. However, providers make their various titles with different RTP ratings. The same game might be available in 88, 90, 92, and 95% for example.

If you’re all about chasing down the most profitable slot experiences in Sin City, we first recommend avoiding any slots in any of the big tourist hotels and resorts (MGM Grand, Bellagio, etc.). These larger hotels on the main strip will routinely feature lower RTP ratings on the very same games when found in less high-class joints.

We also don’t recommend playing in any other establishment outside of actual casinos. For example, avoid using slots in airports, shopping malls, and other non-casino establishments. These games are all owned by a third-party operator who will routinely use less favourable RTP ratings to increase their own profit margins.

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Below are some of the best spots to check out if you’re seeking the most lucrative slot propositions in Las Vegas:

  • Casinos on the North Strip, Reno, or Boulder (Eastside Cannery, Sunset Station, M Resort, Jerry’s Nugget, Texas Station, and others).
  • Slots-a-Fun at Circus Circus – This informal arcade-style gaming centre has many slots with juicy RTP ratings.
  • Older casinos such as O’Shea’s, Stardust, and Fitzgerald’s Casino and hotel.

It’s worth also looking for less flashy, older style games. Titles like Double Diamond and Red, White, and Blue will usually feature higher-than-average RTP ratings. Meanwhile, those who really must play the newest video slots are well-advised to explore Playtech’s offerings. This manufacturer is known for its generous-to-player house edges and it doesn’t surprise us that latest releases in 2021 are coming from biggest slot maker brands

Finally, the best place to find high return-to-player rated slots is usually in quieter corners of the casino – even in the Bellagio’s and MGM Grands of this world. The reasoning behind this is that it’s important for casinos to offer some juicy titles (mostly for marketing purposes) but they’d rather as few players as possible find them!

Spoiled for Choice in the Lap of Luxury

As mentioned, the more household name casinos are rarely the home of the most lucrative slot machines, yet some players are willing to cede a little extra to the casino for the chance to play in some of the most famous gaming venues on the planet.

Las Vegas has no shortage of truly spectacular casinos and within them you’ll find a frankly staggering selection of different slot titles. One of the jewels of the Vegas skyline is certainly the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino complex. This decadent, all-in-one resort homes some 1,200 different slots, including dedicated high-roller areas.

However, for those really wanting to laud it up in terms of both luxury and slot selection, we recommend the Bellagio. The venue boasts more than 2,300 different slots across its expansive gaming floors. It really is a must-visit, even if just for a short session.

Playing for Mega Money

Some casino punters aren’t happy unless they can drop real life changing money from a single spin. Of course, Vegas caters to them too.

Within the city’s various casinos, visitors will find numerous progressive jackpot slots, such as IGT’s Megabucks and Bally’s Money Vault Millionaires Seven. In recent years, Las Vegas has made several instant millionaires from such titles.

Understandably, the largest progressive jackpot wins tend to come from the casinos with the most foot traffic. These are typically the most famous on the strip. For those seeking to become one of the lucky few millionaires from a progressive jackpot out there, check out the following casinos:

  • The Aria.
  • Bellagio.
  • MGM Grand.
  • Gold Coast.
  • Caesar’s Palace.

Competing with Others

One thing about the Las Vegas slot experience that few places can replicate is the sheer scale of the slot tournaments that regularly go down. Hundreds take part in these races for riches and top prizes regularly exceed $1,000. They’re pretty full on affairs too. Sessions might be eight hours or more!

There are so many slot tournaments going on, you could almost take part in one every night of the week if competing with others at the slots is your thing. Tuesday’s see the Silverton host a Progressive Power Slot Tournament. On Wednesdays the Seniors compete in the Boarding Pass slot tournament at Station Casinos. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are home to the 777 Slot Tournament at the Plaza. These are just a selection of those tournaments with the juiciest prize pools. Scout around some of the smaller off-strip venues and you’re bound to find more.

Similarly, look for scheduled slot tournaments. The biggest casinos will occasionally put on some absolutely enormous slot tournaments with vast top prizes. A particularly tasty looking one occurring later in 2020 (for now) is the $1,000,000 Mad Dash for Cash at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan.

Las Vegas Would Love to Have You!

Las Vegas’s economy, of course, relies heavily on tourism. With social movement restrictions in place around the world, the city has obviously taken a particularly big blow. It’s hardly surprising to see the Mayor of Sin City pleading for a speedy slackening of the lockdown measures.

However, with Vegas being in one of those states not permitted to rush towards reopening yet, it remains to be seen how long this dry spell will last for the city. Once it all reopens, we’re expecting to see a big push from Vegas hotels to attract tourists to stay and play. When this will actually be no one knows, but we know the capital of all things gambling would be happy for you to come and hit the slots as soon it’s safe to do so. 

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