Best Audiobooks to Buy – Suspense, Thriller, Science Fiction

Best Audiobooks to Buy

The trends of reading out the novels are changing every day. Not everyone is getting highly impressed with reading paperback books for a long time. It may not be enough for you to complete a story by just laying back in reading it. However, listening to the audiobooks that come with interesting sound effects and mesmerizing scripts is the real game-changer. You would love to read out engaging books. So why not listen to them. Below is the list of some of the best audiobooks available in the market today. You can always have a look at them and purchase them according to your choice of interest.

Best Audiobooks for Suspense

If you want to hear crisp content and want to make your night from boring to exciting, hearing out to the suspense novels are a great way of doing so. Each of the audiobooks mentioned below come with different stories of crimes and secrets. If you want to unfold the dark secrets of the lives, do plug in your earbuds and listen to the beautiful stories that are mentioned below. You would love to go on and on.

1. If You Tell

If you are willing to read about amazing suspense stories on family, this is a great book to have. It shares the mysteries and suspense within a family that revolves around a story of murder and a great bond of sisterhood. This book is amazing to read. Gregg Olsen is the main author of the book while Karen Peakes is the narrator of this audiobook.

2. The Girl Who Lived

When it comes to a suspense novel, nothing can get more exciting rather than listening to ‘The Girl Who Lived’. This famous audiobook revolves around the story of a girl who exists, but according to everyone, she is crazy, suicidal as well as drunk. She is the only witness to the murder. Can she bring up light to the crime committed?

3. The Scarecrow (Excerpt)

Michael Connelly has brought up an amazing novel by the name of Scarecrow and it seeks to be a perfect read for the people who wish to read about a mind-blowing story of a brutal murder. The story goes around Alonzo Winslow who is a 16-year drug dealer. However, the story gets interesting as nobody believes the confessions of the kid and claims them to be innocent.

4. I Am Watching You

If you want to get delusional about a story that is revolving only in secrets leading to a massacre, the I Am Watching You is a fantabulous option for you. This story is about Ella Longfield who is getting threatened about her failures to save up a girl. It is a complete mixture of mystery and suspense that will keep you seated until the end of the story.

5. Stillhouse Lake

This amazing story is about Gina Royal who is leading a happy and successful marriage life. However, it’s a sudden accidental death of her husband that turns the tables upside down. She gets to know that her husband has a horrendous past of being a serial killer. Her fight for survival with her children is just a story to hear out. It is a must purchase if you want to get the wonderful story from Rachel Caine.

Best Audiobooks for Thriller

When it comes to the thrillers, you would want to listen to a novel that will always inspire everyone around. Not many novels and audiobooks could engage you more than the ones mentioned below. If you want to read more about the murders and the crime thrillers, below are some of the best audiobooks mentioned. Some of them are also listed as the best-selling novels in recent times. Listening to them would give you Goosebumps for sure.

1. The Guest List: A Novel

For the ones who wish to seek fun and thriller, “The Guest List” is a wonderful story to listen to. It all covers up a story about a big fat wedding that is perfectly planned. It all goes well when someone ends up dying in the venue. All that happens next is a series of twists and turns that makes this novel a wonderful picturesque to try on. For sure, you would love to give this a read.

2. The Silent Wife

The Silent Wife is a wonderful story that is a mix of thriller and suspense. If you start listening to the audio, it will be nerve cracking altogether. Based in Atlanta, this story is based on a young woman who is attacked and left for dead. Almost eight years later, a similar incident takes place and puts back GBI to the case. They are not confident that the killer is still out and roaming freely. What happens next will blow your mind!

3. Pretty Things

Nina and Lachlan are a couple whose only source of earning is by stealing from the rich kids. Since her mother was a con artist it was never a job for her to steal money. However, the twist and turns take place when the pair meets Venessa. It is now all about revenge, trust and crime making everything even more interesting than usual. It is, of course, a game-changer for everyone who hears.

4. American Dirt

Written by Jeanine Cummins, this novel is a great creation when it comes to crime thrillers and suspense stories. The story is about a lady who runs a bookstore and is named Lydia. Lydia’s life is in a mess because of drug cartels that have taken over the city. She had to flee with her eight-year-old son and from then onwards it has been a rollercoaster journey.

5. The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient has received multiple awards for being the best-selling novel for the year 2019. It is a conceptual story of a psychological thriller that revolves around violence conducted by a woman against her husband. The reason and the motive for this will blow your mind away. It is a must-listen if you want to experience the best story.

Best Audiobooks for Science Fiction

Science Fiction is for everyone. From the kids to the elderly people, everyone is fascinated with new characters and the science that come up. Fiction audiobooks are impressively famous for both youths as well as kids because about the innovating they bring up. If you love science and are willing to explore the world of fiction, this audiobook listed below will be the ultimate thing that you need to look out for. You can just go for them one-by-one.

1. Critical Mass

The Critical Mass novel is an exclusive pick if you are willing to listen to stories about aliens. The hostile aliens have just come up with information about something irregular happening with the wormholes in the galaxy. It could lead to a possible short route to Earth. This story is about the Merry Band of pirates who ran into trouble because of their previous mission. However, they must find a way out to save humans from the awaiting danger.

2. The Sandman

Sandman is a story that has been developed for mature adults. This story revolves around Lord Morpheus which is also the king of dreams. However, he has been for decades on Earth before he manages to escape. The mission of Lord Morpheus is to recover the three tools that will help him to regain the power that he has lost. It is a story of complete violence with an array of characters from DC and ancient myths to uncover the adventure.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia

If you love reading about fiction, The Chronicles of Narnia would be on your list as one of the best audiobooks to try on. In case you do not know the story, it is about Narnia, the city where Lucy returns with her brothers after the bombings of World War II in London. They join with the magical lion that helps them to fight against the evil witch present. The story and the sequence of events will engage you to complete this mega pack.

4. Celtic Mythology

If you believe in mythology, Celtic Mythology is just a taste of refreshment for you. This audiobook is developed on the French and Scottish gods and Goddesses. For every chapter, you can know more about them and how the symbol of truth prevails. The book also covers the Heroes and the evils throughout Christianity and will surely give you a good time. Author Philip Freeman has aptly described the characters present and has made it clear for everyone to understand.

5. he Knife’s Edge

If you want to go through a story where fiction meets up real life, The Knife’s Edge is the best option for you to try out. Needless to say, this book comes with the story of Ronin who was a hero from a different age and had almost every eternal power of the Earth. Gray, a man discovers that his best friend has a sword in her stomach and could be a disciple of evil. He comes with the powers of Ronin to take back the sword. But will he be succeeding in doing so?


You can get to know about some of the best audiobooks which you may have to purchase. However, there are other products as well that are available for you for free. You can individually check them and purchase according to your needs. Do let us know down in the comments below about which audiobooks you liked the most and which one would you try to go to. You can also look for audiobooks from other categories available all over the marketplace.

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