Basic Self Defense Techniques: A MUST READ FOR ALL WOMEN

“Prevention in better than cure”

Keeping the above statement in mind, this article has been prepared especially for women who are put under physically weaker section in society. If you are a girl or a woman and have ever experienced sinking feeling or a nervous sensation while taking a walk alone fearing someone is following you, this article is for you!
There are always chances when your heart starts pounding in uncontrollable fashion that you even forget that you are been followed and chances get worsened when attacked physically. During such situations, the only thing that comes to our mind is, “What do I do now?” Well, we have answer to this.
After collecting credible data from many sources and experienced instructors, this article has been prepared to present to you some very useful yet simple self-defense techniques that could save anyone’s life during intense situations.
Trusting instincts and practice denial: Before getting into any self-defense situation, it is always better to be confident and let your inner voice speak for you. Women instincts are said to be best threat detectors. Have you ever heard a woman saying that, “I had this bad feeling, and I told myself not to be paranoid”? This is because they can feel upcoming dangers and the women who ignores their little inner voice are the ones who usually falls into a trap. Practicing denial is also important just as accepting. Although the battle seems worst when you do not find any other way to escape, but try and make way at the first opportunity before it gets even worst. These actions are not weakling, rather, they are smarter ways of eliminating dangers.
If all the initial moves fail and you fall under drastic situation where physical fights get involved, do not panic and follow some basic techniques which you can even practice be forehand.

Straight punch: If someone is standing right in front of you and is a threat even after using verbal communication and his or her hands are on you, straight punch can prove effective here. Expert says, “Push from the ball of your foot and thrust your hip and fist forward at the same time, which will maximize your strength, drive from the ground, and don’t let your elbow flip up; your contact area should be the pointer and middle finger knuckles, not your ring and pinky finger knuckles.”

Kicking groin: This step is just like straight punch and kicking the groin is a powerful move. Hitting a sensitive area can make the opposite person feel weaker and you get the chance to escape. Expert says, “drive your hips forward with your knee bent and heel back, then extend your knee and leg with force, making contact with your attacker’s groin area with the top of your foot”. This strike can give you opportunity to fled or make the attacker off-guard so that you can blew some more punches to finish up the fight.

Choke defense: If the former attacker tries to choke you, its obvious that your hands will go to necks. Instead of doing that pull the hands of attacker off your neck and make your hands function like hooks. If you are successful in loosening your attackers’ thumbs, it will become difficult for her or him to choke you which in turn can give you time to get back. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that you only have 3 to 8 seconds to get your attackers hand off or you may start losing oxygen and start feeling unconscious.

Knee kicking: When the attacker is closer to your body and you are unable to make a straight punch, kicking with a knee can prove effective. Knees are powerfully driven parts of body and attacking with the same straight to the attacker’s weak point can finish off the fight faster. Just keep in mind that you have to use your knee point and not your thighs or else it may cause pain. If possible, try and grab attacker with shoulders and neck and try too hold more of skin or muscle that can leverage your knee kicking harder.

Bear hug: If your attackers grabs you from behind, the first reaction must be to grab his or her elbows to meddle arms away from you. However, dropping low to the ground will be a better option that can give you time to wriggle out of the hold of attacker. Expert says, “Lowering your center of gravity has another big benefit: It makes you more stable and harder to lift, and it gives you a new angle from which you can knee-strike, groin-kick, or throw a punch or elbow to your attacker’s eyes, throat, neck, or ears, giving you more time to get away.”

Please note that all the above-mentioned techniques must not be used under any other condition than self-defense as it has been prepared only for the sake of women security

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