Are You A Coding Enthusiast? Study BCA And Take Your First Step Into The Cyber World


On campuses across the nation, from private universities to government colleges, the demand for BCA or Bachelor of Computer Science is high. The second tech boom wants more coding enthusiasts. Demand is surging for app developers and software engineers too. It is common knowledge that tech companies are after engineers. But let us take a look at what exactly is the BCA degree, and why you should choose to study it through this article.

The average course fee in India is between 80,000 – 6 Lakhs INR. Placement is between 3 to 8 Lakhs INR per annum. Top recruiters for BCA are TCS, Google, Amazon, IBM, Sapient, Cognizant, etc.

What Does The BCA Course Offer

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is an undergraduate degree. It is one of the most popular professional courses in India and abroad. Especially among students who aspire to have a career in software and the IT sector. The course is dedicated to the study of programming and computer science.

Most colleges that offer the course are full of various tech-related topics. Some of which are— programming languages, fundamentals of hardware and software, through the study of computer networks, understanding the World Wide Web, managing databases, creating multimedia etc. To help you understand better about the course structure, here are some essential subjects in the BCA course that you will need to study.

Important Subjects to look in to-

  • Mathematics
  • Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced),
  • Programming using PHP
  • Data Structure
  • Advanced C Language Programming,
  • JAVA, Oracle, and Operating Systems
  • Web Scripting and Development
  • Internet Security and Cyber Laws

Apart from these subjects, most colleges conduct practical sessions. Some colleges have mandatory projects and formal training through internships.

Is Studying BCA The Right Choice?

All BCA courses in India run for three years at the undergraduate level compared to a 4 year B.Tech course. Most colleges divide the courses into six semesters with each semester lasting for six months. During the coursework, you will need to pass a series of written exams that are both theory and practical based. If you are still not sure, then you can take this short quiz to see if BCA is the right career for you. Graduates can earn an average of 2.5 – 4 Lakhs INR at the starting.

  • Do you like mathematics?
  • Do you like software?
  • Are you interested to know how people make apps?
  • Do you enjoy learning about coding?
  • Do you want to learn more about programming languages like C, C++, java

If you answered yes to three or more questions, then you will enjoy studying the course.

Jobs Can You Take Up After BCA

BCA graduates can apply for jobs in the government sector as well. Other than joining government companies, graduates can work in the Armed Forces, Nationalized Banks, Public Sector Undertakings etc. One can also apply for UPSC exams and take up jobs at the state and central government levels.

Coming to the private sectors, many multinational companies in India hire technical graduates. Companies that belong to the IT sector and the electronics industry hire many Bachelor of Computer Application students.

The following sectors are best suited post graduation – Coding for Apps, Gaming, Software for Retail, Fashion Technology, Coding for Software, Ethical Hacking, Teaching.

Graduates also freelance or become self-employed.For example, graduates can be independent software developers or software security experts. Graduates who want to study further can opt for a Networking Diploma and prepare CCNP or CCNA certification. Web development is another sought after career for all students.

Common Job Titles after BCA

  • Software Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Database Management professional
  • Project Manager
  • Information Security professional
  • Information Management professional
  • System Administrator
  • System Security Officer
  • Software Architect
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Project Manager

Top Indian Colleges That Are Known For BCA

Here are some of the best colleges in India to study BCA. The course fee for these colleges varies. But most courses are available for a price range between 1 lac to 6 lacs. Compared to private colleges, the courses are more affordable in government colleges in India. The top colleges are:

  1. Christ University
  2. Lovely Professional University
  3. GLS Institute of Computer Application
  4. Xavier’s Institute of Computer Application
  5. Madhav University
  6. Chandigarh University
  7. DAV College Chandigarh
  8. Madras Christian College
  9. SRM University Chennai
  10. Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, Bangalore
  11. St Xaviers Mapusa, Goa
  12. University College, Kurukshetra
  13. Institute of Management Studies, Noida

Course Eligibility

The standard eligibility for studying BCA is that the student should have passed 10+2 in science stream. Especially in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Computers, and Mathematics. The cut off to qualify varies. But 50 per cent marks in science subjects including Mathematics, is usually enough in 10+2. Note that some institutes admit their students on the basis of an entrance test. Let’s read more about the admission process.


Some colleges that offer the courses expect students to pass entrance exams. Other colleges admit their future students on merit basis alone. Do make sure that you find out from the university or college that you are applying for. As many quality colleges have entrance exams like IPU-CET and SET.

Courses To Study After Completing BCA

Most students who complete the course go on to study a two year postgraduate MCA course.

  1.  MCA or Masters of Computer Application is a traditional PG course which offers an advanced version of the subjects in the course.
  2. People who study MCA have many career opportunities. Especially in government and private companies. Some MCA graduates also become teachers.
  3. Those who are interested in research then they can apply for a PhD program after MCA.
  4. These days many students who complete Bachelor of Computer Applications, undertake management degrees like MBA, Diploma or Certificate in Management, etc. Students who want to study abroad often enrol in M.Sc IT courses as well.  

Future Scope of BCA In Today’s Digital Age

After the coronavirus outbreak, many companies have set up their offerings online. Going digital is one way for businesses to thrive since people do not want to venture out and buy from brick and mortar stores. In fact, even before the pandemic, consumers did not have time to physically shop from stores. Instead, consumers would buy products online. But graduates who know computer languages are also good in management and understanding data. Therefore, the rapid growth of digital business requires managers and leaders who are computer professionals.

  • Entry level salary is 2.4 Lakhs INR per annum, but with 5 yrs experience, one can earn up to 7 Lakhs per annum.
  • Post this course, one can study MCA or MBA as well. There is another course Master in Computer Management, which you can pursue.
  • Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin hire many computer application students as interns or full-time employees.
  • Even Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many tech startups are constantly evolving and need such graduates.

So, if you like programming and you are tech savvy, plan for BCA. It will open gates for a steady career and you will also be able to contribute to the overall development of our society through your programming skills.

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