Advice I’d give my 21 Year Old Self

Firstly I’d like to congratulate you for ‘actually’ stepping into the threshold of adulthood. 18 as we know is mostly described as an age that transforms us into adults, but I feel it is when you turn 21years old you actually turn into responsible grownups with dreams in your eyes and aspirations to conquer it all. Go slow! The first thing I’d like to say to you is to relax and breathe. You are young, fresh and full of energy, but at the same time remember that in the process of achieving it all just be careful about whom you take along with you and how much will they matter to you in a period of 10 years from now.
Remember that not all relationships are permanent. Don’t fret over unfaithful friends and failed relationships. As of now, I know your friends might seem the most important people to you even more than your family, but only time will tell which relations are meant to last and which will wither away.
Value your family. These are some relations that are truly meant to be treasured. No one can love you more than your mother and this you will realize once you become one yourself. Give her love, respect her and above all be friends with her. Remember even she was once a little girl with dreams in her eyes but chose you above her desires and wishes. At this age, as you become friends with your mother, you will see her relieving her young years through your actions and achievements. You will get a job and the happiness is evident on her face. It is you who achieves success and it is her who rejoices the most in the world. Value her and cherish moments spent together, you never know what the future holds in store for you.
Talk to your father, listen to him when he remarks on how difficult it was for him to reach to this position and how he made sacrifices in life in order to give you the best of everything. Today, you might just think it to be another boring lecture, but trust me only 5 years from now you will realize the true value of his sacrifices. When you will be a parent and the desperation to give the best of everything to your child will put you in your father’s shoes. Only then will you realize why your father was always worried for you and how he struggled in life to give you the life of luxury.
Make time for your siblings. It is now you can build a strong bond and confide in each other. No matter how old you people grow, no one can protect you like siblings. Share about any and everything and the easiest way to convince parents is through sisters and brothers. They will help you out during your teens, your college days and above all they will be the best ones to go for relationship and life advice.
You will meet new people wherever you go. With some, you might end up forming strong bonds of friendship for the rest of your lives, but most of your so called friends will not last more than a couple of years from now. Don’t trust everyone and specially those who pretend to be extremely sweet. Be careful as to whom you confide into, not everyone you consider a friend is worth winning your trust. Don’t take all personal relationships too seriously. The boy who claims to love to love you truly might actually do for the present times’ sake, not all relationships are strong enough to pass the test of life. Sometimes life has something else in store for us which might be even better.
When you don’t know where to head and are confused with choices, trust your instincts. They will guide you in your direction. Do what you love. Don’t settle in for anything less than you deserve. Work hard, for what you desire. No one can set limits for you; it is only you who has the power to do so. You can go as far as you wish. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Don’t be scared to make mistakes as it is the mistakes that you make now will teach you some of the greatest lessons of life.
Believe. Remember to believe in yourself, in your dreams and your aspirations. No one can tell you that your dreams are too big to achieve or too difficult to conquer. If you have set your heart and mind to it, nothing is big enough, no goal is unattainable. Years down the line you will thank yourself for believing in yourself.
Stay away from negativity. It will only pull you down. It is your time to fly and achieve new heights. Just believe in yourself and you will see a world full of possibilities awaiting your way.

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