A Toxicologist’s View on How You Should Be Cleaning Your Mattress

A Toxicologist’s View on How You Should Be Cleaning Your Mattress

Did you ever try cleaning mattresses in Singapore? Don’t you think cleaning mattresses is just as important as cleaning bed sheets and pillows?

If we don’t clean our mattresses regularly, then microbes can easily jump into our clean pillows and sheets. Then there is no point in cleaning everything on the bed, right?

According to a toxicologist, we must clean our mattress at least twice a year. Otherwise, dust, mites, dead skins, pests can develop on the mattress, which is not good for our health.

So, now we know we have to keep our mattresses clean as well. But how do we do that? Before engaging a mattress cleaning company Singapore, let us see nine simple steps to clean mattresses.

Nine simple steps to get your mattress cleaned

Collect everything you need for cleaning

If you want to clean the mattress fast, you need everything at your hand. Hence, make sure you keep them close to you before you start cleaning.

Here is a short list of the things you must have before cleaning a mattress;

●       Baking soda

●       laundry detergent

●       A vacuum with attachments for cleaning sofas and similar items

●       Enzyme cleaner or dish soap to cleanse stains

●       Cloth for cleaning

●       Coldwater

Remove everything from the bed and start the process

First, remove the bed sheets, pillows, and all things from the bed. Put them in the washing machine.

You can clean the bedsheet with hot water, it kills the mites and makes it safe for reuse. Try cleaning the pillow as well.

Use a vacuum cleaner on the mattress

Take your vacuum cleaner with attachment and go for the mattress. Make sure the power is strong enough to draw the dirt out.

Cover all the surfaces as you do so. Even the sides need to be vacuumed. As you go through it, make sure you get all the dirt out of the mattress.

Find out the spots and clean them

Over time, our mattresses tend to develop spots on them. Now is the time to clean them for good.

Count out the spots and make sure you don’t miss any of them. Keep in mind, you should never apply water directly to your mattress.

The foam inside could be memory foam. These can be ruined, if it comes in contact with water.

Hence, you should process with precaution for cleaning them. You need to select a stain remover for cleaning. The type of stain remover you use will depend on the marks on the mattress.

If the stain is biological, then the enzyme cleaner is the best option for it. Take a piece of cloth and spray the enzyme cleaner on it.

Now blot the mattress stain with the soaked cloth. When this is done, use another cloth and apply some water to it. Use this cloth to blot the stain until it is removed completely.

While you are working on it, remember you have to use as little moisture as possible to get the job done. You can remove sweat, blood, urine, vomit, my using this method.

For other types of stain on the mattress, you can use a DIY trick. As you need to apply as little moisture as possible, mix dish soap with water to make foam.

Now use this foam on the spots. You can make another DIY cleaner using hydrogen peroxide. Mix an equal amount of water with an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and form a solution. Use it on the mattress marks to remove them effectively.

Use baking soda on the mattress

One of the best options to clean a mattress is to put it under the sun, but if you can’t, you can use baking soda on it. Sprinkle the soda on the mattress and leave it for several hours.

You can leave it overnight for better results. Baking soda breaks the acid and absorbs moisture from it. It also helps to get rid of any bad odor.

Open the window of the room and see if you can get some sunshine on the mattress. It will get rid of more germs from it.

Another vacuum session

Use the vacuum cleaner all over once again. If you have a fabric headboard, clean that as well.

Flip the other side of the mattress

If you are done with one side, now it is time to repeat the process with the other side.

Apply a mattress protector

Once everything is done, let your mattress dry completely and cover it with a mattress protector. It will keep it safe from future spills and make cleaning easier for you.

Use fitted bedsheets on it

Use sheets that cover the entire mattress and wash it regularly. It prevents dust particles from developing into the mattress and keeps it from mites.

It will increase mattress longevity and protect you from asthma and allergic problems.

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