A guide to progressive online slots

Amongst the burgeoning world of online slots, you will notice that there is an array of different kinds of titles and slot machines to choose from.

Far removed from the humble fruit machine that was once a staple of pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars up and down the nation, the modern online slot game like from what you play at Slots Mummy has evolved into various forms. From amazing themes like underwater adventures, sci-fi expeditions and journeys into ancient history, to a variety of different layouts that range from the simple, old school format of a three reel slot, to more elaborate 5 reel slots and beyond them.

Amongst them, you will also find progressive slots, a fine addition to the huge array of choice that exists for online gamblers who love the thrill of spinning those reels. Slightly different to your average slot, these progressive slot machines have a narrative that sees you add to your winnings as you play on, spin by spin.

If you are looking to learn more about progressive slot games, you have certainly come to the right place, for this is a guide to just that; a guide to progressive online slots. We will tell you what progressive online slots are, how they work and how you can win on them, in this brief but very handy guide.

What are progressive online slots? 

The progressive element is as such because of the way you are able to increase your potential jackpot as you spin and spin.

With a progressive slot game or fruit machine, every spin you make will increase that much sought after jackpot. Going up by a small percentage at a time, in essence, the more you spin, the more you can potentially win.

The promised jackpot will increase and increase up until it reaches a limit and when this happens, it is good news, because you must have won the prize in question! Once the jackpot has been activated and won, the prize resets the original pre-determined amount.

What different types of progressive slots are there? 

As always with online slot games, there are various options and categories even amongst the sub-genre progressive slots.

These are some of the types of progressive slot games that exist, in case you are looking to delve into them and try your hand at the different kinds.

•          Stand-alone – These titles are not related or linked to other slot machines and as a result, they tend to pay out small progressive jackpots but relatively frequently.

•          In-house – Unlike the stand-alone progressive slot machines, these games are linked to other titles and will be operated and hosted by the same online casinos. As such, they can offer fairly large payouts than the above. 

How to win more on online progressive slots

The simple side of progressive slots is that the more you bet, the more you can win.

This is of course the case with all gambling, but what the progressive slot does differently to other forms of gabbling, is reward risk with an increased jackpot. Risk and reward have never been so well linked than with a progressive online slot.

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