74 Lucrative Money Making Ideas with Least investment

It is time to go big. Let me share with you some of the most profitable business ideas that need the least or investment.
The never-ending quest for sponsoring the ruination of an entrepreneur’s actuality can come to an end. Most of the entrepreneur’s drop their plans and wish to erect, fabricate and innovative at this point of time due to a shortage of capital is for real. The masses may miss on the thought that their dreams can come true without dumping too much of cash.

Let us hover on some business ideations which could be launched at a minimal cost or no cost at all

1. Building Chabot

Chabot is in trend and has saturated to a level where any business demands having one. Chabot has turned into a humongous possibility for the organizations to get in touch with the customers, accumulate data and develop the marketing and customer service endeavours. Hence an individual can launch himself in Chabot building occupation conveniently and rapidly without the need of learning how to code. There is a website named Chattypeople.com where this can be done free of cost. This includes a lot of other websites which does the same thing.

2. Clerking Services

Is it so that you do perfectly fine with numbers and demand to work from the convenience of being at home? However, to become a freelance accountant, there is absolutely no requirement of being an authorized public accountant. This does not mean that being good with numbers is not a need. As the availability of multiple virtual in nature mechanisms like Sighted.com. And online payment which could be created using sites like Due.com.
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3. Individual or Constructive Supporter

Despite the fact that the individual and constructive sidekick jobs do not sound very pleasing or tempting, but at the end of the day it pays really well. If an individual has been into this profession earlier in office, for them it is convenient to fetch a digitized edition. This gives them the freedom to do a lot more than what one could imagine. Popular websites like Upwork.com can be given a preference to look for clients.

4. Trading Solutions

Selling does not incorporate a sure grade of historical context. That being said, even if you lack experience or expertise, putting the bets on an online learning course is something good. It not only does come at a lower price apart from that they decorate the individual with tools very precise. The precision of the tools provided is so high that it could be used in the foreseeable future to launch an independent marketing corporation. Hence there are tons and tons of new marketing fields hopping up as in form of persuade marketing. The established organizations are continuously on a hunt for efficient freelancers who can play the part.

5. Affiliate marketing/Marketing

Associate marketing better known as Affiliate marketing. It is very easy to get started. As this incorporates the individual into earning a small reward amount which is known as a commission reward. The individual can get this amount as a reward for advertising numerous brands and organizations services and products. In a manner of speaking the individual picks a product of his preference, advertise it and create a profitable margin on every product promoted. The higher and better exposure attained, the higher will be the commission of the affiliate marketer.

6. Examiner or a critic

A single person or a newly formed organization continue the hunt for commenting on their very own products and services to persuade others in buying the same. The person can, on the other hand, start with a profile created on freelancing sites. Or either accost companies right away presenting them an analysis in turn for a monetary gift by becoming a leader.

7. Administrative Services

Comparable to effective aiding, distant clerical services demand slight to no experience at all. The only thing required is

  • Persistent administrative abilities
  • Decent communication skill set
  • Efficient time management skills
  • A mature grade of freedom

The other freelancing clerical assistant will need to do the following

  • Reservation for meetings
  • Scheduling Calendars
  • Reverting to mails
  • Compiling the presentations and so on.

8. Internet Dating Expert

If you have cracked your way with words and got your life companion to want to tell others how you did it is recommended that you go for this concept as a business idea. The ideology and expertise holder by the specific individual in such cases can act as an online dating consultant. This sort of consultation is accompanied by huge levels of obligation. As it is concerned with helping others with the love life. The jobs performed by an Internet Dating Expert may be as follows

  • Behaving like an account manager on such sites
  • Scribbling profiles
  • Providing latest telephone renews on the matchmaker watch

9. Amazon or other e-trader

Being an Amazon assistant is relevant to being a trading affiliate. The major difference is that in place of promoting the product and services the individual sells directly to the end customer. In a situation for selling to others on Amazon or any major alike platform
The individual may try to sell the product and decide a small commission as a payment. Unluckily this sort of job is accompanied by major risks. Widely seen as cons pull the Amazon sellers and make use of replicated shipping documents to persuade the customers to send payments. If in a situation of being conned the individual who is an Amazon assistant is seen as someone who is liable for not getting the products. However, the eBay assistant should keep in mind the following pointers

  • Knowing the distributor well enough
  • Maintaining the payments in e-wallet till the time customer reverts of having the product received
  • Account for any doubtful exercise
  • Not sharing the banking credentials

10. Application/Program Creator

With every passing day, some or the other applications are being launched. And if an individual holds the programming skill set it is possible for him to create one. What all is required is an out of the box concept and a little investment or no investment to launch yourself. This kind of work is far less a time killer as compared to a 9-5 job. After the completion of such a program, it should be coupled with the accurate marketing strategy and you can earn even while one is sleeping. The best part of being an application developer is that the person who is doing it could do it from anywhere around the world.

11. Website Creator

As far as we all know we are dwelling in a digitized era. Wherein almost any business demands a site to pull the traffic to make the desired sales. If an individual is well versed with the abilities that he can make an entry into an industry which is eternal. The website developer can hence start off small by creating websites on platforms like WIX, WordPress, and Yola etc. If the individual is seeking to elevate his website creating skills to an advanced level then he may likely learn the website language with Codeacademy.com. It is a place which will enable an individual on how to create customized

  • Services pages
  • Shopping carts
  • Feedback forms
  • Product pages
  • Galleries
  • Blogs

12. Cyberspace security Advisor

The websites today are jammed with security hazards like Spamming, Hacking, and Viruses. If an individual knows his way around then he can possibly reap the profits as decent pay for advising businesses. Especially this is for the people who are in case of critical customer data and demands security as the first thing.

13. A Desktop Publisher

The Desktop Publisher in a much general sense are those who use publishing programs to fabricate

  • Marketing bulletin
  • Magazines
  • Other marketing materials
  • Books

For providing a complete and all around service the publisher can himself scribble a decent content or get someone to do it

14. Laying Out Business Strategies

It is something remarkable of having a great plan. Put to pen down the same is something difficult. As convincing someone on a plan which lives in a human brain is a tough act. The person, however, it is accompanied by a fair enough plan to go with then they should present or propose their idea or concept to business owners. Hence getting paid in a handsome amount for doing so. The individual probably may

  • Fabricate an e-copy of plan
  • Create an e-document which the customize can look closely to be able to customize
  • Maintain a hard copy of the same and continue to add customizations on the plan based on their requirements.
  • Getting some decorated templates ready for presenting to the clients

15. Tax Advisor

No matter the size of a company whether a conglomerate or a company which comes under small medium enterprises segment does pay tax. Hence which means that they may probably pay a good amount of money to get the taxes planned for them. If an individual is having enough experience then he may opt to become a tax consultant on a freelancer. Under any situation by beginning with a tax readying corporation. Then the individual may get courses, training and seminar if interested.

16. Mobile Top-up Store

Despite the online recharges being so popular not only around the globe but in our country too, online recharges has seen a drastic change in the graphs. I mean a positive change. The graph still at present continues to move up and continues to go on. However, a major chunk of the masses in our country still give the first preference to physically visit a recharge store to get their recharges done. Starting a mobile recharge store is not much of something to get worried about.

17. Travel Agency

People love travelling. The love they have for trotting around places where humans have not set foot never loses interest. There are always people who just love to step outdoors and explore a whole new destination. In the past few decades, the nation has experienced a boost in the travel industry. Not only the nation but the population, the common man I mean have felt that. Sticking to the belief of ever evaluating habits and wishes for the extreme ‘wanderlust’ the travel industry works.

18. Giving  online Tuitions

Probably opening up an online tuition classes website is considered the most compatible ideas to start with a small investment. Being compatible in other words means that the individual resorting to a pocket-friendly or in simpler words cost-efficient method opens up a business.

19. Breakfast Joint

It is quite observable in our country that how the small shops that cater to the breakfast needs of an individual are always flowing with customers. The major reason behind this is food is being seen as taken up as a basic necessity in any part of the world.

20. Domain name Reseller

Are you a great thinker? Can you think a good name of domain related to a niche then domain name reseller can be a very lucrative business for you. You can buy domains at low prices and  can Resell the domain at very high prices

21. Garment Tailor

In the metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai the need for decent tailor never falls. The demand for good quality tailored outfits has increased ten times than what it was earlier in these cities. The self-made or in other words tailored outfits never lost its charm due to its ability to be customized and making it more personal and outlandish.

22. An Online Bakery

This is a digital era if you recall it. So it justifies the statement that the concept of brick and mortar has been history. The need for getting yourself a physical store and staff to operate efficiently is just a myth. While setting up an online business is just that easy. It requires a unique vision or an out of the box to get it done. An online bakery store is rather easy to set up. Just a computer, internet connectivity and that is it.

23. Starting a YouTube Channel

In a manner of speaking YouTube over a period of time has turned into a birthplace of creativity. This means that the individuals who are creative and gifted with some or the other abilities have been using it as the #1 spot for showcasing it to the global population. With the ease of reaching an audience that just does not accounts to be in millions but in billions in a single click is quite incredible. Using this incredibility of the #1 video hosting platform numerous individuals have unlocked the way of getting an exposure at its full capacity. And on top of that the #1 video platform is not just effective in reaching and grabbing maximum exposure, it is a free of cost yes a free of cost platform.
24. Blogging
The word blogging is concerned with writing, reviewing the products and services available already in the market. In sometimes blogging may also include a person’s personal life experience and so on. This is very lucrative in nature. It is a rather very creative field to lay hands on. This has got slight or no investment all to start the writings (business). The slight cost may include setting up a website. Later to that owning a domain name which includes a hosting space. To precise a hosting space, domain name and setting up of a website costs somewhere around a figure of 3500-4000K. And last but not the least promotions? As a matter of fact, with proper and sufficient knowledge, effective promotions can be done by picking the right channels to advertise yourself on.

25. Wedding Consultation

We Indians are very obsessed with occasions, festival celebrations and the word wedding drives the Indian masses crazy. An Indian wedding is termed as ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ for a very peculiar reason. The reason is that we Indians see weddings very differently as compared to any other country around the world. The wedding occasion in India is admired at a very different level.

26. Organizing Event

Well, it is seen and much-known fact that those who are into event planning occupation spend even one minute of theirs in their official workplace. To be an event managing individual slight cost are incurred. As those who are efficient event organizers and planners are remarkable at managing, networking, running a check on tons of venues. Also, they need to set a meet up with the sponsors, performing teams which means they need to be on the field all the time.

27. Online food delivery

Online food delivery is going to become very famous in today time. You can earn well if you will join with online food delivery website. Many online food delivery websites like swiggy, zomato, food panda and many more Hiring delivery man and giving good income to the delivery man. The great thing about this any person can join this by service who is less qualified.

28. Virtual/Online Courses

Education irrespective of its form cannot be compared with a monetary value. In short, education is priceless. But however, it could be used to monetize the idea that came out of education though. Expanding and organizing an online course for the student who is having an interest in learning a specific subject is quite profitable in nature. On the contrary, a handful of online course tutors may provide the same thing for free on their respective sites. But the individual can charge for it depending upon his personal choice. Websites like unacademy, udacity and udemy selling their courses online.

29. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is a profession which is always considered as a secondary profession. However, it manages to top the list of starting or being self-sufficient professions. As there are tons and tons of people who are ready to pay a handsome fee just for an anonymous writer. But the writer should have good writings skills however to meet the requirements. A client depending upon the requirement and expertise of the anonymous writer pays a standard payment.

30. A book stall

If it has ever happened that someone has crossed the famous streets of Mumbai and Kolkata, it has been observed that the small stalls are crowded with tons of people. The little bookstalls around these places are flowing both with customers as well as books. The fun fact is that these books are pre-owned or in other words second hand.

31. Promotional campaign developer

An occupation which is only available on the internet is advertising campaign development. The concept behind these campaigns is that it’s been witnessed that the majority of the MNCs have outsourced their advertising projects. The only reason behind it is to substantially reduce the cost and minimize on the pressure. Hence also getting out of the traditional patterns of advertising. However, this has led to a rise in demand of the efficient advertising campaigns which is driven by individuals.

32. Custom made jewellery

The ornaments which are regarded as something significant to look upon in a country like India were made only out of silver, gold and priceless diamonds. Then the situations today probably might have gone haywire. As a fact not most of the Indians have that amount of cash to drop at a jewellery store. Hence going custom made jeweller is a considerable option to go with as of now. Also, on the other hand, the custom-made jewellery business has a very handsome profit margin.

33. Search engine optimization service

In today’s technology world, everything is going to be online. Every business is doing online. So to rank a website in Google and digital marketing is doing by people. SEO consultant is a very beneficial idea in which you can make money in very less time.

34. Social Media Planner/Strategist

Social media has transformed from a virtual world to a digital realm of the time. Top Multinational Corps, newly formed conglomerates, small business have all moved to the social media platform in the search of a better exposure. They constantly are in an attempt to get a decent exposure for their brand. Realizing it lately has led to the extensive flow of MNCs and other firms over the social media platforms. These organizations stress more upon planning to get a higher exposure. Now talking about exposure, it requires accomplished insight and expertise to get the job done. These companies prefer outsourcing such things as it requires a great time and effort.

35. Online Tiffin service

As it was acknowledged earlier above in a few cost-effective business ideas is that getting into the food venture is a profitable profession. Most of the working professionals or white-collar executives prefer having homemade food instead of the fast foods served in their canteen. In these days Online tiffin delivery website is becoming very famous. This is where the tiffin service steps in.

36. Online Fitness Tutors

The time has come, the world realized not so lately it is about time to move a step towards being and staying fit. While on the other hand not everyone has sufficient time to reach out and hit a gym or fitness centre. The concept of being a personal fitness tutor and paying them a visit at their houses is great.

37. Graphic designing

It is a renowned belief that the graphic designers make a handsome amount by working at home. As compared to a full-time worker who works more than 40-50 hours in a day. This may sound very much impossible in nature. But the fact is graphic designers especially when working independently they have a high demand. And the fact is that the graphic designers are less in numbers hence giving rise to the demand of graphic designers for the time being.

38. Music/Dance classes (school)

The only investment to run this business is the only space or room to be rented. Apart from this, the business runs on the skills as an efficient tutor. Along with the expertise and efficiency presence in the respective field is utmost needed.

39. Handyman services

The handyman services include the small wage workers like the plumber, the electrician, the home-staff and various others without them an individual may find it hard to complete a day. These handymen and women prefer not to get collaborated with any firm or organization. Hence take up work at homes which makes them independent at a cost which could be taken care without hesitation. Therefore the main investment in this business is getting the right amount of precise tools. These tools will be used to cater to the needs of these handymen and women

40. Script Writing

The city of Mumbai is well renowned for self-sufficient script writers who work on various projects irrespective of a dedicated work place at any point in time. As these scriptwriters follow the strict deadlines. And they collaborate with a production or publication house. They work on a contract basis. Additionally, there is no other cost to be incurred by the individual.

41. Analysis-based business

As it is a well-known fact that the top MNCs and corporate firms have their very own dedicated teams for research and analysis. They call it RND wing. But in the past decade, a new race of researchers have emerged in our country. Based on that the companies now wish to hand over or in other words outsource the complete procedure. This is to reduce the cost and minimizing the overall pressure that a corporate might be facing.

42. Pet-friendly /pet-daycare services

It is quite comforting to come to know when you are working hard at work who is there to take care of your favourite and beloved companion. Today’s corporate life is tiring and consumes nearly 70%-80% of an individual’s time. The person is always who owns a pet is busy looking for the people who could treat his favourite pet as their very own pet. That individual should not only be able to take complete care while being playful with them, giving them something to eat while not making them feel lonely at all.

43. Coaching for sports

Most of the individuals in India appreciate the sports being displayed over a million screens over and around the nation. Everyone has a love for sports but not everyone receives an up to the mark coaching/training for sports. If the quality of training is remarkable and meets the requirements the people are ready to pay a decent amount which could be quite astonishing in a country like India.
44. Launching a Food truck
India is a country where around every nook and corner is filled with visions and wish to do something more. The capacity that we Indians hold for going an extra mile is what helps to differentiate from the other beings in and around the globe. To be precise food has always been an integral part of human lives in the world and in India too. Numerous entrepreneurs rose right from the streets to the high skies. In the same manner, food trucks carry the same potential as starting off with a minimum cost.

45. Consultation Services

Consultation services are a trending profession these days. It has gained popularity for a decade in India. That is because of the availability of anything and almost everything on the internet. The consolation services jumped right on the radar. But because of the fraudulent acts the people still are very much reliant on going the old school method.

46. Translation services

In our country, the minimum providing translation services are somewhere around 500 grand. Which clearly discriminates this specific profession has the highest paid potential. The reason behind this business popularizing well enough is simple. With the application of globalization on most business these days, the business has jumped to countries where English is neither primary nor secondary language. This is the time where the translators kick in.

47. Educational Product Originator

Comparable to Vlogging or Blogging, fabricating educational product is a golden opportunity to place the expertise in a digital or e-book format and selling it on the cyber world. Look for a subject that is not been done over and over again and begin writing. An individual can start selling the informational piece on renowned platforms which is into informational products. For example Amazon Books

48. Biodata Writer

It does not matter in the slightest if you hold an experience or a fresher, there are a handful of individuals who really enjoy writing and are pretty remarkable in doing so. The payments done by the customers are very decent and high. As we all know that scribbling a personal statement is not an easy task. The customer is probably going through a hard time writing one for himself. This could be either due to lack or expertise of lack of sufficient time. Hence penning down a personal statement for them. There is a zero cost of getting started as once an individual gets comfortable and expert in writing they may get paid for working at an hourly basis instead of a daily pay basis.

49. Domain Name Vendee (purchaser)

As it could be understood right from the name the user just needs to go ahead with the buying decision of those domain names which the individual may have a strong feeling the customer will buy eventually. Later to that sell those specifically bought domain names that people wish to buy for a profit. The only thing needed here for getting better results

  • Acknowledge Profitable domain names
  • Recognize the domain names that are easy to recall
  • Train yourself with SEO and keyword optimization for profitable outcomes

50. Website Flipping

Website flipping is the ability to an individual to go ahead and buy the live website. Besides that the individual needs to start working on the website for further development, advancement and then re selling it. Along with the accurate web development abilities and skillset it is a fair enough and cost-effective profession to go ahead with. The individual may later need to acknowledge these websites that hold the capacity to withstand improvisation

51. Financial Manager/Consultant

With the rising number of people to go ahead with the very own business has jumped off the radar these days. Majority of the masses are still unaware of the insight of managing themselves on a financial aspect. A person looking to get into financial consulting they may need to get a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificate to show the reliability to the clients. While on the brighter side if an individual is holding an experience then he may kick off by consulting people. Later build the goodwill to advise greater firms.

52. Editorial Solutions

An editorial solution profession is very convenient, to begin with. As there is no demand no capital investment. Also, it has an equal and weighted possibility for development. Rather ranging from the small and medium enterprise segment to MNC giants realm the base of the client could be seamless. A variety of writing services could be provided such as

  • Writing a book
  • Listing
  • Correction
  • Reading for errors
  • Web content inscriptions
  • Newspaper clause writing
  • Magazine feature writing
  • Rewriting
  • Soft Skills

53. Cyber Picture trading

An individual who is a skilled photographer or have an intense passion for clicking photos, your passion may probably pay for it. The person can sell the clicked pictures on the internet and make money from it. The minimum demand for this profession is a SLR camera having at least 8 megapixels. Along with that a computer or laptop will do fine. As soon as the individual has made a decent and up to the marking profile on Flickr.com, Getty images or Pixabay.com. Then the next step is to create own website with a watermark on it and a price that is too labelled on the picture and that is it.

54. Setting up an E-Commerce store

If it happens so that you have a remarkable and innovative product but fall short on investment to get a brick and mortar shop for yourself, this can be a great idea. It is a very ideal concept too with these days as it is a digital era. People prefer buying online instead of physically visiting the shop. Apart from the falling short of capital to invest in a store, staff and time are quite depressing. However, a physical store is ideal for branding while it still applies a capping on the size and broad scope of the customers. Setting an e-commerce store can allow the person with

  • Ability to sell anyone around the globe
  • Get a store for yourself which runs 24*7
  • Deploy advertisements conveniently, as and when he wants
  • Ability to cross ell among marketing and social media giants
  • Implement campaigns for marketing via various other platforms and Google

55. Taking Up surveys

Under any circumstances, it is not possible to be a millionaire by taking up surveys online. Nevertheless, it enables an individual to generate a firm source of income. This is possible only when the individual signs up with multiple survey websites. The surveys are not a time killer at all and take only a couple of minutes to complete.

  • Harris Poll
  • Earning Station
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Global Test Market
  • My Surveys

56. Video Creation

There exists a large number of methods sticking to which an individual can take into consideration videography to fabricate very own home-based profession. The world is filled with people who are talented well enough but are not a celebrity. However, they feel that not being a celebrity should not limit them. Hence want to present the world their unique skillset to upload high-end and efficiently decorated and edited videos. The various other services that could be provided is listed below

  • Editing for Video log (Vlogs)
  • Producing Music Videos
  • Voice only video with suitable images and visualizations
  • Advertisement

57. Sustainability Advisor

Any business irrespective of its size is making an attempt to look for brand new methods to play their role by applying greener act/practices. But unluckily majority of the options which tend towards environment-friendly alternatives at present. As these methods are much more costly hence the business owners could be advised on coming and stepping to include greener practices as a CSR activity.

58. Sales Executive

The word sales are enough to scare off an individual. As whenever this word comes up the image pops up in the brain which demonstrates a person going door to door for selling products. And that is not it and the doors are banged on the faces every now and then. However, the organizations such as Mary Kay, Avon, and Tupperware do provide an additional advantage that could be leveraged by those individuals who wish to get in as a direct sales representative. As the above-mentioned firms do provide hosting a civilized get together at your home and making money out of it.

59. Call Center Executive

Majority of the companies these days are on a hunt to look for individuals that are willing to work from the comfort of being at home. As to work as a representative which could take care of customer issues. The only 2 things which are needed is a computer and standard wireline. Besides these things, the individual can save a large chunk on travelling expense while the comfort of eating at home and not spending a single dime on anything else apart from this.

60. Telephone marketing Solutions

As of now, the majority of the firms have decided to externalize the marketing attempts and telemarketing accounts to be one of them. Working as a freelancer telephone marketer the individual needs to set up an appointment with prospects. Hence generating hot leads for the companies. The commission that will be charged largely depends upon the company size and the nature of the project you have been assigned.

61. Trading of Currency

Trading of currency on an online medium is much more easily compared to the conventional currency trading. A huge token of gratitude for the online videos, tutorials, online learning courses and apps that cater to such needs. As of giving a step by step guidelines and help-support of getting turned into an efficient currency trader. The mere requirements are

  • Technical skillset
  • Elementary analytical abilities
  • A small cash flow
  • A smartphone, tablet and personal computer

62. Referral Solutions Provider

Is that so that you seem to be the person who is remembered especially when going for any product or services by friend, family, colleagues? If it is then you can take the full advantage of being a reliable referrer. For any type of services like plumber, gardener, hotel, advocate, interior decorator and the list continues to go on. Hence with your knowledge of the efficiency of either the above mentioned or any other services or providers are up to the mark. Then these services are being contacted by your referral. Hence calling in more business. While on the brighter side making sure of getting the best services for those who you have referred. This can be monetized. In terms of pulling customers and the amount they pay, you can get a specific or predetermined commission for being a good referee. What all required is

  • Pen Down a list of service and products that you want to refer
  • Invite them with the advantages of being on the list you inscribed
  • Post ads on Yellow pages and Online to pull up more customers

63. Being a property manager

The individual when is a property manager will be held responsible and liable for making sure the customer’s property is running efficiently. Hence the individual will be the first point of contact for the tenants or visitors, tourists etc. This makes the individual who is a property manager to ensure that the properties are safe and secure in your hands while maintained in a perfect condition.

64. A House inspector

The word house inspector may be echoing as a person who keeps an eye on every house, nook and corner. But it is not so. The concept here is altered with slight changes. This kind of service demands a very astute observation. As there is a demand to get to know about the various products and home solutions being launched every now and then? Efficient networking and good relationship maintaining a good and healthy relationship with the people. The people in this scenario are your very own customers. Besides that, a healthy relationship with the property dealers and agents will be a plus point for business growth and expansion. They will be a good recommender of the services to be provided in a particular area.

65. Courier Solutions

The word courier services are what scares most people when it comes to working for a courier solution for oneself. The person starts picturing a room which is filled with emails. However in reality it is something else. It is rather a services provided in congested areas where local courier services fail to extend the support for delivering. As the individual belongs to the same area, he is well versed with the ups and downs, peak hours for avoiding traffic jams and much more additional information. Hence this information could help a person to generate a firm source of income.

66. Mentorship/Guidance

If you have hit your mark or in other words reached a milestone in life relevant to what you love doing and is your area of expertise mentoring can be a viable option to go for. Having a distinguished track record which could be of a great help in becoming a mentor. People who wish to do something in life often tend to lean towards people who have accomplished something or the other in their life. The people seeking mentorship are mostly inclined towards such distinguished individuals. If you have the required skill set then mentoring is an ideal choice. As it can be started right away at home with no monetary investment.

67. Massage therapist

The documentation required to become a massage therapist varies from one state to the other. However, an individual needs to get a masseuse certificate in the first place from a clinic. Being a massage therapist has a great potential. As it could be really profitable for the people who are interested in the health and fitness industry. As it is a known fact that the health and fitness industry is a flourishing business worldwide. Besides that person in India have also started moving towards a healthy lifestyle. Thus making it a booming industry with a great potential. As soon as the masseuse course gets completed and getting a certificate is what is first demand of this business. However, the other requirements are getting a massage bed and the essential oils are enough to get started then.

68. Being a personal chef

To become a personal chef, the individual will be spending a massive chunk of his time to cook for others. These people don’t have the time to do it for themselves. But however are backed with the ability to pay for someone who could do it for them. Becoming a personal chef demands being an efficient chef while making meals available for the customers with variety of protein and healthy to have food. This may include making meals which are

  • Free from gluten
  • Free from Lactose
  • Egg free
  • Dishes which are vegan and vegetarian both
  • Preparing meals for the suffering patients, as they are asked to avoid this, that etc making meals for them which may make them smile will be a great thing to do as a personal chef

69. Cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions or services are very convenient to provide and does not require an individual to be trained for it. The person can either opt to provide discounted cleaning services, wherein the customer equips him with all the required tools for cleaning. While on a much brighter side the person can opt for providing a premium service where he will get all the tools for cleaning

70. Packaging solutions

If an individual is gifted with the close observation on minute detailing, a packing profession might be the right choice to go with. It has been observer how People are confused and exhausted while they are shifting from an old house to a new house. Getting all the stuff packed from the old house and putting them into squares is what’s the first demand of this service. As the people who are not able to do it for themselves but are capable to pay someone else who will do it for them. This can be the right choice of people who like it managed as it requires little to no investment at all, just the packaging boxes need to be arranged. And they too are reusable and on the other hand are not expensive too.

71. Laundry Solutions

This kind of business is ideal for the people who wish to work at home without resorting to learning new skills. The laundry services at home are convenient in nature to provide. Has a greater probability of expanding in near future. The difficult to digest about this business is the need to get it licensed or not. This may extensively rely on the factor of the location of services being provided along with the extent of business growing in future.

72. Babysitting

The individual if wishes to get into caregiver, babysitter profession, it demands executive training and safety certifications. With that being mentioned if you have already taken care as a parent for a sibling, parent or a companion this might be something that you are looking for. This business does not need a heavy investment or something similar. With the freedom of choosing the customers, working hours can be given a look too. The caregiver will need to

  • Wash
  • Take your patients outdoors for fresh air
  • Clean
  • Prepare meals
  • Do their shopping
  • Potentially dress and feed them
  • Do laundry

73. Personal Attendant

The thought of being a Concierge creates an image in the brain of being an attendant in a giant is something that can be cracked with a snap, like that. However, we want you to re-think on that one. Being a Concierge always pulls up a handsome amount, but on the other hand, it is a very demanding task. As it demands results as expected. And the results are expected to be on time. The Concierge is paid a fair enough wage that he can accept.

74. Online Grocery Delivery Solutions

Supermarket giants offer these sort of solution. However, the delivery charges are either too costly to be beared or in some cases, the goods delivered are damaged when it makes its way to customers home. But this can be something you can take advantage of. If in case you are having a humongous car, grocery deliveries is something you can go for as a business. There are people who have a busy schedule to look after others may just find it impossible to reach the supermarket physically. You can do that work for them and get paid in full. Today’s era online grocery is a very lucrative idea. Along with grocery delivery, an individual can also provide solutions such as

  • Being an assistant
  • Providing cleaning solutions
  • Pet grooming on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Being a nanny

Above are mentioned some of the most lucrative ideas which could be started with the minimum investment. These business ideas are majority based on working from the comfort of being home. Hence the thought of being idle at home, and doing nothing is history. You can earn while you are right at your home in your comfort zone. Thus providing the customer with a product or service and in turn, getting paid for it. In a country like India, people mostly prefer of starting a business. As in comparison of doing a 9 to 5 job. As a famous quote stated that no one ever got rich working 9 to 5.

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