5 Ways to Thank Their Teacher for Being Amazing


It’s been a difficult year for us all, and it’s been even harder for those who have children of school age. Luckily, their incredible teachers have been on hand to help with teaching from home and generally keeping their spirits high. Here’s how you can say thanks.

1. Thank them in person

Thanking your child’s teacher in person is a great way to show them just how much you really appreciate their efforts. You’ll be able to put your appreciation into words and make them feel valued for all of their hard work.

If this isn’t possible due to social distancing or for other reasons, you can try another method.

2. Write them a letter

Writing your child’s teacher a letter is great for those who might struggle with talking in person or like to think about things before they put them into words.

Writing a letter to them means that you can highlight any key points where they’ve been helpful, discuss your child’s progress and give them a keepsake to remind them of your gratefulness.

3. Get them a small gift

For those who prefer to give something material, a small gift for their teacher is a great way to give thanks with a token of your appreciation.

You could get them a box of chocolates, a sweets hamper, a bottle of their favourite tipple or even something they could use whilst at work such as stationary or a new tie.

4. Donate to the school or class

If you’d rather give something that the entire school or your child’s class can benefit from, why not donate to the school?

This could go towards the maintenance of the school, upcoming school trips, or even help pay towards the meals and uniforms of children who might be struggling to afford them.

Most schools will be happy to receive donations but check with your school’s headteacher first to make sure that they are ok with it. If not, you might be able to donate something of value that isn’t money, such as book tokens or PE equipment.

5. Recommend them to other parents

As they say, the biggest sign of appreciation is a recommendation. If you have friends with children who are coming up to school age, recommend your child’s school and teacher.

This will help keep your child’s school busy and popular, as well as help to keep your child’s teacher doing what they love which is teaching the next generation.

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