5 things to know before playing slot games

5 things to know before playing slot games

In the past, slot machine games were never the most popular games to play in the casino, trailing far, far behind table games like blackjack and roulette, never taking centre stage and always being a past time for casual gamblers who weren’t interested in winning big. Slot machines were renowned for being low paying games with small jackpots and payout percentages which weren’t tempting at all and in brick and mortar casinos it was more worth your while to play table games where you enjoyed the better bonuses and perks of the games. However, this has all changed in recent year and you’ll find that now slot machines, especially online slots, are one of the most popular games for players to part take in. Plus, over 70% of casino revenues are generated from slot games and some even reach up to 80% – check and find out when you click here.

They are so tempting in modern casinos that the vast majority of new players that have never visited a casino before, gravitate towards slot games, with an astounding 80% of first-time casino goers choosing slots over other casinos games. After all, slot games a relatively easy, with many of the traditional slot games being very simple to play, all you have to do is press the button to spin the reels and the slot game does the rest for you. Better still, on many slot games, you can even engage automatic spinning so you don’t even have to lift a finger! Not only this but sometimes, especially for a newcomer to casinos, table games can be a little daunting, so players might find them a little intimidating and opt for an easy game to play where they don’t need to interact with croupiers or join bigger crowds of players.  

If you are a newbie to gambling and are thinking about playing slot games, there are plenty of hints and tips out there for playing online slot games, but here are the five things you really need to know before you start to spin the reels. 

How Slots Work 

It’s good to know the basics before you start so that you can hit the reels with confidence and enjoy the game without feeling daunted. In order to play the game, you’ll need to spin the reels which will then display an array of symbols. The symbols will then generate winning combinations and this is how you win prizes on slot games as well as trigger bonus games and other game features. Before you spin, you will select the number of credits you wish to bet on each line then hit the spin button and watch as the symbols spin around and land in various – hopefully winning – combinations! 

How Paylines Work 

On online video slots, once again you simply push the button to indicate the number of paylines you wish to activate and select the number of credits you want to bet on each line. Many online video slots have nine paylines where you are able to wager between one and five credits, but they can have many more paylines than this, so you can really increase your chances of winning big, especially with some having 50 or more paylines where you can bet 25 credits max per line.  

How to Land a Winning Combination 

One important thing to know before you start playing slots is how to achieve a winning combination. Lots of slots have a single payout lines which are often in the centre of the reels, which is typical of traditional style slot games that are designed to be like classic fruit machines. In classic slot games, there are several symbols that are used time and time again which include bars, double bars, triple bars, lucky sevens, cherries as well as other fruits and lucky symbols. Each of these symbols is worth different amounts on the reels, with the double and triple symbols being worth double or triple the respective symbol amount. For example for a bar symbol which is worth 30 credits, double bars would be 60 and triple would be 120.    

How to Trigger Bonus Rounds 

Most video slot games have five reels and again can have any number of paylines, some over 100 paylines as the games become more and more dynamic. In addition to the paylines, online video slot games quite often include scatter symbols and wild symbols which can trigger bonus rounds and games within the game itself. Generally, if you land three or more of these special symbols anywhere on the reels, not necessarily in any order or winning combination, you will trigger a bonus round which will help you win! A lot of  

Special themed symbols can also trigger lucrative bonus rounds or bonus games within online slot games or even give you a number of free spins and features like “stick or gamble”. In these features, you will often be presented with a bonus game which appears on a second screen within the game. In these games, there is quite often an exciting jackpot or prize up for grabs, which is one reason why newer more dynamic video slot games are so appealing in comparison to classic one-dimensional slot games.  

Fact or Myth? 

There are so many myths surrounding slot games, so it’s good to know what’s fact and what’s fiction before playing slot games. It’s good to know how to identify if something is a myth or if it’s actually true. The gambling world is rife with superstitions so it’s good to do a bit of research and find out for yourself! One of the biggest myths is that if you win a jackpot you need to change the game you’re playing as you won’t be “due” another win again for a while. Of course, from a bankroll management perspective, if you win big it might be a good idea to call it quits and keep your winnings, however, there isn’t any truth in the fact that the odds are less after you win as the odds will remain the same as they were before you won!

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