5 Best Web Hosting Plans For The Money

Web Hosting Plans

Don’t get overwhelmed when you discover tons of web host types available as each have their unique purpose and are designed to support a website by size and functions. If you are not sure which web host provider offers great deals with the right features, either for newcomers or established websites, this guide will walk you through. 

How To Identify A Good Web Host?

Identifying whether a web host is a good catch or not is conveniently accessible if you know what and where to look. Finding a web host that’s truly reliable, scalable, and affordable can be daunting with tons of options. Some packages include feature-rich options that may not provide value for start-up businesses but can be an excellent investment for established sites. 

Determining which option from various selections can help you weigh and make a sound decision. Deciding whether you go for shared, dedicated, managed, or VPS hosting depends on your preference and website needs. 

Reviews and recommendations from reputable groups that provide an intensive study based on personal experience and first-hand encounters with hosting providers is a useful starting guide. You can check Mangomatter’s comparison for small businesses top-rated web hosting providers to help you quickly find the right services perfect for your needs. The list provides the most popular, reliable, and credible hosting providers bloggers and digital entrepreneurs select when building a website.

Next is to check essential factors to determine the type of web hosting service suitable to every website or business. We’ve listed down the most crucial factor that you need to consider when choosing a hosting provider, read along to know them all. 

Which Hosting Plan is the Best?

Choosing a good host is not easy, especially with tons of options. However, there are five top-rated providers that you can select as these are known to provide excellent services and value for your money. 


BlueHost hosting is a top-rated Utah-based company that offers essential hosting services at an affordable price. You get the best value for shared hosting with automated WordPress setup and popular apps through Mojo marketplace-operated system. With a cPanel that enables professionals developers to tweak stuff into the website.

It offers a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 easy and accessible technical support, and WooCommerce site hosting. What most users like about BlueHost is it’s an excellent support system that quickly resolves website issues to help you get the most of your website functionalities. A perfect tool for start-up and wants to upscale business to the next level.


HostGator provides an impressive selection of web hosting services from various site domains to a dedicated host at an affordable price. It offers a guaranteed 99.99% uptime score, unlimited disk storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a 45-day guaranteed refund in case you think it does not meet your preference. 

HostGator is ideal for start-up and small businesses which you can easily upgrade your subscription plan once your business grows.


When it comes to a hosting provider that provides email hosting, this web host offers a wide range of packages suitable for every website needs and preferences. It offers a 25GB default storage, sync emails through PC’s and smartphones or mobile devices, and a webmail software that’s ad-free. 

DreamHost offers an intelligent anti-spam filtering system that secures your site from malware, phishing attacks, and viruses to keep you protected at all times. This web host indeed offers value to what you pay.


SiteGround has been receiving tons of excellent feedback from its clients and is one of the ideal hosting providers with an excellent reputation. SiteGround is one of the most recommended hosting providers that offer frequent backups, free SSL, CDN, and email with a 30-day guaranteed refund.

SiteGround is best for small start-up businesses with shared hosting service and enables you to upgrade your website whenever needed instantly. 


Hostinger is another web host service provider for small start-up businesses that offer unlimited bandwidth, free SSL certification, 100Gb storage, and DDoS security. It also provides its custom control panel that has better features and navigational performance. It offers three various hosting plans to meet your business and budget needs, which all offer unlimited sites and bandwidth for your registered account.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing A Web Host Provider?

There are vital features that you need to consider when choosing a hosting plan and will affect your website’s performance, ranking, and customer experience. 

  • Site Speed or Responsiveness
  • Site Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Generated Traffic
  • Data Transfer
  • Price


You need to determine what your business needs for the moment. A good web host not just offers a feature-rich system but reliable technical support that assists you when needed without breaking the bank. It enables you to upgrade to a higher plan quickly once your business starts to grow. The top five recommendations offer vital services ideal for small start-up businesses to grow and be on top of the competition sooner. 

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