3 Beneficial Activities to Do Online While Quarantine

Currently, more than two-thirds of the world has been pushed into quarantine to starve COVID-19 and stop it from spreading further than it already has. For most people, being cooped up at home is a new experience. This pandemic may have awarded you some unexpected downtime. Rather than sitting at home, peering through windows, and sending your emotional health down the drain, there are some beneficial practices you can put in place to make the most of this time. Here are three ideas on how to keep busy during quarantine:

Play Online Casino Games

Online gambling doubles as an entertaining platform that offers the chance to collect impressive winnings. Casino games provide a similar experience to those found in brick and mortar establishments from their layouts to playing procedures. When diving into this indulgent, players should note that these games depend on luck to win and mainly focus on entertainment. Those not willing to risk real money can play the sets for free. In others like blackjack and roulette where strategy can be applied, one can practice using the demo versions before heading on to try and collect profits from the real money ones. The various categories that can be explored include:


Slot machines dominate online casinos as the most provided games with thousands of titles available. These sets are loved for the simplicity of their gameplay and impressive payouts to lucky gamers. Some free slots with bonus rounds that you can explore are:

  • Agent Destiny: Agent Destiny slot is a spy-themed pokie machine that dips players in the world of deep-cover detective work to catch criminals. The 5×3 game uses bets of up to 100 credits, and Agent Destiny is the highest value character with payouts of up to 1500 credits. Wilds, wild scatters, free spins, and linked reels are some of the bonuses that can be enjoyed during gameplay.
  • Gods of Gold: Gods of Gold online slot is the latest instalment from NetEnt, and it delivers an experience that has only been provided once before by the El Dorado slot. The casino game is set inside Aladdin’s cave with gems and treasures scattered around ready for the taking. The game features the unique infinireels feature that plays each time a winning combination is landed on the 3×3 grid. When one appears, an additional reel is added to the side, and they continue for as long as there are winning combinations.
  • Legacy of the Gods: Legacy of the Gods focuses on the famous gods of Olympus that reign high in the world of mythology. The game impresses punters with a Pick Your Free Spins feature that allows one to choose to free spin and multiplier value to play. The packages include as many as 15 free spins with a one-time multiplier to five spins with a three-times multiplier. A mystery choice is also added to let the game choose the values.


Blackjack comes with more luck than slot games since it accommodates the use of some strategy to improve the winning chances. The game is widely provided in gambling clubs where players have to work to get a card value of 21 before the house does. Some variations that can be explored include:

  • Double Exposure: In this version, both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face-up rather than one face-up and the other face-down. This allows the gamer to know what they are playing against from the very beginning.
  • Perfect Pairs: This blackjack game includes a side bet option for landing a pair of cards with similar suits, colours, and even both. The pairs count when they are landed in the first two cards that are dealt.


The roulette game is another exciting way to take your mind off being locked up at home. The set requires punters to guess the correct pocket in which the ball will land on a spinning wheel. You can explore a wide range of bet types—the odds of landing a payout increase when more pockets are covered in the stake using outside bets. However, inside bets offer the highest winnings.

Freelance Writing

If you can string together a group of words in an order that makes sense, then chances are you can become a writer. Take this newly presented free time to sharpen your writing skills and jot down some of your thoughts for money online. You can walk the freelance writing route in different ways depending on your comfort zone, and some of the most common include:


Copywriting is the most commendable option in freelance writing since it involves creating content for businesses that already have objectives in place. Therefore, you can approach a company that is in a field you are well-versed in and ask to publish relevant content on their website. This form of freelance writing usually requires a lot of professionalism, even when working in informal sectors. The pieces that you produce should be able to grasp the attention of readers, which in turn pushes them to interact with the company’s products, services, or future content.

Copywriting is also the highest-paying form of freelance writing. Mostly, writers are paid according to the hours they put in or the number of words they write. If you happen to master this craft by the end of quarantine, you can turn it into a full-time job capable of churning as much as 200,000 dollars per annum.


Books have not been left out by the wave of technological advancement brought about by the internet, and most of them can be accessed as eBooks. If you are a good storyteller, go ahead to write and publish a book of your own. This kind of freelance writing comes with the freedom of twisting the tale to your appeal without adhering to the standards of a client like with copywriting. All you need is a creative mind and internet connection. Online publishing does not demand that you approach a publisher or fret over how your books are going to get on shelves and reach the consumer. You can simply publish the work yourself and upload it to websites like Wattpad, Amazon, and Mills & Boon.


An ideal way to kick off your online writing venture is by starting a blog. This option allows you to play by your own rules like with eBooks but in a much shorter length. It also gives you a platform to point to when fishing for clients in future since it can double as a portfolio to show your legitimacy as a writer. On your blog, focus on a subject that is hardly delved into but will fuel people’s curiosity.

Guest Posts

Guest posts are a blend of copywriting and blogging. This form of freelancing is mainly used to generate traffic for your blog by using someone else’s blog platform. Contact other writers that have relatively more success than you do and also have an audience that would be interested in your content. Reach to an agreement where each party posts content on the other person’s website that brings something new to the table. For instance, you can write about Egyptian video games on a site that focuses on the region’s ancient civilization. It is advisable to start with creators that are growing and move up the ladder as your blog draws in more traffic.

Affiliate Marketing

Even though most people are quarantined in their homes, that hasn’t stopped them from purchasing products and services. Take advantage of the time people have to sift through the internet to venture into affiliate marketing. This is an especially bankable option if you already have a website that is running and has a dedicated fanbase. Reach out to companies that sell products and services related to your content or what people visiting your site would be interested in. Enter an agreement where you market what they are selling and receive payment for directing traffic to their website. Usually, this is done by getting a code from the firm that is attached to a banner or words on your site. When readers click the link, they are directed to the company’s website.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative venture that requires a lot of research and planning, which can be done if you have enough time in your hands. Once you land an ideal partnership, you still have to work to maintain consistency so that you can receive reasonable payments from the venture. Some of the best ways to make affiliate marketing success include:

  • Identify companies with products that are related to the content on your website
  • Focus on the demographic that visits your site to ensure that you market the most suitable products to them
  • Confirm that the firm is legitimate and reputable to avoid losing site visitors to scams
  • Take the necessary steps required to be an affiliate marketer. Each company has varying requirements that have to be met, so ensure that you tick off all of them

Bottom Line

Help your community by staying at home and embarking on any of these ventures online that pack a range of benefits. Keep in mind that isolation may be a way to starve the disease, but it does not have to cost your emotional and financial well-being.

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