25-holiday gift ideas for your loved ones that make sense!

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Purchasing a holiday present for your family, friend, or a loved one could be a tricky game. Everyone has varying preferences, different ages and lifestyles. Presents that reinforce your relationship (like a customized art print) or that make you spend some time bonding (like a pizza-making set or a night at the movies package) are the ideal route to go, so everyone will enjoy them and have fun around each other.

Unlike the most cliche gift options, we have curated a list of genuinely useful things that they will cherish forever. Gift shopping has just gotten so much simpler! Below are 25-holiday gift ideas for your loved ones- both, budget-friendly and high-end options.

1. Nespresso Coffee Machine

It is an ideal holiday gift option for coffee-lovers. It is super easy to use and durable. You can also gift a fancy mug and a milk frother if you have a decent budget.

2. A personalized calendar

Pictures of dear ones are an immediate source of happiness. Gifting a personalized calendar is a great way of helping your loved ones organizing their everyday life and filling it with more appreciation and joy. Artefact Uprising has one that falls in a stunning brass easel, as well as a wooden clipboard ($25) which you can modify. The calendar modifies on a rotating 12-month basis, so you wouldn’t have to sit until January to make it.

3. Turn meaningful audio or song into art

Select your loved ones’ favourite song or track by converting it into a personalized sound-wave art and frame it. This heartfelt gift is sure to touch his/her heart. It is a great choice for a long-distance relationship or for commemorating a loved one. You can get it done yourself, or from Amazon.

4. Aesthetic photo cases

Hardly any mirror selfie is perfect without a compatible phone case, and what’s better than having a completely personalized phone case? One can transform it with a little extra paint or nail polish on your side, print some fun tweets or star crushes, or press some flowers. Start with a simple phone case ($4, Walmart) and then let your imagination run.

5. A poster of you and your loved ones represented by your favourite drink 

This personalized poster is a quirky approach to sentimental gifting. Choose a drink that you and your loved one appreciate and make a fun poster of it. For example, if you like cosmo, and the other person enjoys whiskey, make both of these drinks into a character in that poster. It sure will melt their heart and make a sweet and fun gifting option.

6. Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Well now you can hold karaoke time at home with your kids, no karaoke machine is needed. Only attach this transmitter to your mobile through Bluetooth! It is available on Amazon for $31.99. It is an entertaining way to have fun at home and not wait or spend extra money going out for karaoke nights. 

7. Kindle

Your book-lover friend will be grateful for this gift! Kindles are easy to carry, thin, lightweight and extremely useful for students and book lovers. Also, if your friend already has a kindle, you can gift then a kindle case/cover. You can get it personalized, print their name on it or a photo printed on it.

8. Philips Hue Lights

Colourful roof lights are super popular these days. These are available on Amazon in different colour options. These work with Alexa and are controllable with mobile apps. It can make a great gift choice for your young sibling.

9. Culture Cakes Kit

Culture cakes kit is a subscription box that comes with treats from various parts of the world, as well as, bakery supplies to make a fresh set of cupcakes to try something that the entire family will enjoy along!

A lot of Instagram accounts sell these where you can contact them for your kit. 

10. Skin Fridge

These have been trending all across the internet for quite some time. If your friend is a skincare junkie, there is no better gift than a skin fridge. Buy this from Amazon and alongside you can also buy a few skincare products to make a complete gift. 

11. Your kind of Jam Set

Toast, cookies, PB&Js- you call it, and you can get it made. Although with six flavours in the package, a favourite new flavour for everyone in the family, is assured by uncommongoods.com. There are many sites online, and during the lockdown, many people have started to make them at home for a cheaper price.

12. Work-out supplies

Make a comprehensive basket full of items, like flavourful protein shakes, protein bars, a tumbler, sipper, work-out gear or a yoga mat. These are great for your fitness enthusiast friends and can be customized according to your budget. 

13. Bean Bags

Bean bags never go out of style. These add a sense of cosiness and warmth in your room, amplifying the interior. Consider this as a gift choice for your friend or a young cousin.

14. Staub Cast Iron Cocotte

A cast-iron cocotte, or Casserole dish, is indeed a standard appliance to have. If you have a home energy management chef in your life, she’ll be going to want one of those trusty pieces of Staub cookware. The critical kitchen is available in seven colours so that you can select one that suits the visual appeal of your home. It is ideal for home chefs. 

15. Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 Yoga Mat

People shopping on Amazon cannot get enough of this beautiful mat. Unlike many others, this yoga mat is so absorbed that the grip gets stronger with more perspiration. What sets it apart from the others is a non-slip microfiber towel, attached to the surface.

16. Pizza making set

Pizza makes it better, but even if the entire family does not like toppings, a pizza-making kit (implement with a pizza block, peel, spatula, and slicer) ensures that you can cook it together, rather than ordering it out.

17. A reel viewer of old memories 

It was joyful and exciting to look through a reel viewer as a kid. These memories got forever etched in our hearts. Bring back childhood and those lovely memories by gifting a reel viewer with pictures of you and your loved ones of the times you spent with them. You can get them on Amazon and other gifting websites.

18. Nutri-bullet Juicer

It is a perfect gift choice for a fitness enthusiast or someone who lives alone who might not want to invest in a big juicer. Nutri-bullet is compact and very user-friendly. One can use it to make gravy, smoothies, juice, and so much more!

19. Polaroid camera

We all know that aesthetic, Polaroid pictures are quite trending. It makes a thoughtful gift for those who love to follow trends and always look for Instagram-worthy snaps. You can get a Polaroid camera in any gadget stores or even online on platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

20. Aromatic reed diffusers 

Reed diffusers are a way to add fragrance to rooms with sticks or Reeds dipped in fragrant oils. The oil seeps through the sticks, making the scent disperse in the air. It is a great way to create a cosy environment around the house. It is a great gift option for adults.

21. Tabletop Air Hockey

Now there is no requirement to go to the pool hall: everyone can indulge in an exciting (mini) air hockey game with the rechargeable batteries tabletop version. It costs $30 if you order online.

There is no better way to add more enjoyment to your house parties in this lockdown. All you need to do is order some pizza and it is all fun.

22. A cutting board that has a memorable recipe

There is just something about family recipes that makes them taste so much better. Perhaps they realize they have been handed down from generation to generation of chefs or recall memories of childhood of eating and preparing these recipes at any unique family dinner. In any case, each family has a classic recipe. This chopping board provides an alternative way to conserve the special family classics. The ingredients and instructions are etched on sturdy cherry wood and can even be engraved in the handwriting of the recipe writer. It is available on uncommon goods for 140 dollars.

23. Cosy Neck Pillow

Whether or not the person you are shopping for is planning a holiday vacation, a cosy neck pillow must always be available for last-minute car trips, long train trips, and crowded flights. Throughout the travel gear world, Ostrich Pillow has gained a reputation for itself for the brand’s cosy, exclusive pillow designs that assist people energy nap everywhere. Showcasing memory foam and elastic bands closure, the travel accessory allows the neck to aid a non-issue no matter what form of transport it requires from A to B. Go with grey midnight, a dark blue and a coral reef. It is for 60 dollars on Amazon. 

24. Kimono Robe

Chances are, your giftee’s bathrobe play is not as powerful as she would like it to be. A good Valentine’s Day or birthday present for her would seem to be a stylish and comfortable kimono dress, especially one that over thousands of people already have checked. Happy shoppers say that this Hotouch dress is quite soft, well made, great fit, and comfortable. One can choose from 14 colours, from traditional solids to delicate florals and seasonal flannel. It is available on Amazon for eight dollars. You can also try Myntra and get it at the same price. There are a variety of different colours available as well. 

25. Monogram Journal

A journal is a present that keeps giving, with the power to encourage imagination throughout the year-round, so a perfect personalized gift for women is to pick up a wonderful notebook with just enough paper for each thought, concept, illustration, or exciting stories to come. This stylish Anthropologie journal gives a convenient with delicate details: sophisticated colour-blocking covers, customized initial monograms, and 80 filled sheets. This is available on Anthropologie.com for twenty-four dollars and is surely worth the purchase. 

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